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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Sukkah Time! Happy big 3-0 To Me!! :P (On Friday!)

We finally put up the sukkah and decorations, but of course now its pouring out so all the decorations are going to fall off. Oh well. It's 1:30 am and I am up because the baby was crying. She is very congested with a bad cold. I think I may try to bring her to the pediatrician to see what I can give her to make her less congested.

So, by the time I post next, motzei Shabbos, IY"H, I will be another year older, wiser,and starting my trek over the hill. :P Yes, as I have blogged about many times lately, I am turning the big 3-0- (shhhhh!) Friday, second day of Succos, which is both my Hebrew and English birthday on the same day, the 28th of September. A double treat, yay. :) so if you wish me a happy birthday, remember, I am turning 18 :P

Turning 30 also means I have been frum now for 10 years...also 10 years that I have known hubby, which means its been 13 years since I have started using the computer and had started using IRC, starting off on #ChatCafe, and then winding my way towards #Jewish :) Turning 30 means I have graduated MTHS 13 years ago and started high school about 16 years ago (too tired to figure out exactly how long, blah)

Ok, I need to go to sleep. Now that I am getting old, us going over the hill need our zzzzzzzzs :P


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