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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Little Adults....

today I was in the mall, and saw two kids, could not have been more than 12 years old. They were by themselves. One of the girls was on a cell phone, wearing short shorts and a tank top, hip jutted out with a very mature look on her face. What is the world coming to?? How could the parents let their child out looking like a tramp, she is only 12 years old!! Why on earth would a twelve year old need a cell phone????? Sheesh. If I were 12 and left the house looking like that, (my dad would never have let me go out like that in the first place, and I never dressed like a ho anyway .)I would have been grounded for a month.

Anyway, I took #2 to a birthday party at a sukkah for her friend. Then I went to the library to return some books which I did not like, I found boring, like The Gravediggers daughter, and also The ladies lending library. I just could not get into the plot. I then went to the mall, and after the shock of seeing two twelve year olds going on 24, I bought a nice down coat from Land's End. They have a shop inside sears. Its spice brown colored and is calf length, and has a fake fur trimmed hood. It seems warm, 80 percent down, 20 percent feathers. (I am allergic to feathers actually, but it worth the allergies as I need to stay warm when walking and have not found a warm alternative thats equal. Then I stopped at Lulu Lemon where I found an even nicer beautiful warm down coat way out of my price range. But it was so nice to drool over :) It was a nice beige coat, very warm lining, stuffed with a heavy weight down and feathers. It was also 250 plus tax. The coat I bought from lands end was 149 plus tax. The difference would have been a good 100 dollars plus. My dad gave me 100 american towards the coat and I shelled out the rest. But if I bought at Lulu Lemon I would have to shell out a lot more than I did. But what a nice coat that was. I do like the one I bought too. Its nice and warm and comfy :)

What else is new...#4 has an ear infection over Yom Tov/shabbos.

I got my seneca catalog :)) I have to get CPR certified before I apply. Where the heck do I get that???? I am going to have to phone them to ask. I also noticed I will have to take a university level english course. I already completed that and then some at William Paterson University. I don't want to take it again. Its boring and too easy for me because that was my previous major. I guess I will have to call WPU to get a copy of my university transcripts. My grades the first year were good. 3.0 out of 4.0. but the second year my parents were getting divorced and it was quite distracting for me and I was also starting to become frum and was not focused on my studies and my grades dropped to a C average, before I dropped out. I hope they just ignore my second year studies. But I want to opt out of the English class. its a waste of my time.

I saw I will need to take Math for Meds. I am slightly worried about that as Math is my weak subject. but its just for meds no algebra or anything so maybe I will be okay.

Ok, my mother in law is going to be here soon to give me lift to pharmacy for #4. Got to run :)


  • At 7:40 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Good choice on the coat and I hope that your child recovers quickly.

    The girls at the mall, ow I see it all the time. It's very upsetting to see it a real reflection on the parents of these youths. My father would have chained me into a room if I did that.

    It's a loss of spiritual connection. We have to get back to that so the youth will have fear of God. They think it doesn't matter I guess.

  • At 11:28 p.m., Blogger Yiddishkeit said…

    I am glad you like my blog :) Thanks :)


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