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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lose a tooth for every pregnancy....

I am starting to think the old wives tale of losing a tooth for every pregnancy holds some truth. Last week, my tooth that the dentist had previously drilled into to see if the nerve was alive (it was) started throbbing. I was originally supposed to have root canal on that tooth last year but ended up getting it in the neighboring tooth that was infected. my NJ dentist, Z"L, (he passed away from brain tumor a few months ago) had not put my fillings deep enough and my some of my teeth had gotten damaged) My Toronto dentist tapped my tooth and discovered it was the filling that was causing pain, so he took out the old filling, put something to calm the nerve in my tooth, and put a temporary filling in it until January as I had maxed out my insurance coverage until then. Friday, I discovered my cheek was throbbing, and had a white painful pocket on it. I phoned the dentist who called in a prescription for Biaxin XL for me 1000 mg 1x a day, and told me he will have to see me again this upcoming week. Now the tooth is starting to feel very sensitive again and I have some sort of weird taste on that side of my mouth. I told the doc if I need another root canal he will have to sedate me. I am not joking :) the last root canal was horrible for me as I could still feel him drilling despite being numbed up the wazoo. It was worse than labour and then on top of it all got horribily infected. Actually it was infected when he did the root canal but he thought he got all the pus out and did not put me on any antibiotics. So I am really really scared to go through that horrible experience again. I need to be sedated for another root canal.

Ok anyway, I got to go make lunch for the kiddies :)


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