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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nap Time!!!

Today I received a phone call that #3 has fallen asleep on the carpet at class. They thought he might be ill. He is not, B"H. He just finished zithromax yesterday afternoon as he had bronchitis over shabbos, 104 degree temperature. But he has finished the meds and was fine. He is tired as yesterday he napped till dinner time after school was over and did not fall asleep until 11 pm. He had to wake up 7 am for school today..he is exhausted. I am hoping he will outgrow his naps as its really throwing off his sleep schedule. I am going to have to wake him up after school today to keep him up so he will go to bed at a normal time.

Today I was in the library and the mall. #5 kept taking off her shirt (she is only 16 months). I kept putting in back. By the time I got to the mall and was in the middle of buying a nice cheapie new purse (Note of advice: NEVER ever buy a purse at the CNE. Mine broke after 1 week!!!!!) and (BTW my shopping dream is to one day own a very nice sleek, smooth as cream expensive leather purse that I will probably never be able to afford :) I turn around to see #5 is naked from the waist up, shirt no where in the mall to be found. I had to go buy her a cheap shirt on clearance for 2 dollars. what a waste of money, even if it is only 2 bucks she probably will not wear it again :(

Phone call now..got to go!


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