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Monday, September 03, 2007

Uh-Oh..The Big 3-0....

Ok, I am going to be turning the big 3-0 on Sept 28th (its both my Hebrew and English B-day on the same day this year). I feel feel depressed about turning 30. No longer the 20 year old university student, now headed on a journey to middle age. blah. :(
Even though I am nearing 30 soon, I still feel 20 at heart, and that is what counts :)

I am feeling a bit nostalgic about my university days today. I was listening to a song one of my friends used to always play, from the movie "Legends". I wish I had enjoyed my university days more instead of worrying it all away. The times we ordered in Brother Bruno's pizza. (I wasn't frum then. I became frum when I was 20, and I had dropped out of university by then.) I always ordered the tuna sub with vinegar and oil and hot peppers. YUM. :) I remember my friend Frank aka Staz used to call me ADTH, ghost, and phreek. ADTH was alison down the hall, ghost because I used to wear very pale foundation, phreek because that's what I am :P. I have a phreeky sense of humour which also can be considered sometime dorky :P The times we skipped classes to sit out on the student centre lawn. I remember one of my friends dragged me to a "take back the night" event where we marched around yelling feminist slogans with lighted candles. we marched into all the different dorms. I still remember the slogans which I better not repeat here. :P I remember the fruit bowling, the annoying fire alarms, my bell bottoms ( I really miss those! Even when I stopped wearing pants I had a hard time letting them go.).

I also remember the pre university years, where I volunteered in the pharmacy at the raritan bay hospital for years. I loved it there. I still remember the horribly ugly pink and white striped uniform I wore. It feels like yesterday I was there. the pharmacy was next to the morgue, and I remember having to share an elevator sometimes with the undertaker and the deceased. I actually got a tour of it once, the security guard showed us around when it was empty. Interesting.

Here I am much later in life, a married mom to 5 about to turn 30, B"H. Glad but still, a bit depressed about no longer being in my twenties.

Ok, enough rambling. we're going to the bubbe's house for BBQ.
Tomorrow is first day of school. Woo hoo :)


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