A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Move On back...

Yup. It's official. Today I received a phone call from the director of the pre-school program. Just as I thought. #3 is being moved from junior kindergarten to nursery starting Monday. I KNEW he was NOT ready for junior kindergarten but everyone kept telling me to put him in there instead of nursery. Now we wasted 2 months.

In other news, I keep telling #1's school I do not want him to partake in ANY Halloween festivities as its against our religious beliefs. (Halloween is paganism). So today his educational assistant said okay but can i please dress him in orange for tomorrow. I wrote back no, sorry, but that's participating in Halloween..and we don't feel comfortable with that.

I am sorry for being cranky but these past few days have been rough for me. Over shabbos, my knee swelled up and I couldn't walk on it for a few days. My back was also hurting a lot. Sunday my grandmother had a stroke. A close friend got admitted to the hospital with a bad flare up of colitis. Yesterday my sinus tachycardia acted up for the first time since I had #5. My pulse was about 140, right in the middle of the library. I felt so weak and crappy and short of breath. I think it must be a reaction to the flu shot I had gotten that morning. or maybe its because I am so stressed out this past week. Then, today I have some sort of stomach virus. I just took 100 mg of gravol. I still have to go to a stupid mandatory co-op meeting about the budget and how they are trying to kick 2 people off the board or something like that. I hope there is a toilet near where I am sitting LOL. # 4 and #5 have ground animal crackers into the carpeting of the stairs....waah. :(

feeling queasy and cranky now and apparently I now must vacuum. ..will post more tomorrow IY"H.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Karate Boy!

#1 was so cute today in karate LOL. All the kids in the karate class were. There is this one boy that #1 is becoming friends with, and I am very happy about it :) #1 got a student of the day certificate from his sensei. I had a crazy busy day non stop.

This morning I cleaned up from shabbos, then took #1 on the bus to karate, then grabbed some pizza with him. Then, we went back home. Then #2, bubbe and I walked all the way to the shoe store as she needed new shoes. It was a good 45 minute walk. we made a stop at the pharmacy, and also a Judaica store as #1 needed new t-shirt tzitzis. Then, we walked home, but not before stopping at the bakery to get some rye bread. Then I came home, helped hubby put away the sukka boards, then made dinner.

Before, while I was making meat balls, the fleishig sink overflowed all over the place , including my milchigs counter tops. CRAP! I had to phone my rabbi to see if I needed to kasher everything. When I left the message, I accidentally gave the shul phone number as mine. Luckily I realized my mistake before ending my message. I told my rabbi on the machine..sorry! that's your phone number! I must be very tired. Here is mine. I am a bit embarrassed but I'm sure my rabbi won't think anything about my silly error. Luckily I don't need to rekasher everything. The water was not that hot. I just need to let it sit 24 hours without anything hot on it.

On a sad note, my grandma (my dad's mom) suffered a small stroke :( She already has dementia but since the stroke her speech is off, she no longer knows who I am, (she keeps calling me Marlena, which is NOT my name, or even close to it.) she is calling my sister Marlene (not her name either or even close). My dad said she is saying each word as its own sentence, is slurring her words, and dragging around her right leg :( She is in Florida and I haven't seen her since I was a teenager. I feel bad :( I would love to go up to see her now. This is what i find frustrating about living so far from my family. If I was nearby I would be at the hospital every day, or at least several times a week to visit :( Please daven for Florence bas Helen.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh My Aching Back...

I am beyond tired. I am totally exhausted and am looking forward to Shabbos where I can actually put my feet up for a while. My back is killing me thanks to a certain rambunctious almost 4 year old (#3) who jumps on my back literally when I am lying on my tummy playing with the other kids or just reading for a bit. I am worried I may have herniated a disk. I have scoliosis and was in a brace for 2 years when I was a teen. I had a 31 degree curve that was corrected to 23 but went back up to 26.

The zooper people are supposed to come by Sunday so I can pay them for the stroller. So, anyone, is it a good stroller or what? Nu???

In other news, I am one of the class mothers for #2's class. That means me and the other class mom get to make phone calls when the teacher needs us to give a message out to the other parents, and sometimes we have to find a parent to volunteer for stuff. I was a class mother last year too.

I am making pineapple chicken for Shabbos dinner, with split pea soup and potatoes. I am so tired and I need to get moving but all I want to do is sleeeeeeeep.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zooper Buddy...Do you love yours??

IY"H I am getting a gently used Zooper buddy from someone on craigslist. I don't have a car and they are so nice that they are delivering it to me, and I am paying for the gas, as they are too far for me to TTC to. I looked the zooper buddy up on the internet to see what it looks like and it seems nice. I can't find any review of it though on Baby-Gaga. If you own one, how do you like it? Is it great? Any quirky things about it I should know? It's better than the one I could afford new, which would be a baby trend. Zooper seems like an upscale model and I think I am spending my money wisely on a used one, (I hope LOL).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Am I Hypothyroid?????

I got a call from my family doc asking me to please come in so they can check my thyroid. I saw the opthamologist last friday and he told me a hypothyroid could be the cause of my annoyingly itchy eyes and the one incident I had of burning and blurry vision in one eye. I DID have some minor trouble during my pregnancy with #5 with HYPERthyroid but it cleared up midway through my pregnancy. I just had a full work up done by the diet doctor, but I walked out of the group meeting before they could call us up individually to go over the results. I assumed that they would have phoned me before I went in for the group orientation if there were a problem. I mentioned this to my doc but he wants to test me himself, I don't think he is able to get a copy as the diet dr. does not accept phone calls. My doc would have to FAX in a request for the lab results. I am glad I walked out of that horrible diet dr. office. I really don't think I am having thyroid trouble but I will let my doctor test me so he will be happy :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Run Like the Wind....

Sheesh. Today I was waiting for #1's bus to come home. I was outside, fortunately. I see his bus whiz by and go around the bend to one of my neighbors on the other side of the crescent. I literally RAN like hell chasing down the bus. B"H it stopped at the other student's house. I told the bus driver, YOU FORGOT TO STOP AT MY HOUSE!!! My SON is on this BUS!!!! He said he was sorry, he was listening to the radio and he got distracted and forgot (It's only #1's third time on the bus..its still new.) I am not sure if I should tell the bus company or not, as the driver DID apologize and said it wasn't okay he did that. I don't like getting people into trouble. I think I will give the driver one more time and if it happens again, then I will put in a complaint. My next door neighbor saw me run and was a bit surprised. I was surprised. I did pull every muscle in my legs and am having some trouble walking now without pain LOL. I will be nice and sore in the morning. Good thing I wait outside for the bus.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!! Hubby came home, I flew the coop, grabbed some grub, flew back to the nest where hubby told me he found #2's glasses right away. They were wedged into the side of the couch. He had to put his hand inside the couch and voila, there they were.
Ok, I am eating fries now. I deserve it after the day I had. Tomorrow is a new diet day and I will be good. I will!!! No more crap food, I mean it :)

Watching the clock, Tick Tick Tick...

Counting the seconds till hubby comes home from working today as he had to make up some hours he owed from the past 2 months due to Yom Tov, doctor appt, etc. I have been stuck in the house for the past 2 days with 5 kids. I am going for a sanity break as soon as hubby comes home. I am dressed and ready to flee..umm..err..I mean go. :)

First of all, #1 had a bad bronchitis type cough. I called the doc that makes house-calls. (NOT MED VISIT..those incompetent 2bit doctors.) He said #1 has bronchitis but can go to karate. I send #1 to karate with the bubbe and they went out to lunch after. I giv #1 his zithromax. he has no fever and seems ok. a few hours later, he is under the covers with a fever. I give him some childrens motrin. I guess the zithromax takes a day to kick in. During this time, #2 decides now is a great time to hide her expensive glasses! ARG!!!!! I have looked EVERYWHERE!!! I phoned my mother in law for help in looking, and she could not find them either. I am about to cry I am so frustrated. During this looking time #3 takes apart the half broken doll crib I got from a garage sale where the seller neglected to tell me its falling apart. (it looked sturdy until I got it home where the whole thing just fell apart and needs to be constantly put together again.) I phoned hubby up, told him I am NOT cooking meatballs and spaghetti tonight. Forget it. Tonight is a veggie burger night. I am really cranky and need a time out, outside of the house :) I am tempted to go have ice cream for dinner, but that would not be good as I am trying to lose weight, not gain some more.

Hubby should be home any second IY"H. Yay! I am going to go wait by the door and as soon as it opens, I sprint. :) Just KIDDING!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Diet Doctor No More...

I did a naughty thing today. I went to the 2 hour orientation for the diet doctor. First you get ushered into a meeting room...crammed is a better word. There about 10 of us. Then the assistant comes in, like a drill sergeant. You are not allowed to ask the doctors questions today. You are not allowed to find out test results today. DO not ask. I will NOT tell you. So of course someone raises their hand. She barks back, NO QUESTIONS, Put your hand down. She was very nice to me, I had no problem with her. Anyway, the doc comes in, explains the diet, then says he wants us all to take potassium pills. That the diet can have health risks and thats why we have to be monitored but we can't call with questions. We can only go to our family doc or ER, or walk in clinic if we are not feeling well. WAIT WAIT WAIT, I am thinking POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENTS??!!!! Health risks from the diet??? I got very uncomfortable. The doc said, don't worry, we'll monitor your blood every week. but too little or too much potassium can cause arrhythmia, heart attack etc. That was it for me. I wanted out. After the doc left, I told his assistant, who was now leading the group, that I had to go to the bathroom, and then I left and did not come back. I'm a bad bad girl. I feel bad about leaving that way but I wasn't going to go into a potassium debate in front of the whole group. My father in law is a pharmacist. I worked as his technician for over a year. I KNOW what too low, or too high of a potassium level can do and it can be potentially life threatening. BTW if you really are going to the bathroom, you have to leave your health card at the desk so you really can't sneak out that way. I told the secretary the truth about why I was leaving because I am NOT about to abandon my health card. The weight loss with this doc would have been nice, 5-7 lbs a week the first month, and then 3-5 thereafter. I guess I will have to do it on my own and have stronger will power. I am meeting my friends from university when we IY"H visit NJ and I DO not want them to see me chubby. Yes, I know, B"H I have 5 kids and did not give my body a chance to bounce back, but now I am done with being pregnant and I want to be thin again. I just have to remember the proper way to eat and cut back on portion size.

Anyway, I am in a lousy mood today as first #1's bus came 15 minutes late. then #3 jumped into a dirty pile of wet leaves just as i was about to take him and #2 to school. I had to change his outfit, and then, as I was loading up the stroller, he got into the applesauce. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

#1 Turns 7 Today!!!!!

7 years ago, I was in labour about to pop out #1 :) He was born about 8 am. I can't believe my baby is 7. 10 years from now IY"H I will be 40 (OMG!!!!!!!) and he will be 17, asking me for keys to the car instead of the remote control truck I bought him LOL. Anyway, I got to run to pick up the cupcakes from the bakery for his class party :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

There's a Hole in my tooth dear liza, dear liza

there's a hole in my tooth dear liza, a hole. DAMN IT!! WHY IS THERE A HOLE IN MY TOOTH! Why? Because my temporary filing in my root canal tooth fell out and I just discovered it now at 11:30 pm at night and the emergency dental clinic is full since 11 pm. I will have to phone my dentist in the AM and pray they can squeeze me in in the AM.

I am pissed off and tired and going to bed now.


I enrolled #1 in karate class starting this Sunday IY"H. The instructor used to be hubby's when he was younger. He accepts students who have ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome. #1 will be with regular normal frum kids. I am very excited. It will be excellent for his self esteem. I am having a rough time with the bullying at his school. He came out of school upset about the bully. Then, as we were walking home, he told me the bully broke his show and tell. I phoned his teacher, furious that now this kid is destroying private property, only to find out the toy is fine and #1 made up a story. I felt like an idiot. I had a long talk with #1 about making up stories, and how it can get people in trouble when they did not do anything. Hopefully the karate will help him feel better about school.

I also arranged for door to door busing for #1 both to and from school. #3 was being so difficult in the morning on the walk to school and it was upsetting #1. Now I will have to rush home from #2 and #3's school right at 3 pm to make sure I am home in time for the bus. I may pick up #2 and #3 up a few minutes early just to allow time in case #3 pulls shtick.

Anyway, #3 is getting into my pots and pans. Got to run.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Yeshiva Boys Choir

They are so cute! I just found a video of them on youtube. I am too tired to post more tonite. I had a very draining day. I am trying to arrange busing in the morning for #1. The walk to school in the morning is upsetting him as #3 is a very slow walker and is pulling a lot of shtick like taking off his coat and then stuffing it in his bookbag, fussing over his hat, then putting his coat back on, etc etc. Sigh. I'll post more tomorrow IY"H.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Splish Splash...

I bought two 8 litre bottles of spring water which you can pump out when pressing a button. #1, my little mini engineer took it apart LOL. But alas, it can not be put back together and now if its knocked over, water spills everywhere. Word of advice to myself: Never buy it again! EVER!

Today I took part in the first lesson of the National Jewish Outreach Program's crash course in reading Hebrew. I can read Hebrew but not well as by the time I had become frum at age 20, I had not read Hebrew in 7 years and had lost a lot of my ability. Now that #2 is in senior kindergarten, I am having trouble helping her with homework. so I signed up for this free 5 week program at my shul to help improve my skills so I can not only daven properly in Hebrew but help with homework instead of saying wait for daddy to help. #1 called me twice in the middle of it and I had to shut off my phone. Hubby did not realize he had the phone.

Not much else is doing., Tomorrow is hubby's 33rd birthday. I bought him a new Timex sports watch for his birthday. #1 is turning 7 on Wednesday. I ordered cupcakes for his class and bought him a remote control truck.

Time to cook supper now...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Maybe next week will be better IY"H

I have had a long difficult week with #1's screeching outbursts the other day and refusing to do school work at school yesterday, he had another very difficult day at school. I went into his school today to have a face to face talk with his teacher and child/youth worker who is his shadow for the morning. They told me the two of the boys that are bothering him have been banned from the classroom for lunch and have to eat in another classroom. They promised me they are on top of the situation and will make sure #1 is kept from being bullied. I feel drained and tired right now, and I still have to get ready for shabbos. I am worried about #1 and the road we are travelling on. I wish that there was a perfect place for him to go to school where he would not have to deal with this. I am not happy with what is going on at school and I am upset that he is behaving this way there. I don't understand why all of a sudden he is having such a flare up of emotional outbursts at school, I am thinking its the bullies. Nothing was wrong yesterday morning though, the 3 boys that bug him did not bug him at that point, he left the house happy and everything was fine but went into class upset and refusing to do any work. I wish I could be a mind reader and understand what is setting him off.

In other news, I am going for my 2 hour orientation on Thursday for the diet doctor

Anyway, I will go eat lunch now I guess..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My day has officially gotten worse...

#5 has just vomited up her bottle of milk, and now I had to scrub the carpet, which looks suprisingly like cottage cheese now. SIGH!!!!!

Turn, Turn Turn....

I had a very upsetting morning but its sort of getting better...sort of. This morning #3 was being very difficult walking to school today. He was fooling around a lot, and it was upsetting #1, who has Asperger's (very high functioning...you might not notice it most of the time, though his inflections in speech can be a bit off sometimes, and he does have some quirks) and ADHD. #1 starting spinning around, screeching and flapping his hands because he felt #3 was walking too slowly and after asking #3 to stop fooling around several times, I guess spinning around was his way of dealing with it. I managed to calm him down and we proceeded walking. Then, as we approached the school, we heard the bell ring to line up to go in. I told #1 I would watch him go down the path to the school, as we usually do. He started screeching half way down the path all the way to where his aide was standing, because #3 made us a bit late. I could hear him screeching from the parking lot. I wanted to go to him, but he was already on his way inside and it would have been too difficult to shlep the other four, especially with the way #3 is behaving today. I found this whole part of the morning very upsetting. I felt like crying and later on, I did. (not in front of the kids of course) #2 and #3 asked why #1 was behaving that way. I never actually sat down and explained to them about #1's Asperger's. I don't want him treated differently or for them to think something is wrong with their brother, or for #1 to think something is wrong with himself. I wonder if there are books for siblings on Asperger's syndrome to help them understand about #1.

Also, #1 has these two kids at school who are bothering him :( yesterday they hid his backpack during the first part of the afternoon and watched him start screeching and having a melt down until it was found. I was very upset to read this in his communication journal. I phoned his teacher who told me these two boys are having detention the next day (which is today.) I told #1 to stay away from the 2 boys. #1 doesn't realize these boys are NOT his friends, and his teacher said he kept coming up to them to chat, making the problem worse. I asked that they be kept apart, and the teacher said he does in his class, but during the times when #1 is integrated, its hard for the teacher for the regular class to do that in a class of 20. #1 has an educational assistant, why can't she make sure he is kept away from them? I hope #1 remembers my advice and stays away from those 2 boys today.

Then, I went to the diet doctor, who actually is very nice. His 23 year old nurse needs to work on her bed side manner though. G_d wiling when I am a nurse I will not treat people like cattle, the way she did. I asked ahead of time if I could bring my triple stroller. I guess the nurse (who is not yet married or has kids) did not understand how big it would be. She rudely told me my stroller is blocking everything and in the way. I told her I have a double, and she told me next time bring that. I told her, just wait till you have kids one day :) she just smiled. I made her smile. yay. I was never told I had to fast, as I was getting blood work. I did not know I was even getting bloodwork done. So I have to go tomorrow first thing, and then I have to call them back up and book a 2 hour meeting to go over the diet, food journal, etc. and I will have to go every week for a weigh in and meeting with the doc. She would not let me book the consultation now. I have to first go for the bloodwork and then call. I can see myself having some verbal sparring with her some day if she does not stop her condescending way of speaking to people. I thought people became nurses because they want to HELP people, and have some compassion. At least, that is why I want to be a nurse. I can not see myself speaking to patients rudely, no matter how busy I am with things.
The doctor looks almost exactly like Dr. House and sort of talks like him too LOL. He was very polite and friendly to me, and I liked his bedside manner though its only my first time meeting him. I know from other patients he can get rude if you do not follow the diet, understandably. He told me to continue eating my normal diet until after the 2 hr. consultation to go over the new diet. I was 110 pounds before I had kids. I know I will probably never be a size 6 again, I am almost 10 years older now, but if I could be 120 I will be happy. If you set your mind to a goal, no matter how hard it may be, if you want to do it with all your heart, you will daven hard and do what it takes to get there :) That is how I feel. (remind me of that when I am starving my butt off and want chocolate LOL)

Then, later, I came home and had to discuss with certain extended family members who called why #1 would have trouble going to a Jewish Sunday school (as the Jewish day schools here are not equipped to help special needs, and the one school that does would not take him as his he needs an educational assistant to keep him focused, and they don't have one for him, so he goes to public school in a special education class, the Autism team from the school district comes to observe him and give his teachers a better way to help him. that would not happen in a private school setting.) if #1 can't sit for 20 minutes in regular school without a body break, and a game break (he gets up to move around for 10 minutes after doing a few assignments, several times a day. it helps him stay focused) how can he sit through an hour or two?? even with a *shadow* whom I feel would not be qualified unless they are an educational assistant or child youth worker, and has experience with Asperger's kids with ADHD. I don't want some 16 year old Bais Yaakov girl doing it. It won't work well for him. He needs an adult to be his shadow. and he won' be able to sit in a class of 20 kids. he has 10 kids in his class at school and much more than that would overwhelm him. It would not be good. I need to find a nice tutor for him to come over. the last one did not work out well. (he had too many other commitments and kept not showing up). His bar mitzvah is 6 years away IY"H. I really need to get him a tutor.

Anyway, I feel mopey and am going to go relax now.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The other mommies at the school of #2 and #3 are so nice. Today it was raining out and as I was leaving the school, 2 different mommies asked me if I needed a ride home, I thanked them but declined as I was off to the library and supermarket. Another mom offered to lend me an umbrella and do the shopping for me as she had a car and also do my errand at the library! That was so sweet of her. What a generous offer. It actually stopped raining by this point so I thanked her and told her I appreciated it but look its clear out now. YAY :) I was very appreciative though of the kindness offered to me today when it was nasty weather. :)

In other news, my throat hurts....waah :( I feel like there is a lump in my throat and it's hard to swallow. Apparently hubby has had some problems for the past week with his throat that he neglected to tell me, and I am wondering if he has strep. I am calling medvisit later to check our throats (even though some of the doctors who come are really incompetent) I don't feel like shlepping to my doc today, it's rainy out, and tomorrow I am going to the diet doctor for the first time.

Anyway, I am drinking my last coca cola now, since it will be banned from my diet tomorrow (as it should be :)

Monday, October 08, 2007


First of all, I am feeling under the weather today, very achy, sore throat, crappy, and crabby, so I need to vent my crankiness :) What is with some people here in the GTA? Is it because its the city that some people are so rude and snobby? I like to think I am a down to earth friendly person. Today while walking #2 and #3 to school, we passed this mom with a trendy double jogging stroller with a third child walking next to it. We said hello, good morning. The mom with the expensive sheitel and designer clothes and stroller glanced at us and ignored us. So, being I have a big mouth and am cranky today I made a sarcastic comment :) Under my breath, I said, gee, aren't you a friendly bunch. :) She heard me and said, WHAT?!?! oops LOL. :) Then, later on, at the bakery, I am waiting patiently on line. One person was ahead of me in the middle of an order. This woman comes in (BTW I think it may have been the same rude woman with the stroller) she barges ahead of me, completely ignores me and the fact that there is a line, gets her bread that was on hold for her apparently and starts a conversation with the cashier, doesn't even care I was waiting on line. and doesn't even have change on her to pay cash so starts hemming and hawing what to add to her order to use her debit card. Apparently waiting on line is beneath her and I am invisible. The other bakery lady saw and got annoyed at what took place and told the cashier I was waiting on line first and I finally spoke up and said excuse me, may I please just pay? . Her husband was a rabbi apparently. Well big whoop! Half the men in Toronto are rabbis. That doesn't give her a right to be rude and snobby. My rabbi's wife never pulled shtick like that and I belong to a very big shul. I must say, after living in Toronto for 9 years, I think New Jersey is a much more friendly and less snobby place overall. Probably because the cities tend to be smaller in population I guess. I don't know if New York is snobby, but my one experience there when we visited 5 years ago was being followed by this psycho frum lady who was upset I didn't have a rain shield for my stroller when it was snowing. (we didn't bring one with us from Toronto as we didn't know snow was in the forecast. We bumped into this pushy frum lady at a store who insisted we buy one and gave us directions, and then later spotted us again, minus the shield, and followed us into a store to lecture us. There was a canopy to shield #1 and even if some flakes landed on him, kids don't melt in the snow, and he was wearing snow protection anyway, I.e. warm coat, hat, gloves, snowpants, etc. Sheesh).
Ok, I am feeling even more cranky and crappy. I am going to go read for a while (I am reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fundraising Fun

I did it!!! I managed to have hubby's sheet filled out, every line with a name :) two days worth of canvassing to friends and family. His office is raising money for united way. I managed to raise 238 dollars towards united way, 20 units of 1.5 to 2 liters of frozen cookie dough, muffin batter, ready to decorate gingerbread houses and gingerbread men that are surprisingly kosher. (milchigs of course) hubby will have to get a lift home when the order comes in at work from the bubbe because there is no way he can take 2 TTC buses home plus a nice 15 minute walk carrying all of that. Now, to deliver it, I will have to load it all into the stroller or bundlebuggy, and away I go. Good exercise for me :)

And some more good news: one of my neighbors, the president of the co-op, managed to fix my key! YAY :) I no longer have to shlep down to lawrence and dufferin Tuesday morning. He unbent it with a hammer, some pliers. and it works good as new :) He made my day, seriously :) I was upset about my key since yesterday, bugging everyone with my key fixation and kvetching about shlepping down to get a new one :)

some shopping news: two of my neighbors had a garage sale, neighbors who happen to run their own day care in their homes, neighbors who were selling some excellent goodies from their daycare that they no longer needed!!!! I could not resist the temptation, I spent my 20 dollars birthday money on my kids. :) I bought a plastic little tikes rocking chair, a wooden rocking chair, a doll crib complete with doll, bedding for the crib, canopy, and doll pillow. :) There was this amazing toddler sized horse that the toddler can sit on and the horse makes noises but I did not want to spend the amount asked, which was 20. It was 60 brand new, but spending 20 on one single toy doesn't make it a bargain for me. I like spending 5 or so :) So #3 helped me take home the crib and rocking chairs, as I had brought him and #5 to my pediatrician who was having a clinic today, (they were with me when I walked by the sale) He pushed the doll crib home (It had wheels,even LOL). My #2 is having a great time with the doll centre.

Now, getting to the pediatrician visit this morning. B"H my diagnostic skills were right on! :) Yahoo. #5 DOES have fifth disease! Just like I thought. which means i was right about #2 and #3 who had the same rash and I was told by a doc who does housecalls it was skin irritation. It makes my desire to be a nurse even stronger :) Then I can do something about docs who rush and don't examine patients properly. Anyway, #5 started off with rash on her cheeks on Friday. at first I thought it was food allergy, but then the rash spread to her arms, lower legs, tushy cheeks. It was a lacy rash and when I compared it to a pic of fifths disease from one of my books it was the same rash. I told my in laws thats what I thought it was but my father in law didn't agree and told me to give benadryl. He is not a doc and I did not take his advice. #3 had a small tiny blister that looked infected over yom tov. I had him soak it in some salt water, and put on polysporin. by the time I took him to the pediatrician today its already on the way to healing and no longer infected. B"H.

and on to #3 driving me bonkers news: I love him so much, my little monkey, but I am starting to wonder (jokingly of course) if its his mission in life to see how much mischief he can get into LOL. Hubby has to go over to the bubbe's house later to try to snake the toilets that #3 has so lovingly and happily clog up with rolls of toiletpaper. I doubt it will work. It did not work when the zaidy tried to snake it last night. I think they need to call in a professional for this one. I am wondering if #3's calling in life is to be plumber since he seems to be so drawn to toilets, and destroying them. I'll never forget what he did to our downstairs bathroom several months ago. We had called the kids upstairs for bed, from the downstairs basement TV room. #3 had clogged the sink and left on the tap. Neither of us had checked the basement after the kids went up to start their night routines for bedtime :). We both got up around 2 am to hear strange tinkly noises. IT was a literal flood in the basement, up to our ankles. Many towels and buckets later, we got it all cleaned up. Another time, #3 flushed 3 bars of zest down the toilet right before shabbos and clogged the entire system. we managed to get it fixed with a help from a handy neighbor. Suffice it to say, #3 gets close supervision around the bathroom. except apparently at bubbe's house. sigh.

Ok, got to go do stuff now. Will post more later IY"H.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back 2 life...

Now that yom tov is over...back to life. back to dieting.. I'm going to this doc this week for the first time that has a strict diet and helps people lose weight. I know some people that have gone to him. I hear he has zero bedside manner, is rude and insulting, (maybe he has been watching too much doctor house. BTW does anyone else out there think house is cute in a fatherly sort of way? )(since he is old enough to be my daddy LOL) Anyway, back on track, the friends that went to this dr. jerk, they have all lost weight. Since I know what to expect hopefully I won't get upset if he starts with me. I already asked if its okay to bring my stroller.

Let's see..over yom tov, #3 has managed to clog up bubbe's toilet downstairs and now she has to call a plumber. I managed to break my key to my house :( its a high security lock and I can't even make a copy of hubby's key as its registered keys and says on it DO NOT COPY. Now I have to shlep to lawrence/dufferin area to get a new copy of my key. DAMN. I dropped it and it got bent and won't work in my lock anymore. I will have to borrow the office copy of my key until I get over there. Being I don't have a car and have to rely on someone to drive me I am not sure when that will be.

I'm fundraising for hubby for his office for United Way. We're selling kosher frozen cookie dough, brownie batter, kosher gingerbread men/house, kosher cheesecake. So far I've raised 130 dollars. I plan on going out tomorrow again IY"H to bug my friends and acquaintances to buy :) Not only is it yummy its going for a good cause :) Hubby will have to get a ride home from work the day its delivered as no way he can shlep the whole order on two buses. also I will have to deliver it as soon as he gets home as no room in our freezer. Anyway, I have 3 days worth of my favourite shows to watch (Private practivce, Greys Anatomy, ER).

Here is a funny video a friend sent me on email on what a mom says in a 24 hour day to her kids.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Lately, I have been looking at single strollers, and the many varieties there are. Next year, #4 will be in nursery school, IY"H, leaving me with just #5 at home during the day. I would feel silly pushing around a triple stroller with just one baby in the front. (unless I take some dolls and strap them in the empty seats LOL). So I've been noticing what other moms are pushing around. At first, I thought bugaboos were just some trend for wealthy moms. (yes, you need to be able to be wealthy to afford this one, and alas, I am NOT :(. so I can only drool over this amazing stroller). They maybe trendy and expensive but look at those wheels on that baby! Its like the mercedes benz of strollers. As a person who does not have a car and walks everywhere, I need a stroller with good hardy wheels. I have a peg perego triple stroller I bought gently used at less than half the price its worth, and it was in perfect condition when I bought it. The wheels on it are absolutely awful though. (I had all the wheels replaced just recently) For such an expensive stroller you would expect to have something hardy. but it is not good in the rain and snow. I have broken it twice so far due to pushing it in ice and snow. Another mom gave me her used triple jogging stroller for free. Its not in the best condition but it will work for when I need it during the snowy days of winter. A downside is it does not fit through ANY door way and I will need to take out #4 and #5 before going into the school for #2 and #3. Anyway, I just love a bugaboo, but even used on craigslist they are still out of my price range. So I am looking at other hardy brands. The zooper someone was selling at a good price had some bad reviews I noticed as the screws, nuts and bolts get rusty quite fast. Being I am always walking outdoors I need to pass on that one. I'll find a good deal eventually hopefully.

Anyway, I am going to go do some cleaning now. :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

He Drives Me Crazy....

#3 is driving me crazy this week. I have that song by Fine Young Cannibals stuck in my head, (she drives me crazy) now. LOL. Yesterday he flushed his plate of macaroni and cheese down the toilet. Today we took #1 to school, #3 starts running to the field off the path. Then we went to Sobeys. Some rude obnoxious yuppie businessman was busy with his borg-like blue tooth in his ear jogging past in a rush to do his shopping accidently bumped into #3. I didn't see as I was pushing the stroller, and #3 started crying suddenly. The man explained, and then as an afterthought asked, Is he okay? I'm sorry. Why didn't the man apologize right away?? Because he was too busy yapping on his stupid cellphone to pay attention to his surroundings and goes crashing into people. Anyway, #3 was ok, but I was miffed at the rude guy. After we pay for groceries, #3 decides it would be fun to hide behind the several rows of shopping carts outside. One second he was next to me, the next I didn't see him. I knew he had to be close but I got very worried because he disappeared right in front of me. Another mom was nearby, she was a mom to 4, anyway, we hear some giggling and then he popped out behind the two rows of carts. ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then after, he steps in every puddle on the way home on purpose, and thinks its hilarious. His shoes are now soaked, I was soaked because it started raining and I didn't have a coat on. I love #3, he is my lil cutie monkey but he is driving me bananas today LOL. Succos break is over soon, school starts Monday for him and #2, can't wait LOL.