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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Am I Hypothyroid?????

I got a call from my family doc asking me to please come in so they can check my thyroid. I saw the opthamologist last friday and he told me a hypothyroid could be the cause of my annoyingly itchy eyes and the one incident I had of burning and blurry vision in one eye. I DID have some minor trouble during my pregnancy with #5 with HYPERthyroid but it cleared up midway through my pregnancy. I just had a full work up done by the diet doctor, but I walked out of the group meeting before they could call us up individually to go over the results. I assumed that they would have phoned me before I went in for the group orientation if there were a problem. I mentioned this to my doc but he wants to test me himself, I don't think he is able to get a copy as the diet dr. does not accept phone calls. My doc would have to FAX in a request for the lab results. I am glad I walked out of that horrible diet dr. office. I really don't think I am having thyroid trouble but I will let my doctor test me so he will be happy :)


  • At 4:14 a.m., Anonymous Veronica said…

    I experienced massive hair loss in 2009 after taking other thyroid supplements . I have had multiple dose changes since then. Only porcine thyroid seems to be working at present.


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