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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back 2 life...

Now that yom tov is over...back to life. back to dieting.. I'm going to this doc this week for the first time that has a strict diet and helps people lose weight. I know some people that have gone to him. I hear he has zero bedside manner, is rude and insulting, (maybe he has been watching too much doctor house. BTW does anyone else out there think house is cute in a fatherly sort of way? )(since he is old enough to be my daddy LOL) Anyway, back on track, the friends that went to this dr. jerk, they have all lost weight. Since I know what to expect hopefully I won't get upset if he starts with me. I already asked if its okay to bring my stroller.

Let's see..over yom tov, #3 has managed to clog up bubbe's toilet downstairs and now she has to call a plumber. I managed to break my key to my house :( its a high security lock and I can't even make a copy of hubby's key as its registered keys and says on it DO NOT COPY. Now I have to shlep to lawrence/dufferin area to get a new copy of my key. DAMN. I dropped it and it got bent and won't work in my lock anymore. I will have to borrow the office copy of my key until I get over there. Being I don't have a car and have to rely on someone to drive me I am not sure when that will be.

I'm fundraising for hubby for his office for United Way. We're selling kosher frozen cookie dough, brownie batter, kosher gingerbread men/house, kosher cheesecake. So far I've raised 130 dollars. I plan on going out tomorrow again IY"H to bug my friends and acquaintances to buy :) Not only is it yummy its going for a good cause :) Hubby will have to get a ride home from work the day its delivered as no way he can shlep the whole order on two buses. also I will have to deliver it as soon as he gets home as no room in our freezer. Anyway, I have 3 days worth of my favourite shows to watch (Private practivce, Greys Anatomy, ER).

Here is a funny video a friend sent me on email on what a mom says in a 24 hour day to her kids.


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