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Monday, October 08, 2007


First of all, I am feeling under the weather today, very achy, sore throat, crappy, and crabby, so I need to vent my crankiness :) What is with some people here in the GTA? Is it because its the city that some people are so rude and snobby? I like to think I am a down to earth friendly person. Today while walking #2 and #3 to school, we passed this mom with a trendy double jogging stroller with a third child walking next to it. We said hello, good morning. The mom with the expensive sheitel and designer clothes and stroller glanced at us and ignored us. So, being I have a big mouth and am cranky today I made a sarcastic comment :) Under my breath, I said, gee, aren't you a friendly bunch. :) She heard me and said, WHAT?!?! oops LOL. :) Then, later on, at the bakery, I am waiting patiently on line. One person was ahead of me in the middle of an order. This woman comes in (BTW I think it may have been the same rude woman with the stroller) she barges ahead of me, completely ignores me and the fact that there is a line, gets her bread that was on hold for her apparently and starts a conversation with the cashier, doesn't even care I was waiting on line. and doesn't even have change on her to pay cash so starts hemming and hawing what to add to her order to use her debit card. Apparently waiting on line is beneath her and I am invisible. The other bakery lady saw and got annoyed at what took place and told the cashier I was waiting on line first and I finally spoke up and said excuse me, may I please just pay? . Her husband was a rabbi apparently. Well big whoop! Half the men in Toronto are rabbis. That doesn't give her a right to be rude and snobby. My rabbi's wife never pulled shtick like that and I belong to a very big shul. I must say, after living in Toronto for 9 years, I think New Jersey is a much more friendly and less snobby place overall. Probably because the cities tend to be smaller in population I guess. I don't know if New York is snobby, but my one experience there when we visited 5 years ago was being followed by this psycho frum lady who was upset I didn't have a rain shield for my stroller when it was snowing. (we didn't bring one with us from Toronto as we didn't know snow was in the forecast. We bumped into this pushy frum lady at a store who insisted we buy one and gave us directions, and then later spotted us again, minus the shield, and followed us into a store to lecture us. There was a canopy to shield #1 and even if some flakes landed on him, kids don't melt in the snow, and he was wearing snow protection anyway, I.e. warm coat, hat, gloves, snowpants, etc. Sheesh).
Ok, I am feeling even more cranky and crappy. I am going to go read for a while (I am reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay)


  • At 8:27 p.m., Anonymous A.K said…

    Hi. I know you but since this is a blog I will not leave my name. I will give my initials. A.K. I just wanted to say that it is totally normal to be crappy and achy after you had such a crazy day. Sometimes though if people don't say hi just ignore them. As long as you say hi then it shows you are friendly. If they don't want to say hi they don't have to. It could be she had a crappy day as well or was in a bad mood. Just giving you advice. I hope you are not offended. As to the woman in the store I totally agree with you. Just because her husband is a Rabbi doesn't mean she can go first. One thing I learnt is just to leave things alone or say things in a nice manner and then things will work out better. I am sorry you you had a crappy day. I have had some of those days. It is much harder if you don't have a car though and I give you alot of credit for the fact that even though you don't have a car and don't drive you go and do your errands. If it were me I would totally be lazy but I guess you are used to it. I was just in Toronto visiting from New York and I agree that Toronto is boring. I don't know much about the friendlyness. I think here in New York some people are friendly. I think because after September 11th people started to be a little more nice. The driving though is crazy here. If you don't go right away after a green light they honk at you and today I started turning and I didn't see a car coming so the lady in her car was blabbing something. Luckily I couldn't hear because her window was shut!!! This happened in a parking lot. Anyways, just thought I'd give my opinion on things. I have had rough days too. But don't we all?

  • At 8:37 p.m., Blogger Yiddishkeit said…

    Hi AK. I know you too :) thanks for the advice. :) I would love a minivan. Maybe if the Tories win and we get equal funding for Jewish education I can finally get one. BTW don't forget to vote! You can vote by proxy! BTW IY"H in December we need to get together when we visit my ol stomping grounds. :)


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