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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fundraising Fun

I did it!!! I managed to have hubby's sheet filled out, every line with a name :) two days worth of canvassing to friends and family. His office is raising money for united way. I managed to raise 238 dollars towards united way, 20 units of 1.5 to 2 liters of frozen cookie dough, muffin batter, ready to decorate gingerbread houses and gingerbread men that are surprisingly kosher. (milchigs of course) hubby will have to get a lift home when the order comes in at work from the bubbe because there is no way he can take 2 TTC buses home plus a nice 15 minute walk carrying all of that. Now, to deliver it, I will have to load it all into the stroller or bundlebuggy, and away I go. Good exercise for me :)

And some more good news: one of my neighbors, the president of the co-op, managed to fix my key! YAY :) I no longer have to shlep down to lawrence and dufferin Tuesday morning. He unbent it with a hammer, some pliers. and it works good as new :) He made my day, seriously :) I was upset about my key since yesterday, bugging everyone with my key fixation and kvetching about shlepping down to get a new one :)

some shopping news: two of my neighbors had a garage sale, neighbors who happen to run their own day care in their homes, neighbors who were selling some excellent goodies from their daycare that they no longer needed!!!! I could not resist the temptation, I spent my 20 dollars birthday money on my kids. :) I bought a plastic little tikes rocking chair, a wooden rocking chair, a doll crib complete with doll, bedding for the crib, canopy, and doll pillow. :) There was this amazing toddler sized horse that the toddler can sit on and the horse makes noises but I did not want to spend the amount asked, which was 20. It was 60 brand new, but spending 20 on one single toy doesn't make it a bargain for me. I like spending 5 or so :) So #3 helped me take home the crib and rocking chairs, as I had brought him and #5 to my pediatrician who was having a clinic today, (they were with me when I walked by the sale) He pushed the doll crib home (It had wheels,even LOL). My #2 is having a great time with the doll centre.

Now, getting to the pediatrician visit this morning. B"H my diagnostic skills were right on! :) Yahoo. #5 DOES have fifth disease! Just like I thought. which means i was right about #2 and #3 who had the same rash and I was told by a doc who does housecalls it was skin irritation. It makes my desire to be a nurse even stronger :) Then I can do something about docs who rush and don't examine patients properly. Anyway, #5 started off with rash on her cheeks on Friday. at first I thought it was food allergy, but then the rash spread to her arms, lower legs, tushy cheeks. It was a lacy rash and when I compared it to a pic of fifths disease from one of my books it was the same rash. I told my in laws thats what I thought it was but my father in law didn't agree and told me to give benadryl. He is not a doc and I did not take his advice. #3 had a small tiny blister that looked infected over yom tov. I had him soak it in some salt water, and put on polysporin. by the time I took him to the pediatrician today its already on the way to healing and no longer infected. B"H.

and on to #3 driving me bonkers news: I love him so much, my little monkey, but I am starting to wonder (jokingly of course) if its his mission in life to see how much mischief he can get into LOL. Hubby has to go over to the bubbe's house later to try to snake the toilets that #3 has so lovingly and happily clog up with rolls of toiletpaper. I doubt it will work. It did not work when the zaidy tried to snake it last night. I think they need to call in a professional for this one. I am wondering if #3's calling in life is to be plumber since he seems to be so drawn to toilets, and destroying them. I'll never forget what he did to our downstairs bathroom several months ago. We had called the kids upstairs for bed, from the downstairs basement TV room. #3 had clogged the sink and left on the tap. Neither of us had checked the basement after the kids went up to start their night routines for bedtime :). We both got up around 2 am to hear strange tinkly noises. IT was a literal flood in the basement, up to our ankles. Many towels and buckets later, we got it all cleaned up. Another time, #3 flushed 3 bars of zest down the toilet right before shabbos and clogged the entire system. we managed to get it fixed with a help from a handy neighbor. Suffice it to say, #3 gets close supervision around the bathroom. except apparently at bubbe's house. sigh.

Ok, got to go do stuff now. Will post more later IY"H.


  • At 7:52 a.m., Blogger mameloshn said…

    LOL! I also have a child that seems very attracted to toilets and loves to flush water. In kindergarden he managed several times to flood the floor of the bathroom.... :-) So now he is under strict supervision when he is near water!


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