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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

He Drives Me Crazy....

#3 is driving me crazy this week. I have that song by Fine Young Cannibals stuck in my head, (she drives me crazy) now. LOL. Yesterday he flushed his plate of macaroni and cheese down the toilet. Today we took #1 to school, #3 starts running to the field off the path. Then we went to Sobeys. Some rude obnoxious yuppie businessman was busy with his borg-like blue tooth in his ear jogging past in a rush to do his shopping accidently bumped into #3. I didn't see as I was pushing the stroller, and #3 started crying suddenly. The man explained, and then as an afterthought asked, Is he okay? I'm sorry. Why didn't the man apologize right away?? Because he was too busy yapping on his stupid cellphone to pay attention to his surroundings and goes crashing into people. Anyway, #3 was ok, but I was miffed at the rude guy. After we pay for groceries, #3 decides it would be fun to hide behind the several rows of shopping carts outside. One second he was next to me, the next I didn't see him. I knew he had to be close but I got very worried because he disappeared right in front of me. Another mom was nearby, she was a mom to 4, anyway, we hear some giggling and then he popped out behind the two rows of carts. ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then after, he steps in every puddle on the way home on purpose, and thinks its hilarious. His shoes are now soaked, I was soaked because it started raining and I didn't have a coat on. I love #3, he is my lil cutie monkey but he is driving me bananas today LOL. Succos break is over soon, school starts Monday for him and #2, can't wait LOL.


  • At 10:33 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I could not stop laughing! You poor thing. My #2 is like that too. He is so adorable but drives me nuts sometimes. I have him at home now until we move and I can't wait till he starts going to school. I think they get bored and just start acting up.

    Good luck! Hang in there!

  • At 5:17 a.m., Anonymous Parental development said…

    Hey just came across your blog and got to say I have fallen in love with it. You have totally “found your voice”

    I have just set up a blog quite recently and am currently finding my “voice” and one of the most useful things I have started doing is looking at other blogs to learn how the “pros” do it.

    Any feedback from a seasoned blogger such as your self could offer would be amazing! Don’t worry if you haven’t the time I understand how hectic the life of a professional blogger can be.

  • At 9:51 a.m., Blogger Yiddishkeit said…

    Thanks for the kind words :) I am not a professional blogger though, just an average person who likes to write and blog :)


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