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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Move On back...

Yup. It's official. Today I received a phone call from the director of the pre-school program. Just as I thought. #3 is being moved from junior kindergarten to nursery starting Monday. I KNEW he was NOT ready for junior kindergarten but everyone kept telling me to put him in there instead of nursery. Now we wasted 2 months.

In other news, I keep telling #1's school I do not want him to partake in ANY Halloween festivities as its against our religious beliefs. (Halloween is paganism). So today his educational assistant said okay but can i please dress him in orange for tomorrow. I wrote back no, sorry, but that's participating in Halloween..and we don't feel comfortable with that.

I am sorry for being cranky but these past few days have been rough for me. Over shabbos, my knee swelled up and I couldn't walk on it for a few days. My back was also hurting a lot. Sunday my grandmother had a stroke. A close friend got admitted to the hospital with a bad flare up of colitis. Yesterday my sinus tachycardia acted up for the first time since I had #5. My pulse was about 140, right in the middle of the library. I felt so weak and crappy and short of breath. I think it must be a reaction to the flu shot I had gotten that morning. or maybe its because I am so stressed out this past week. Then, today I have some sort of stomach virus. I just took 100 mg of gravol. I still have to go to a stupid mandatory co-op meeting about the budget and how they are trying to kick 2 people off the board or something like that. I hope there is a toilet near where I am sitting LOL. # 4 and #5 have ground animal crackers into the carpeting of the stairs....waah. :(

feeling queasy and cranky now and apparently I now must vacuum. ..will post more tomorrow IY"H.


  • At 6:25 p.m., Anonymous LeeAnn said…

    Yikes! Hope you have a better day tomorrow and a better week. Email me!!


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