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Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh My Aching Back...

I am beyond tired. I am totally exhausted and am looking forward to Shabbos where I can actually put my feet up for a while. My back is killing me thanks to a certain rambunctious almost 4 year old (#3) who jumps on my back literally when I am lying on my tummy playing with the other kids or just reading for a bit. I am worried I may have herniated a disk. I have scoliosis and was in a brace for 2 years when I was a teen. I had a 31 degree curve that was corrected to 23 but went back up to 26.

The zooper people are supposed to come by Sunday so I can pay them for the stroller. So, anyone, is it a good stroller or what? Nu???

In other news, I am one of the class mothers for #2's class. That means me and the other class mom get to make phone calls when the teacher needs us to give a message out to the other parents, and sometimes we have to find a parent to volunteer for stuff. I was a class mother last year too.

I am making pineapple chicken for Shabbos dinner, with split pea soup and potatoes. I am so tired and I need to get moving but all I want to do is sleeeeeeeep.


  • At 2:06 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My #1 who is going to be 4 in February does the same thing. I will be sitting or laying on the floor with the older one and he decides to use me like a bean bag LOL! He's something else... very physical. My back kills me but thanks goodness I don't have previous problems. For you it must be worse.

    Hope you had a good Shabbos, and I hope you got the rest you need.


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