A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Friday, November 30, 2007

My Daddy...

I am very worried about my dad. He has COPD (emphysema) from second hand smoking, and he also started himself after he remarried. Now he can't breathe. The other day, I was speaking with him on the phone and he had a coughing fit that lasted a long time and scared the hell out of me. I was starting to panic and wonder how to call an ambulance for him in NJ when I am here in Toronto. It happened again this morning and he told me when I come to NJ he has to sit me down and speak with me about some things. Now he is having nausea and stomach trouble when he eats. I am so scared he has lung cancer. He did have some tiny nodules on the last X-ray but he told me it was so small they could not do anything about it. So I stopped thinking about it. But now I am worried he is REALLY sick. I don't know what I would do without my dad. I burst into tears this morning after taking #2 and #3 to school, because a morbid thought occured to me. Next year at this time, G-d forbid, my dad might not be here. That scares me.

In addition to that, I have two plumbing bills and a dental bill to pay by the end of December. My dentist's secretary is a bitch and never gives me a bill until it adds up to a lot. My insurance only covers 80 percent, and instead of mailing me a bill for the difference, she waits a few months. I wish I could find a better dentist to go to. I am feeling upset and stressed and now have to finish preparing for shabbos.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Note to some moms who see me walking:

Yes, this is a note to some of the aggressive, pushy, holier than thou mothers who see me walking when its cold outside. Yes, there are always one or two of you every winter who harass me, and berate me, despite the fact that all of my kids are wearing down jackets, snow pants, hats, boots, scarves, and mittens and I myself am wearing a down jacket with mittens. You have no right to yell at me for walking in the cold when we are DRESSED PROPERLY!!! Where do you get off speaking to me in a condescending annoyed tone? You can go kiss my tuchus :)

Ok, let me explain my rant, so you know why I am mad. Today I am walking my kids to school, a 7 minute walk at most. its 20 degrees Fahrenheit. My kids are all dressed properly. I do not have a car, so, such is life..I walk everywhere. I DO have some common sense, if there is a wind chill warning outside, I get someone to drive them for me.

There is no wind chill warning outside today at all. In the past, when #1 was a baby, I had asked my pediatrician and he said as long as there is no wind chill warning there is no problem with walking in the cold if dressed properly. I am a mom to five children, B"H, I like to think I am an intelligent person, most of the time LOL. I ALWAYS dress my kids for the weather! Today this mother yelled at me for walking! She said to me, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WALK IN THE COLD?? I told her, I don't have a car!!!!! So, that sort of ended her nasty little tirade right there. Then she said she would give me her number so she could drive them if its cold. Well, after the way she spoke to me, she would be the last person on EARTH I would call to ask a favour from. Besides, I already have a few NICE, NON AGRESSIVE, normal moms who gave me their number if the weather is ever too severe for me to walk in.. And being there was NO wind chill factor, and my kids were dressed very warmly, and we were only going to be outside for 7 minutes...

EVERY winter, without fail, there are always a few of these moms who think they are so great and can stand there judging others. Once I even got yelled at for not having a car! She told me to find a way to pay for it. Sheesh. I don't know if its a Toronto thing, but I can't recall this ever happening to my parents when I was growing up. Some people are VERY pushy here. You can say something in a nice way and seem helpful, or you can say it nasty and come across as a holier than thou bitch. Apparently that mother chose the latter.

Next time someone makes a snarky comment to me, I am going to tell them what they can go do with their opinion. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ear Tube Surgery Take II

Today I took #3 to the ENT to see how his ears are doing now the ear tubes are out. He has fluid in both ears again and some hearing loss in one ear from the fluid, so he is going to have a new set of ear tubes put in on December 12, IY"H. I wasn't nervous the first time he had them in, as he was just 1 years old. But now he is 4. He is more aware now of whats doing. We are taking him to the pre-op clinic before hand so the nurse can explain stuff to him. I explained to him about the pre-op clinic and how on another day after that, he will get some sweet smelling air and fall asleep, like a nap, and when he wakes up, his ears will be all better and he can hear things much more clearly, and he even gets an ice pop from the nurse :). I have to do some juggling now to get his pre-op appointment time, and reschedule his 4 year check up appointment with the pediatrician which is on the 12 too. I will have to make it before the pre-op clinic as I need the doc to fill out the form for the hospital.

I also have parent teacher conferences the evening of the 12th for #2 and #3. that is going to be one crazy busy day.

Anyway, still feeling under the weather and am going to go have some water.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Feeling sick

It's been a very hectic past few days. My brother in law is in the hospital with pneumonia, since Friday at 2 am, but should be getting discharged today or tomorrow IY"H.

I have a bladder infection from hell and feel really crummy, I had to call quack in the house last night (aka medvisit) and got a prescription for cipro, which the doctor forgot to sign and I had to run outside to catch him before he left. My boys were being a bit wild and it seemed to really distract this doctor. Guess he does not have a lot of experience with kids.

We had a crazy busy day yesterday. All seven of us took the TTC down the line to go to #1's karate class, run to the kids shoe store to replace #5's shoes, run back to get #1, go to eat lunch, run to the dentist. There was a lot of mud from melting snow. I had the single jogging stroller with me which went nice and smooth over the mess. There was also construction being done by the plaza so it made it extra hard with the stroller. I had to hold #5 and drag the stroller over the mess. Hubby had another stroller with #4 in it. BTW she screamed "I want out" the whole way there and back on the bus. She hated the bus for some reason. It was very embarrassing as it was a 30 minute bus ride each way. I don't know what her problem was as she has been on a bus before. I think people were very glad when we got off the bus, LOL. #1 asked me why people were staring at #4 and I told him if you saw a little girl screaming to get off the bus for 30 minutes straight he'd be staring too. what a crummy day.

Anyway, I am not feeling well so I am going to go log off the computer and have a drink of water.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Treasure Hunt...

Today, amid running my errands, I discovered #5 is wearing only one shoe. I phoned Sobey's, I phoned second cup, its not there. Tomorrow I will have to walk through the route I took today to see if the shoe is there. I hope so, or else I am going to have to go waste some money on another pair of shoes for her.

I will have to also hunt and find a new family doctor, as I just found out mine is making aliyah this summer. Poopie. Just when I finally found a good doctor I feel is not quacky and I can trust. Now I will have to start all over again in a few months time.

Not much else doing. I am taking #2 to the pediatrician this afternoon to see about her cough. Tomorrow is #3's birthday, he will be turning 4!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Walking on Broken Glass...

Ya know, that Annie Lennox song? walking on broken glass? well, I just did that. And let me tell you, IT HURT! A LOT!!! :) A light bulb exploded a while ago (darn those cheap light bulbs..I'm switching to florescent!) I stepped on a big shard, and in my panic to get it out, while talking on the phone at the same time, I managed to stab the top of my left foot with the shard stuck in the bottom of my right foot! Yikes. Multitasking too much I guess LOL. It hurts though!

Anyway, today I put in a complaint to the CCAC regarding #1's OT. I was very pissed at the OT but the lady in charge of assigning the speech and OT to #1 told me the OT is quite good, but abrupt. Last week during dinner time, I get a phone call from his OT, she didn't give her last name, or any contact info. She told me she would be in his school friday to start working with him. Her call waiting kept going off. She didn't ask any questions about what type of stuff #1 needed to work on or anything. She never showed up on Friday. I spoke to his teacher, and he told me she wanted to come on the 30th, where there is not even school, its a PD day. She didn't return the teacher's calls to reschedule. I was already annoyed at the OT for rushing off the phone. So I called the lady in charge who gave me the OT's contact info, and last name, and told me the lady is very good but she can be abrupt. I told the supervisor, she was VERY abrupt! So far I am not impressed. but the supervisor promised me that this OT is the best. The speech therapist called me Sunday and I was very impressed with her. She was very thorough, and gave me the info I needed to contact her in case #1 would ever miss a speech therapy session. She seemed very nice. Hopefully the OT will prove me wrong about the impression I currently have of her.

Anyway, #2 and #3 are off today, PD day for them. Parent distress day LOL. Just kidding. They both have been behaving nicely today so far. Wednesday is #3's fourth b-day!! I ordered donuts for him and there will be a small party at his class. I also bought him this cute V-tech computer that even has a cute little mouse. I got it at the new Wal-mart. I love wal-mart! I keep finding reasons to go there. I went there motzei shabbos and there were lots of other frum people there too :) I can buy a few things and not spend a lot of money and still feel I did major shopping LOL.

Anyway, I am going to go check on the auctions on ebay. I am trying to sell #5's high chair and an old pj outfit of #3.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kosher Experience

Hmm...I've been doing some research on the kosher facilities near where I'll be in NJ. What exactly is the Shop-Rite Kosher Experience like? Here in toronto, there is a Sobeys with a kosher bakery, glatt kosher meat department, cholov yisrael dairy (though I am not cholov yisrael), there are prepared kosher foods you can just heat up. My dad is not frum, so hubby and I have to figure out what to do for food when visiting next month. Eating out lunch and dinner every day is out, being we are a family of 7 there is NO way we could afford that. It would be several hundred bucks! So I am thinking we can do coldcuts, maybe try to find something I can double wrap and heat up in the oven. Does the kosher experience at shoprite have kosher prepared foods? Maybe I will give the one I am thinking about a call. It's the one in East Windsor, NJ. I see there is a kosher bakery in Highland Park, but from what I remember last time I visited, you can get a rye with a kaf k hecscher at shop rite. It's not fresh, but hey, it's bread, right? :) I also have to figure out what to pack for our ride down. I figured, sandwiches on the way down for lunch, but what for dinner? I don't trust any tuna in the cooler that's been in there for 7 hours. Poopie. Blatt's butcher block in Scranton is where we used to stop for dinner but its no more, Mr. Blatt is retired. I loved the hoagies there. We're visiting a friend in Fredricksburg on our way down, but she is not Jewish, so therefore does not keep kosher, so she can't cook anything for us, but I am sure she won't mind if I unload some prepared stuff from the cooler to eat at her house. I haven't seen her since before I got married! It's been almost a decade! I am so excited about seeing her! It better not be a blizzard the day we are leaving on our trip LOL.
Anyway, I still have to figure out what to do for supper on the way down to my dad's house.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tasering in Vancouver Airport

There was an incident at the Vancouver airport a while ago, I'm sure you've read about it by now. Here's a link to it in case you haven't. An innocent, unarmed man who was immigrating here from Poland was left for 10 hours in the airport and forgotten about, and due to language barrier, no one helped him. Instead some guy decided to video tape thew whole thing. It was assumed he spoke Russian so I think a Russian translator was supposed to be found to help him. EXCEPT he spoke POLISH!! NOT RUSSIAN! The police tasered him three times and he died. I saw the video yesterday and am so upset. The poor man. WHY did the police taser an unarmed man????? He was agitated because no one could understand him, he was new to the country, he couldn't find his mother. He was scared, as anyone would be in that situation. He was here legally, he had all his papers. The system screwed up. I hope the police that tasered that man get sued. In my opinion, there was no need for that. The poor man didn't have any weapons on him. I think the use of taser is inhumane, I read somehwere its 50,000 volts!!! Its to stun the muscles. I don't know why I watched the video on the news website. Just to hear the cries of agony of that man, I felt sick to my stomach. The vancouver airport immigration should be ashamed of themselves for forgetting about this man and closing up for the day, leaving him there, and the police who were there dealing with the man should get in trouble for killing an innocent person. I don' suggest watching the video, its very upsetting.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 shots...

yup. poor #5 had 3 different vaccines since Wednesday night..Wednesday night she had flu vaccine, and today at her 18 month appointment she had her DTap (aka Pentacel) and her second MMR. She was good natured about it though. She is average for both height and weight.

In other news, #2 is currently in her room for the night. She is very tired due to having gone to bed late last night due to the flu shot and the fact that she threw her plastic rocking chair across the room just before because I wouldn't give her more animal crackers.

In other news, hubby and I are in the midst of planning our itinerary for our trip to NJ IY"H. We are trying to find a nice restaurant that's open motzei shabbos as our anniversary falls out on shabbos this year. There is a nice chinese restaurant in Deal, NJ but I am not sure if its open motzei shabbos. We'll have to phone them to find out.

Anyway, I had WAY too much caffeine and feel crappy right now. I had a medium kosher candy cane latte and then I had a dr. pepper 500 ML later on. Tasted yummy but too much caffeine is bad for you :)

Anyway, going to go relax now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Flu Shot Factory

First off, a friend of mine on a neighboring street got broken into last night, her purse stolen. :( Hopefully the police will catch the SOB thief ASAP.

Anyway, tonight we got the kids the flu shot. All 5. Bubbe walked with me and the kids to the pediatrician's office, where hubby met us on his way home from work. Hubby and I went into the little room with 2 kids at a time while Bubbe stayed with the others in the waiting area. When one got the vaccine. Hubby got the next kid ready, while I sent out the one who just got vaccinated to Bubbe, and got another kid into the room. We were a factory :) very efficient.

Tomorrow is #5's well baby 18 month check up. #1 starts his occupational therapy Friday. Twice a month for about a half hour each time.

Anyway, I am very tired,so good night :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mommy's sixth sense...

Friday, someone knocked on my door and ran away. Weird I thought. I did not give it a second thought. Yesterday it happened again. This time I caught the SOB. He was about to run when I answered. Then he asked for a Maya. There is no Maya here. Nor in my development. (we are tight-knit here in our development.). Secondly, if he wanted to know if someone was there, why was he running away before I answered??? Well, I phoned the office and a security committee member. I was told I was being overly worried, it was just a prank. Until my neighbor got robbed yesterday afternoon, probably sometime shortly after I answered my door. . Today the security committee member told me he was sorry, I was right. some mamzer, 3 of them actually, all working together were knocking on doors, asking for fake names, and breaking and entering. I wanted to call the police yesterday, but what was I going to say? some guy knocked on my door by mistake?? Everyone told me not to call. the security committee member told me i was just being paranoid. Today I did speak to an officer. I spoke to that SOB robber who knocked on my door, so I had his description. and I gladly gave it to the police. I hope they catch him and he rots in jail for a long time. As someone who was both robbed and mugged (while 8 months pregnant, too!), its a horrible breach of your sense of security. A violation. To this day I have never fully gotten over it. If I walk at night, which I try not to do, (and I used to be a person who was NEVER afraid of walking anywhere, having walked across campus on pub night at 2 am, ) I have to pull over to the side and let whoever is walking behind me pass. I can't have someone walk behind me at night. Its not something you can get over. having someone reach over and tear away your purse, having someone pick your lock and eventually break in. Which is what happened at our previous address. I was home the first few times that pig tried to break into my apartment. I KNEW that bastard was a robber yesterday. I KNEW! I just had a feeling. It didn't seem right that he would knock so lightly and then try to leave before anyone answered. It's a good thing he was talking on his cell phone and stayed a second so I could open the door in time. . I am lucky I didn't get shot at, he could have forced his way into my house. B"H he didn't.

I think I may have a sixth sense..nonsense you say..but I'll tell you a story. 5 years ago, we were robbed at our previous residence, an apartment in an area that was getting to be not so nice. Which is why we moved. I thought it was better here. Guess nowhere is safe....any way, we were robbed, while we were visiting in NJ 5 years ago. I knew we were robbed, while we were in NJ. I just knew. I remember clearly. We were sitting at my dad's table. I had a very strong feeling we were broken into. Everyone told me I was being ridiculous, and lo and behold, the closer we got to our apartment on the way home from our visit, the more I knew we were robbed. And we were. the doorknob was smashed in, all my jewelry gone. Even toilet paper. I had to borrow a roll from a friend until I could buy some more to replace it. It wasn't just the loss of my personal belongings, some of which were VERY sentimental and not worth much money but were now gone. It was the loss of my sense of security. I was mugged and robbed within 8 months, 5 years ago. You don't know what its like to be 8 months pregnant and have some scumbag struggle with you for your purse. I had chased him too, 8 months pregnant and all. Didn't catch him of course, managed to pull every muscle I had too. Couldn't even lift myself on the table at the OB's office. I trust in Hashem. I don't think G-d would make me go through this a third time..

Monday, November 12, 2007

Feeling blah

I feel really yucky. Wheezing since last night, chest feels very tight. I am wondering if its bronchitis or my GERD acting up. I also feel very achy and run down. #1 had off today, #3 and #4 are off next Monday. Anyway...feeling yucky so going to rest now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rosie Baby..

#5 has roseola. She has the little red spots all over, and no more fever. She is back to normal, pretty much B"H. Sheesh, I was scared on Friday. Anyway, motzei shabbos hubby and I went to a shul function for young families. We played Jewish balderdash, ate, shmoozed. It was nice to have a night out alone without the kids. Zaidie babysat for us. There was all sorts of yummy forbidden carbs there, such as fettucini alfredo and baked ziti. Also there was spaghetti and caesar salad, and pop. There were also prizes. We won an RCA MP3 player, which decided to not let me download any more songs even though I still have half a gig left on it. Hubby will figure it out later when he gets home from #1's karate class. Next week I am taking #1 because I need a break from #3. He is driving me crazy today with his antics. As soon as hubby gets home, I am outta here. I want to go to the library.

Anyway, I am going to go do some laundry....

Friday, November 09, 2007

Stressful day, hopefully not a stressful shabbos

I took #5 to the pediatrician today. He told me its probably a virus on top of the strep. he said even if I stopped the amoxi he would be comfortable with that because when they are this little (she is 18 months) strep does not cause the complications it does with older kids such as heart and kidney problems. He said the amoxil makes the baby feel better as it gets rid of its symptoms. After, I go home to make the cholent, and then go to get #2 and #3 at noon. When I come back, after lunch, I got #5 and #4 undressed for a bath. I noticed a few red splotchy rashes on #5's neck. I didn't think anything of it. Then I noticed her legs, hands and arms were purple. I thought it was probably from being cold and in the bath. #4 was fine, she didn't turn that color. After the warm water though, she was still purple. When I lay her down to dry her off, she seemed cold too and I thought her breathing pattern was bit off. But after I got her dressed she still was purple. Her face was fine, and she was alert (her lips were not purple). But I was VERY nervous. I was going to call 911 or hatzolah, but to make sure I wasn't overreacting I called my mother in law's friend who is a registered nurse and had worked in the E.R. for years. She told me if the rash was purple, go to the E.R. right away. its red though. its now spread all over her back in circley red patches, back of neck, and abdomen. her fever was gone since 5 am, but is now back again. I gave her some children's tylenol. She told me I didn't need hatzolah or 911 but if she wasn't better over the weekend to bring her to a doc or call my pediatrician's daughter who I am friendly with, to ask her dad if he could phone me up. Actually, hubby may see the pediatrician at shul, and maybe he can ask him for me directly. I won't phone my pediatrician at home though as I hear from other people his wife gets really mad about parent's phoning at home. I phoned my father in law who is a pharmacist, to come over and take a look at her rash to make sure its not a reaction from amoxil. He came over and examined her closely and listened to her breathing. He thought also its just from the virus. He said a drug reaction, her face would be swollen, and she would have trouble breathing. I hope she gets bette over shabbos. I hate when they get viruses. I was talking to the nurse at my pediatrician's office, saying maybe I shouldn't be a nurse., I am getting too freaked out when my kids are sick LOL. But she told me that I should definitely go to nursing school. That when its not your kids that you are treating, its not as nervewracking. She has a point :) I wish I was a nurse now so I could feel less worried about #5's virus/strep infection.

Candlelighting is in 33 minutes. I better go now and finish getting ready.

Freaking out at 5 a.m.

It's 5 am, and I am up with #5. I am so worried about her. I am going to have to take her to the pediatrician today. If I can't get an early appt. I willl have to hope the doc who does housecalls is free. I am a nervous wreck. She's been on amoxil for over 2 days and is still burning up with fever. The walk in clinic said she caught her brother's strep. But, amoxil has NEVER worked on her in the past. I thought it would work now for the strep. But why does she still have fever? With #3 the fever was gone the second day on antibiotics. Why do these things happen in the middle of the night?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have Car, Will Travel...

B"H, we managed to book a minivan with airmiles. It was not easy as some places were already booked fully on minivans for the dates we will be away, as it's holiday season. The lady told me some people booked as early as June! Now I know when to book for next time :) Hopefully, the weather will co-operate and make our trip nice and easy. We have to travel through the snow belt so I am slightly worried about the snow. Now we just have to find a place for shabbos. Hubby will be phoning my rabbi in NJ to see if he knows anyone from the shul who can host a family of 7 for sleeping and meals. I am worried as its a lot to ask someone, but hopefully someone will have room. The houses in the area tend to be a generous size so hopefully it will all work out.

and on to other stuff...they just opened up a new walmart by me! I went there for the first time. I LOVE IT :) It's great! I got all the stuff I needed in one place. I bought #3 his birthday present, even though I probably shouldn't since he has cost me so much money in plumbing. (the rental office called me that I owe 110 dollars from the puzzle piece he flushed down it a few months ago :( Anyway, I bought #3 this cute little v-tech toy that looks like a laptop but really has games on it for kids. I ran into a friend there and shmoozed. I also almost got smooshed by someone who thought I was invisible and was driving carelessly around the parking lot. Anyway, I am very excited about the new walmart. :)

Well, got to go get ready to get #2 and #3.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yummy!! Microwaved Car is Served!!!!

I ALWAYS keep a close eye on my #3. Yet he somehow manages to still find mischief to get into. Today, I was upstairs watching hubby sit down to do homework with #2. #3 was watching TV in the basement with #1. All was quiet on the set. Until #3 came up and told me he cooked his car. I went running downstairs to see his toy plastic car in the microwave. Not melted B"H. Just warm and stinky. #3 had a time out in his room, and we explained to him the microwave can be dangerous, is NOT a toy and he is NEVER allowed to touch it, EVER. (his brother is old enough to use it, he is 7 and makes himself veggie burger sandwiches in it. I think #3 thought he was being like his brother.) I think from now on if I am going upstairs I will have to keep #3 with me, no TV watching if I am not within ear shot, so I can keep tabs on him at all times. The microwave is okay B"H. It's not just me he does shtick for. His afternoon teacher had to put him in nursery during the Fireman visit (he is in J.K) (they are learning the letter F this week). He kept running away from the teacher when they were going outside to the fire truck. For safety reasons she had to put him in nursery as they were going to be in a parking lot. #3 is more mischievous than #1. #1 never did this shtick. #3 keeps me on my toes at all times.

In other news, #5 threw up this afternoon as we were about to leave to pick up #2 and #3 from school. All over her down coat, hat, stroller, and clothes. The pediatrician was out sick this afternoon, the other doc who makes housecalls was off for the afternoon, and medvisit (those quacks I use as a last resort) were fully booked. So bubbe came over to watch #1-#4 and I took #5 in the new Zooper stroller to a walk in clinic. She caught #3's strep. She's on amoxicillin. So that's 2 down, 3 yet to catch it. #3's classmate had Scarlet Fever and that's how #3 caught the strep. I hope this does not turn into a repeat of last winter when we all got strep over and over again. It took 3 cycles of amoxicillin to get rid of it. I am already on amoxicillin so I know I can't catch it right now B"H. But next week, if the other kids get strep, I may fall victim to relapse again :( last winter I relapsed 2 times. Time to put on my nursing cap and give #5 one more dose of antibiotics before bed time.

My Little Music Critic..

#4 is my little music critic LOL. She only seems to like Jewish music. Whenever one of my non Jewish music song comes up on itunes she starts kvetching until I switch songs.

Toilet update: the trophy is still stuck!!! The plumber said he couldn't get it out. He managed to push it to one side or something along those lines. The toilet does flush still, somehow. B"H. :)

#1 is going ice skating once a month with his gym class. He has never been ice skating before. That should be an interesting experience for him :)

Anyway, just a quick blog entry. I will try to post more later.

Monday, November 05, 2007

List of Nostalgic Songs

So here are some very nostalgic songs for me that I've been listening to today:

Jewel--You were meant for me
Natalie Imbruglia--Torn
No Doubt--Don't Speak
Paula Cole-Where have all the Cowboys Gone
Shawn Colvin--Sunny Came Home..

sheesh. No wonder I feel blue today. Maybe I should listen to something more upbeat now.


I am feeling very blue today. I am listening to some music from the 1990's and feeling nostalgic about my younger years. You never appreciate how carefree your younger years are until you are older and looking back on it LOL. I am very frustrated at this moment too. I am just trying to get a damn car booked this week for our trip to NJ. I am about ready to decline the offer of using aeroplan miles. Its turning into a damn 3 ring circus. We were planning on just charging the whole thing before the offer of aeroplan miles. If its not booked this week, motzei shabbos I am reserving the car myself. I have not been home in 5 years!!!!!!! I am not exaggerating. People meddle thinking they are being helpeful and the end result is just lots of shtick and aggravation. Hubby has not driven in a while but plans on practicing before our trip. We are grown ups, not some 17 year olds going on a road trip.

I really miss my family and friends. It is so hard to be in another country sometimes without them. Yes, I have made friends here in Toronto but its not the same. There is nothing like being with friends who have known you your whole life.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tinkle, Tinkle...

This shabbos, two things happened, both somewhat funny, one of which might end up being somewhat expensive. First, hubby mentioned the upstairs toilet is acting weird. I asked #3, what did you flush this time?? It was #1's small little plastic trophy a friend gave him. We are going to borrow the inlaw's snake, and if we can't snake it out, its time to call the plumber yet again! Sigh..

Now for the amusing: #3 woke up from a shabbos nap burning up with fever and didn't look well. I felt very worried about him, and I took him into the local walk in clinic. There was a little fountain rock thingy with 2 giraffes. #3 didn't see that, but only heard the tinkling noise. He asked me if that was pee pee. I said no, its a fountain. Then he proceeded to ask other patients if it was pee pee. If there were a rock available, I would have crawled under it LOL. Then the receptionist calls #3's name, and he asked her if it was pee too. LOL. Sigh. He is a character.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Zooper buggy board????

Do they make a buggy board for the Zooper Buddy? I phoned DearBorn and they had no idea what Zooper even was. I guess my stroller is not elite enough for them to carry LOL. (I only get my stroller serviced at Dearborn as its the closet within walking distance as I don't have a car and my triple stroller does not fold well. The salesladies at the store are mostly extremely snobbish and rude, several of my friends also have had negative experiences there.). Anyway, I am looking for a buggy board that can attach to the stroller, that a toddler can stand on while the baby rides in the stroller. I see them on many other jogging strollers like Bugaboo (my dream stroller) and one called E3. So, if anyone ones a Zooper buddy out there, let me know if they make a buggy board that works on it. Thanks :)

Antisemetic Incident

This morning, I am at the mall, trying to buy bus tickets from a person who had a very poor command of the English language and was unable to answer or even understand any of my questions about the new TTC fares and in addition kept screwing up my debit card transaction on the machine. Then, as I am leaving the mall a Russian man called out to me, HI Mrs. Jew. I said, excuse me?? What did you just call me? and then he said, I meant How are you? Come on! Even with his thick accent the two sounded NOTHING alike. He definitely called me Mrs. Jew. I guess he was afraid of the verbal ass-kicking I was about to give him :) Ya know, its not worth it anyway, he would still be a narrow minded putz even if I did tell him off.

I am in a pissed off cranky mood now.

BTW #3 may not be moved to nursery from Junior Kindergarten after all. I spoke to the director of pre-school to confirm he would be switching on Monday and she said she isn't sure its the right move yet and wants to give him another week or so to observe him in the classroom and make REALLY sure before she does it. Oops. Guess I should not have thrown out the j.k. class list just yet. Guess I will have to get another copy tomorrow.

Time for lunch.

I really need a spa day to help me unwind LOL.

Look Me in the Eye!

I am reading a very interesting book by a man with Asperger's syndrome, called "Look me in the Eye" by John Elder Robison. As a mom who has a 7 year old son with Asperger's syndrome I find it interesting to read a book from the perspective of someone who actually has it. It's a good read, I recommend it :) (warning: there are a few non major swear words in there, just in case you are easily offended.).

It's getting closer to December, and you know what that means: We'd better get moving and book our car rental for our trip to New Jersey! IY"H. My mother in law was going to rent a car for us with aeroplan miles but we just discovered there isn't enough for our whole 9 day trip. Hubby has to make some calls to see if we can pay the difference that aeroplan doesn't cover. I hope they say yes because otherwise bye bye trip :( A car rental for 9 days would cost us close to 1000 dollars. I don't see why they would say no, IY"H it's probably going to be okay.

Ok, time to get everyone away from TV land and get ready for school!