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Monday, November 05, 2007


I am feeling very blue today. I am listening to some music from the 1990's and feeling nostalgic about my younger years. You never appreciate how carefree your younger years are until you are older and looking back on it LOL. I am very frustrated at this moment too. I am just trying to get a damn car booked this week for our trip to NJ. I am about ready to decline the offer of using aeroplan miles. Its turning into a damn 3 ring circus. We were planning on just charging the whole thing before the offer of aeroplan miles. If its not booked this week, motzei shabbos I am reserving the car myself. I have not been home in 5 years!!!!!!! I am not exaggerating. People meddle thinking they are being helpeful and the end result is just lots of shtick and aggravation. Hubby has not driven in a while but plans on practicing before our trip. We are grown ups, not some 17 year olds going on a road trip.

I really miss my family and friends. It is so hard to be in another country sometimes without them. Yes, I have made friends here in Toronto but its not the same. There is nothing like being with friends who have known you your whole life.


  • At 6:27 p.m., Anonymous LeeAnn said…

    And your friends can't wait to see you again!!!!!

  • At 6:30 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You poor thing! I feel for you. 5 years is a very long time not to visit your family. Plus like you said living in another country makes it really hard.

    Hope you get everything organized without any complication. Hang in there before you know it you will be back in your own neighborhood.


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