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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ear Tube Surgery Take II

Today I took #3 to the ENT to see how his ears are doing now the ear tubes are out. He has fluid in both ears again and some hearing loss in one ear from the fluid, so he is going to have a new set of ear tubes put in on December 12, IY"H. I wasn't nervous the first time he had them in, as he was just 1 years old. But now he is 4. He is more aware now of whats doing. We are taking him to the pre-op clinic before hand so the nurse can explain stuff to him. I explained to him about the pre-op clinic and how on another day after that, he will get some sweet smelling air and fall asleep, like a nap, and when he wakes up, his ears will be all better and he can hear things much more clearly, and he even gets an ice pop from the nurse :). I have to do some juggling now to get his pre-op appointment time, and reschedule his 4 year check up appointment with the pediatrician which is on the 12 too. I will have to make it before the pre-op clinic as I need the doc to fill out the form for the hospital.

I also have parent teacher conferences the evening of the 12th for #2 and #3. that is going to be one crazy busy day.

Anyway, still feeling under the weather and am going to go have some water.


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