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Monday, November 26, 2007

Feeling sick

It's been a very hectic past few days. My brother in law is in the hospital with pneumonia, since Friday at 2 am, but should be getting discharged today or tomorrow IY"H.

I have a bladder infection from hell and feel really crummy, I had to call quack in the house last night (aka medvisit) and got a prescription for cipro, which the doctor forgot to sign and I had to run outside to catch him before he left. My boys were being a bit wild and it seemed to really distract this doctor. Guess he does not have a lot of experience with kids.

We had a crazy busy day yesterday. All seven of us took the TTC down the line to go to #1's karate class, run to the kids shoe store to replace #5's shoes, run back to get #1, go to eat lunch, run to the dentist. There was a lot of mud from melting snow. I had the single jogging stroller with me which went nice and smooth over the mess. There was also construction being done by the plaza so it made it extra hard with the stroller. I had to hold #5 and drag the stroller over the mess. Hubby had another stroller with #4 in it. BTW she screamed "I want out" the whole way there and back on the bus. She hated the bus for some reason. It was very embarrassing as it was a 30 minute bus ride each way. I don't know what her problem was as she has been on a bus before. I think people were very glad when we got off the bus, LOL. #1 asked me why people were staring at #4 and I told him if you saw a little girl screaming to get off the bus for 30 minutes straight he'd be staring too. what a crummy day.

Anyway, I am not feeling well so I am going to go log off the computer and have a drink of water.


  • At 7:51 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I feel for you on the bus ride. My #2 who is going to be 4 in Feb. just had a moment like that but we had been in the mall at a place to eat. I just picked him up and walked out just as we were seated. I must have looked like the crazy mother because he was just not stopping!

    He makes my anxietly levels go through the roof LOL! Hang in there!


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