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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have Car, Will Travel...

B"H, we managed to book a minivan with airmiles. It was not easy as some places were already booked fully on minivans for the dates we will be away, as it's holiday season. The lady told me some people booked as early as June! Now I know when to book for next time :) Hopefully, the weather will co-operate and make our trip nice and easy. We have to travel through the snow belt so I am slightly worried about the snow. Now we just have to find a place for shabbos. Hubby will be phoning my rabbi in NJ to see if he knows anyone from the shul who can host a family of 7 for sleeping and meals. I am worried as its a lot to ask someone, but hopefully someone will have room. The houses in the area tend to be a generous size so hopefully it will all work out.

and on to other stuff...they just opened up a new walmart by me! I went there for the first time. I LOVE IT :) It's great! I got all the stuff I needed in one place. I bought #3 his birthday present, even though I probably shouldn't since he has cost me so much money in plumbing. (the rental office called me that I owe 110 dollars from the puzzle piece he flushed down it a few months ago :( Anyway, I bought #3 this cute little v-tech toy that looks like a laptop but really has games on it for kids. I ran into a friend there and shmoozed. I also almost got smooshed by someone who thought I was invisible and was driving carelessly around the parking lot. Anyway, I am very excited about the new walmart. :)

Well, got to go get ready to get #2 and #3.


  • At 9:00 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WooHoo! You are on your way! Congrats. I'm sure you'll be able to find a someone to host your family on the shabbos.

    Rental cars especially the minivans are hard to come by during holidays.

    Enjoy your walmart. I have to drive 30+ minutes to get to one.


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