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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kosher Experience

Hmm...I've been doing some research on the kosher facilities near where I'll be in NJ. What exactly is the Shop-Rite Kosher Experience like? Here in toronto, there is a Sobeys with a kosher bakery, glatt kosher meat department, cholov yisrael dairy (though I am not cholov yisrael), there are prepared kosher foods you can just heat up. My dad is not frum, so hubby and I have to figure out what to do for food when visiting next month. Eating out lunch and dinner every day is out, being we are a family of 7 there is NO way we could afford that. It would be several hundred bucks! So I am thinking we can do coldcuts, maybe try to find something I can double wrap and heat up in the oven. Does the kosher experience at shoprite have kosher prepared foods? Maybe I will give the one I am thinking about a call. It's the one in East Windsor, NJ. I see there is a kosher bakery in Highland Park, but from what I remember last time I visited, you can get a rye with a kaf k hecscher at shop rite. It's not fresh, but hey, it's bread, right? :) I also have to figure out what to pack for our ride down. I figured, sandwiches on the way down for lunch, but what for dinner? I don't trust any tuna in the cooler that's been in there for 7 hours. Poopie. Blatt's butcher block in Scranton is where we used to stop for dinner but its no more, Mr. Blatt is retired. I loved the hoagies there. We're visiting a friend in Fredricksburg on our way down, but she is not Jewish, so therefore does not keep kosher, so she can't cook anything for us, but I am sure she won't mind if I unload some prepared stuff from the cooler to eat at her house. I haven't seen her since before I got married! It's been almost a decade! I am so excited about seeing her! It better not be a blizzard the day we are leaving on our trip LOL.
Anyway, I still have to figure out what to do for supper on the way down to my dad's house.


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