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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mommy's sixth sense...

Friday, someone knocked on my door and ran away. Weird I thought. I did not give it a second thought. Yesterday it happened again. This time I caught the SOB. He was about to run when I answered. Then he asked for a Maya. There is no Maya here. Nor in my development. (we are tight-knit here in our development.). Secondly, if he wanted to know if someone was there, why was he running away before I answered??? Well, I phoned the office and a security committee member. I was told I was being overly worried, it was just a prank. Until my neighbor got robbed yesterday afternoon, probably sometime shortly after I answered my door. . Today the security committee member told me he was sorry, I was right. some mamzer, 3 of them actually, all working together were knocking on doors, asking for fake names, and breaking and entering. I wanted to call the police yesterday, but what was I going to say? some guy knocked on my door by mistake?? Everyone told me not to call. the security committee member told me i was just being paranoid. Today I did speak to an officer. I spoke to that SOB robber who knocked on my door, so I had his description. and I gladly gave it to the police. I hope they catch him and he rots in jail for a long time. As someone who was both robbed and mugged (while 8 months pregnant, too!), its a horrible breach of your sense of security. A violation. To this day I have never fully gotten over it. If I walk at night, which I try not to do, (and I used to be a person who was NEVER afraid of walking anywhere, having walked across campus on pub night at 2 am, ) I have to pull over to the side and let whoever is walking behind me pass. I can't have someone walk behind me at night. Its not something you can get over. having someone reach over and tear away your purse, having someone pick your lock and eventually break in. Which is what happened at our previous address. I was home the first few times that pig tried to break into my apartment. I KNEW that bastard was a robber yesterday. I KNEW! I just had a feeling. It didn't seem right that he would knock so lightly and then try to leave before anyone answered. It's a good thing he was talking on his cell phone and stayed a second so I could open the door in time. . I am lucky I didn't get shot at, he could have forced his way into my house. B"H he didn't.

I think I may have a sixth sense..nonsense you say..but I'll tell you a story. 5 years ago, we were robbed at our previous residence, an apartment in an area that was getting to be not so nice. Which is why we moved. I thought it was better here. Guess nowhere is safe....any way, we were robbed, while we were visiting in NJ 5 years ago. I knew we were robbed, while we were in NJ. I just knew. I remember clearly. We were sitting at my dad's table. I had a very strong feeling we were broken into. Everyone told me I was being ridiculous, and lo and behold, the closer we got to our apartment on the way home from our visit, the more I knew we were robbed. And we were. the doorknob was smashed in, all my jewelry gone. Even toilet paper. I had to borrow a roll from a friend until I could buy some more to replace it. It wasn't just the loss of my personal belongings, some of which were VERY sentimental and not worth much money but were now gone. It was the loss of my sense of security. I was mugged and robbed within 8 months, 5 years ago. You don't know what its like to be 8 months pregnant and have some scumbag struggle with you for your purse. I had chased him too, 8 months pregnant and all. Didn't catch him of course, managed to pull every muscle I had too. Couldn't even lift myself on the table at the OB's office. I trust in Hashem. I don't think G-d would make me go through this a third time..


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