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Friday, November 30, 2007

My Daddy...

I am very worried about my dad. He has COPD (emphysema) from second hand smoking, and he also started himself after he remarried. Now he can't breathe. The other day, I was speaking with him on the phone and he had a coughing fit that lasted a long time and scared the hell out of me. I was starting to panic and wonder how to call an ambulance for him in NJ when I am here in Toronto. It happened again this morning and he told me when I come to NJ he has to sit me down and speak with me about some things. Now he is having nausea and stomach trouble when he eats. I am so scared he has lung cancer. He did have some tiny nodules on the last X-ray but he told me it was so small they could not do anything about it. So I stopped thinking about it. But now I am worried he is REALLY sick. I don't know what I would do without my dad. I burst into tears this morning after taking #2 and #3 to school, because a morbid thought occured to me. Next year at this time, G-d forbid, my dad might not be here. That scares me.

In addition to that, I have two plumbing bills and a dental bill to pay by the end of December. My dentist's secretary is a bitch and never gives me a bill until it adds up to a lot. My insurance only covers 80 percent, and instead of mailing me a bill for the difference, she waits a few months. I wish I could find a better dentist to go to. I am feeling upset and stressed and now have to finish preparing for shabbos.


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