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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Note to some moms who see me walking:

Yes, this is a note to some of the aggressive, pushy, holier than thou mothers who see me walking when its cold outside. Yes, there are always one or two of you every winter who harass me, and berate me, despite the fact that all of my kids are wearing down jackets, snow pants, hats, boots, scarves, and mittens and I myself am wearing a down jacket with mittens. You have no right to yell at me for walking in the cold when we are DRESSED PROPERLY!!! Where do you get off speaking to me in a condescending annoyed tone? You can go kiss my tuchus :)

Ok, let me explain my rant, so you know why I am mad. Today I am walking my kids to school, a 7 minute walk at most. its 20 degrees Fahrenheit. My kids are all dressed properly. I do not have a car, so, such is life..I walk everywhere. I DO have some common sense, if there is a wind chill warning outside, I get someone to drive them for me.

There is no wind chill warning outside today at all. In the past, when #1 was a baby, I had asked my pediatrician and he said as long as there is no wind chill warning there is no problem with walking in the cold if dressed properly. I am a mom to five children, B"H, I like to think I am an intelligent person, most of the time LOL. I ALWAYS dress my kids for the weather! Today this mother yelled at me for walking! She said to me, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WALK IN THE COLD?? I told her, I don't have a car!!!!! So, that sort of ended her nasty little tirade right there. Then she said she would give me her number so she could drive them if its cold. Well, after the way she spoke to me, she would be the last person on EARTH I would call to ask a favour from. Besides, I already have a few NICE, NON AGRESSIVE, normal moms who gave me their number if the weather is ever too severe for me to walk in.. And being there was NO wind chill factor, and my kids were dressed very warmly, and we were only going to be outside for 7 minutes...

EVERY winter, without fail, there are always a few of these moms who think they are so great and can stand there judging others. Once I even got yelled at for not having a car! She told me to find a way to pay for it. Sheesh. I don't know if its a Toronto thing, but I can't recall this ever happening to my parents when I was growing up. Some people are VERY pushy here. You can say something in a nice way and seem helpful, or you can say it nasty and come across as a holier than thou bitch. Apparently that mother chose the latter.

Next time someone makes a snarky comment to me, I am going to tell them what they can go do with their opinion. :)


  • At 1:57 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would have been so angry. I can't believe that she spoke to you like that. It's not like you had the kids out in their swimming outfit or something. I have a friend that has 5 small children and it never fails that when she is out somewhere someone has something stupid to say to her. Of course she's a loud mouth herself and tells people to mind their own business unlike me I would just ignore it.

    I think they need to find something else to fill their time cause obviously they don't have enought to fill there day.

    Hang in there and remember your a great mommy!


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