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Friday, November 09, 2007

Stressful day, hopefully not a stressful shabbos

I took #5 to the pediatrician today. He told me its probably a virus on top of the strep. he said even if I stopped the amoxi he would be comfortable with that because when they are this little (she is 18 months) strep does not cause the complications it does with older kids such as heart and kidney problems. He said the amoxil makes the baby feel better as it gets rid of its symptoms. After, I go home to make the cholent, and then go to get #2 and #3 at noon. When I come back, after lunch, I got #5 and #4 undressed for a bath. I noticed a few red splotchy rashes on #5's neck. I didn't think anything of it. Then I noticed her legs, hands and arms were purple. I thought it was probably from being cold and in the bath. #4 was fine, she didn't turn that color. After the warm water though, she was still purple. When I lay her down to dry her off, she seemed cold too and I thought her breathing pattern was bit off. But after I got her dressed she still was purple. Her face was fine, and she was alert (her lips were not purple). But I was VERY nervous. I was going to call 911 or hatzolah, but to make sure I wasn't overreacting I called my mother in law's friend who is a registered nurse and had worked in the E.R. for years. She told me if the rash was purple, go to the E.R. right away. its red though. its now spread all over her back in circley red patches, back of neck, and abdomen. her fever was gone since 5 am, but is now back again. I gave her some children's tylenol. She told me I didn't need hatzolah or 911 but if she wasn't better over the weekend to bring her to a doc or call my pediatrician's daughter who I am friendly with, to ask her dad if he could phone me up. Actually, hubby may see the pediatrician at shul, and maybe he can ask him for me directly. I won't phone my pediatrician at home though as I hear from other people his wife gets really mad about parent's phoning at home. I phoned my father in law who is a pharmacist, to come over and take a look at her rash to make sure its not a reaction from amoxil. He came over and examined her closely and listened to her breathing. He thought also its just from the virus. He said a drug reaction, her face would be swollen, and she would have trouble breathing. I hope she gets bette over shabbos. I hate when they get viruses. I was talking to the nurse at my pediatrician's office, saying maybe I shouldn't be a nurse., I am getting too freaked out when my kids are sick LOL. But she told me that I should definitely go to nursing school. That when its not your kids that you are treating, its not as nervewracking. She has a point :) I wish I was a nurse now so I could feel less worried about #5's virus/strep infection.

Candlelighting is in 33 minutes. I better go now and finish getting ready.


  • At 10:35 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow you had a very stressful few days. I hope everything is OK. I was getting upset just reading it. Hang in there I know it's tough when it's your kids. I get the same way.


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