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Monday, November 19, 2007

Walking on Broken Glass...

Ya know, that Annie Lennox song? walking on broken glass? well, I just did that. And let me tell you, IT HURT! A LOT!!! :) A light bulb exploded a while ago (darn those cheap light bulbs..I'm switching to florescent!) I stepped on a big shard, and in my panic to get it out, while talking on the phone at the same time, I managed to stab the top of my left foot with the shard stuck in the bottom of my right foot! Yikes. Multitasking too much I guess LOL. It hurts though!

Anyway, today I put in a complaint to the CCAC regarding #1's OT. I was very pissed at the OT but the lady in charge of assigning the speech and OT to #1 told me the OT is quite good, but abrupt. Last week during dinner time, I get a phone call from his OT, she didn't give her last name, or any contact info. She told me she would be in his school friday to start working with him. Her call waiting kept going off. She didn't ask any questions about what type of stuff #1 needed to work on or anything. She never showed up on Friday. I spoke to his teacher, and he told me she wanted to come on the 30th, where there is not even school, its a PD day. She didn't return the teacher's calls to reschedule. I was already annoyed at the OT for rushing off the phone. So I called the lady in charge who gave me the OT's contact info, and last name, and told me the lady is very good but she can be abrupt. I told the supervisor, she was VERY abrupt! So far I am not impressed. but the supervisor promised me that this OT is the best. The speech therapist called me Sunday and I was very impressed with her. She was very thorough, and gave me the info I needed to contact her in case #1 would ever miss a speech therapy session. She seemed very nice. Hopefully the OT will prove me wrong about the impression I currently have of her.

Anyway, #2 and #3 are off today, PD day for them. Parent distress day LOL. Just kidding. They both have been behaving nicely today so far. Wednesday is #3's fourth b-day!! I ordered donuts for him and there will be a small party at his class. I also bought him this cute V-tech computer that even has a cute little mouse. I got it at the new Wal-mart. I love wal-mart! I keep finding reasons to go there. I went there motzei shabbos and there were lots of other frum people there too :) I can buy a few things and not spend a lot of money and still feel I did major shopping LOL.

Anyway, I am going to go check on the auctions on ebay. I am trying to sell #5's high chair and an old pj outfit of #3.


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