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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yummy!! Microwaved Car is Served!!!!

I ALWAYS keep a close eye on my #3. Yet he somehow manages to still find mischief to get into. Today, I was upstairs watching hubby sit down to do homework with #2. #3 was watching TV in the basement with #1. All was quiet on the set. Until #3 came up and told me he cooked his car. I went running downstairs to see his toy plastic car in the microwave. Not melted B"H. Just warm and stinky. #3 had a time out in his room, and we explained to him the microwave can be dangerous, is NOT a toy and he is NEVER allowed to touch it, EVER. (his brother is old enough to use it, he is 7 and makes himself veggie burger sandwiches in it. I think #3 thought he was being like his brother.) I think from now on if I am going upstairs I will have to keep #3 with me, no TV watching if I am not within ear shot, so I can keep tabs on him at all times. The microwave is okay B"H. It's not just me he does shtick for. His afternoon teacher had to put him in nursery during the Fireman visit (he is in J.K) (they are learning the letter F this week). He kept running away from the teacher when they were going outside to the fire truck. For safety reasons she had to put him in nursery as they were going to be in a parking lot. #3 is more mischievous than #1. #1 never did this shtick. #3 keeps me on my toes at all times.

In other news, #5 threw up this afternoon as we were about to leave to pick up #2 and #3 from school. All over her down coat, hat, stroller, and clothes. The pediatrician was out sick this afternoon, the other doc who makes housecalls was off for the afternoon, and medvisit (those quacks I use as a last resort) were fully booked. So bubbe came over to watch #1-#4 and I took #5 in the new Zooper stroller to a walk in clinic. She caught #3's strep. She's on amoxicillin. So that's 2 down, 3 yet to catch it. #3's classmate had Scarlet Fever and that's how #3 caught the strep. I hope this does not turn into a repeat of last winter when we all got strep over and over again. It took 3 cycles of amoxicillin to get rid of it. I am already on amoxicillin so I know I can't catch it right now B"H. But next week, if the other kids get strep, I may fall victim to relapse again :( last winter I relapsed 2 times. Time to put on my nursing cap and give #5 one more dose of antibiotics before bed time.


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