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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Zooper buggy board????

Do they make a buggy board for the Zooper Buddy? I phoned DearBorn and they had no idea what Zooper even was. I guess my stroller is not elite enough for them to carry LOL. (I only get my stroller serviced at Dearborn as its the closet within walking distance as I don't have a car and my triple stroller does not fold well. The salesladies at the store are mostly extremely snobbish and rude, several of my friends also have had negative experiences there.). Anyway, I am looking for a buggy board that can attach to the stroller, that a toddler can stand on while the baby rides in the stroller. I see them on many other jogging strollers like Bugaboo (my dream stroller) and one called E3. So, if anyone ones a Zooper buddy out there, let me know if they make a buggy board that works on it. Thanks :)


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