A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Night in Jersey Land....

I hope, IY"H to be back in August. My vacation went so fast, even though part of it sucked. Mostly it was fun. :) One day I will look back and laugh that #2 screamed for 30 miles that she had to go to the washroom when there was no rest stop around. :) Or how we got lost in the middle of rural Pennsylvania and ended up getting our car stuck on a non road behind some mobile homes, LOL.

It was good to see my friends and family again. I will miss them a lot and I know it will be hard to say goodbye to them tomorrow. I am not sure if I will miss Tigger though LOL. He threw up on my sister's bedroom floor and it still stinks. My sister says its from the cleaner she used. Sure it is sis, sure it is :P. Have fun with Tiggs. I think he ate a ribbon or something. That's what it looked like when it came out of him. He just had a parasite panel done and it came back negative. besides, he is an indoor cat only.

I can't get over the differences in selection of products between the USA and Canada. I loaded up on lots of treats that we can't get in Canada. I am thinking, even if we cant' go to NJ next August, maybe we can still do a cross-border shopping trip and have a good time that way. But I really hope to be back here IY"H August.

My sister and I bought some Ben and Jerry's to ring in the new secular year :) And then I will start my diet, AGAIN :)

Ok, time to get the kinderlach ready for bed now.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ice Cream Party :)

This is the first secular new years I have spent in NJ in 5 years, so I've decided I am making an ice cream party (or, for me, frozen yogurt) tomorrow night after the kids are sleeping, for my sister, me and hubby. If my dad is home, he is also invited. The step-momster will probably stay in her cave :) Yum. I think I've gained back some weight I've lost on this vacation. DAMN you, yodels, for tasting so good :)

My father in law called tonight, and wanted me and hubby and company to go home tomorrow because he felt due to winds or whatever, that there will be a white-out, even though there is no indication from the weather people, and he is a pharmacist, not a meteorologist. So we politely told him we are staying till Tuesday, as planned, and if it is hard driving, we will pull over somewhere until it clears up.

My mother in law told me its supposed to snow all week in Toronto, which means it will totally be awful to take my kids to school in on Wednesday. Welcome back to Toronto. Sigh. If its that bad out on Wednesday, I may just stay home with the kids that day. They are just in kindergarten and one more day won't make much of a difference. For sure I will take them Thursday IY"H.

Anyway, I am going to go relax now and try to get the remote away from #1 to finally watch a non-cartoon channel for a change :)

Why You Should NEVER Use Foil as Oven Mitts

What the heck? you may be thinking...well...yes, I was dumb enough to use foil as oven mitts and gave myself a nice second degree burn on my right thumb. See, we are at my dad' house, and I didn't have oven mitts to use to take out my double wrapped dinner I was serving, so my hubby suggested foil. So I took him seriously and did that. and let me say, it FREAKING hurt :) ALOT. SO never use tin foil as oven mitts if you don't have any handy, EVER! :)

I also was brilliant enough to drink 20 oz of coffee at 11 pm at night at the kosher dunkin donuts :) So I am wired and not tired. but I am bloated because I have been noshing on junk that I am unable to purchase in Canada :) I did manage to get my night out with hubby. We at first were going to go to this new kosher grill place, but when we got there, a. there were not really any available seats. b. the line up made no sense and people were just in a big crowd waiting to order. So we left and went to the kosher pizza nearby, which was crowded, but at least the line up was normal and there were still some available tables. Then we went to dunkin donuts/baskin robbins (they are in the same place.) hubby got a small ice cream, but I can't eat regular ice cream unless I am prepared for excruciating stomache cramps and spending a long time doubled over, cursing why I bothered eating ice cream.) so I got a large coffee and a chocolate chip muffin, which I am saving for tomorrow's breakfast.

Now, heading backwards to my shabbos, it was wonderful. It was so good to see my rabbi and rebbetzin and family again. And, unlike my step-monster, (I mean step mother, sorry :) they did not care less if my kids were making noise, or taking out a lot of toys to play with. At first, I was nervous, and kept apologizing, but my rabbi told me he has known me for 10 years, and he does not want me to be self consciosu at all, and that we should feel at home, and also he also has gone places with kids and knows how it is (he is a father to 12, KA"H). After that, I felt more relaxed, and later on, I explained about my step mother freaking out over every little thing during our stay at my dad's house. It felt good to be able to get some advice and get that off my chest, and be reassured my kids are being kids, and not wild, like the step monster says. I also had explained to my rabbi and rebbetzin about #1's aspergers, so they would understand some of his quirky behaviour. My rebbetzin has been a teacher for over 20 years, and is knowledgeable about aspergers, so she totally understood. It was good to feel so comfortable there and not have to worry about anything, unlike staying with step monster :) My dad told me tonight she is going to be leaving eventually and going back to where she came from (no, not hell :) I am sorry my dad has to go through another divorce, G-d knows he has suffered enough, but it really is for the best. she is evil..anyone that want sto cut off a father from his children and past friends, etc. she even got rid of his dog one day he came home from work to find his dog snickers gone. apparently, she sold him to her co-worker. How sweet of her.

Anyway, I am hyper from too much coffee, and my sister is getting annoyed at me still being in her room after midnight, so I am going to go bother Tigger now and then go to bed :) Payback for sleeping on my head when I was 20, hehehe :) Kidding.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

My cat is a chair hog

Tigger will not get his furry behind off the computer chair. So I am currently typing with my tuchus half off the chair, and Tigger napping comfortably on the main part of it. (the chair, not my butt. my butt isn't THAT big LOL) I don't have the heart to move him off. He looks so warm and fuzzy there :)

Today I went to the kosher dunkin donuts with the kids and hubby and met my friends from university there, one of which I had not seen since I was a freshman at good ol Wiliam Paterson University, 11 years ago. :) It was great meeting up again with them both. My kids had a great time with the donuts. Then after, hubby and I and the kids went to a Judaica store, where I bought a new art scroll siddur, since the last one I had, when I first became frum 10 years ago got messed up by #3 :(. I also bought #1 and #3 new kippas, and a new challah board with knife.

Then we went to a local grocery store/butcher where I bought 2 whole chickens with 2 side dishes for 16.99. My kids are getting sick of chicken, I think :)

My 8 year anniversary is tomorrow!! Hubby and I would like to go out motzei shabbos by ourselves. My dad told me he would watch them for us if we waited till they fell asleep. :) So hopefuly something will still be open by that time. My kids usually fall asleep soon after going to bed, so hopefully hubby and I could be somewhere by 9 pm. We are going to my rabbi's house for shabbos tomorrow night. He does not know about #1 having aspergers's and ADHD. I think I will try to mention it to the rebbetzin, so in case #1 does something a bit goofy, they will understand why.

Anyway, I am tired, and my tiggy has just curled up at my feet. I need some good quality cat time with Tigger as its been a long time since I have seen him :)
Also my hubby told me that UHF was on before, and I am a big fan of Weird Al, and I want to see if its still on :)

So, will try to post more after shabbos. BTW my sister just informed me that shoprite has buy 3 funny bones/yodels for 5 bucks starting sunday. My favourite :) I will need to stop eating this crap when I go back to Toronto LOL.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kosher Experience

I love that place in shoprite. I went there again with my sister this morning while hubby looked after the kinderlach. The manager of the kosher experience there told me to call on Monday and he would make up sandwiches for us fresh for our return trip home on Tuesday. I am actually looking forward to going home, believe it or not.

This is the vacation from hell. At least my kids are having a good time though. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to be home visiting, however my dad's second wife who is not the nicest person in the world is making it very uncomfortable. She is not that crazy bout kids, in all the years my dad visited me in Toronto, she never saw my kids once. She feels that once your kid is 18, you should be cut free, she has a son in Canada who she rarely sees, and speaks to only once a week or so, so she is not happy hubby and me and the kinderlach are staying here during our visit. She is mad that my sister moved back home while looking for a new job. Every noise the kids make, every crumb on the floor, despite me and hubby's constant cleaning up after the kids, she is complaining to my dad about it. My dad told me she is pounding him about everything and driving him crazy. In fact, she just called him now on his cell and kvetched that the kids are playing too loudly. SIGH. they are just being kids!!! they are not even being wild. My dad tells me he and the witch are probably going to split up as she hates animals, kids etc and he is not willing to cut me and my sis out of his life like she wants him to. We're reminders that my dad had a wife before her, and she is jealous. She is cold, rude and nasty to my sister, and completely ignores me and hubby. My sis and I are having some fun though, every time the step mom's name comes up in our converation one of us starts singing the little song from the wizard of oz when the wicked witch is riding her bicycle during the start of the movie. :) None of my friends like her, which is one of the reasons I am meeting my friends at dunkin donuts tomorrow and not having them over. I feel like I can't breathe here. This has been a bad vacation honestly. and I told my dad if SHE is still there in August we won't be staying by him if we visit in August, and he should not take it personally. Maybe I should pour some water on her and see if she starts to melt :) (like the wicked witch in the wizard of oz.)

Anyway, I am going to go and try to relax, if that's possible with the witch stomping around complaining about every damn thing the kids are doing.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Wow. I can't get over all the stuff that is kosher here that I can't find in Toronto. I keep buying crap I shouldn't be eating as its junk that Toronto doesn't have. :) I am going to buy funny bones and devil dogs to take back with me :)

I am still quite tired. #1 is not behaving well, the change in environment, the long car ride. He is bouncing off the walls and is driving my dad crazy. We're seeing my aunt and uncle tonight for a bit. Tomorrow I plan on going back to the kosher experience again and buying a few more things I will need before going home next Tuesday.

My 8 year wedding anniversary is Friday. :) But since I don't have a baby sitter, I don't think we will be able to go out alone. 5 kids is too much for my sister to watch.

Thursday I am going to meet my university friends at the kosher dunkin donuts. Yay! :) But I am sort of worried how all 5 of my kids will behave there all together. Today when my friend and her husband came by, #1 and #3 kept messing with the air mattresses and I am embarrassed at how they behaved in front of her. even #2 started getting wild.

To be honest, I don't feel like I am on vacation. I feel like I am doing what I did in Toronto, here. working my butt off. No vacation for me :) for the kids yes. but I am still busy busy busy with laundry, etc. I don't feel up to going to NY tomorrow. Too tired. Unless we can do some shopping. We'll see...

Monday, December 24, 2007

An eventful trip to NJ

Right now, as I type, my ol pet cat Tigger is curled up at my feet :) How I missed my itty bitty kitty. (though now at 10, he is not so much a kitty anymore.) Anyway, I am beyond exhausted. We left Toronto yesterday around 10:30 a.m. We planned on stopping to see my best friend in Fredricksburg, PA first before going to NJ. After two wrong turns in PA, and ending up on a non road with some grass, and almost ending up in a nearby cemetary, we managed to get unstuck and to what we thought was a main road. I had to call my friend from my cell phone, which is probably going to cost me BIG time when I get my bill. She gave me directions to get to her house. By the time we got there, it was 9:30 pm., and we still had yet to even start our visit, and a 3 1/2 hour drive to my dad's. My friend invited all 7 of us to sleep over (she's been my best friend since age 8. The last time we had a sleep over was my senior year in high school, New Years Eve, when I worked for Wendy's :) My dad didn't want us to drive back so late, all of us were exhausted, so we slept over. :) It was nice, very rural, and relaxing, quiet. :) I woke up 3 hours later though unable to fall asleep again. I was tempted to wake my friend to chat, but didn't. But in the morning, she told me I should have. Darn!! I think I left my son's socks there somewhere. I have one of the cubes from the don't break the ice game that somehow found it's way into my kids luggage. Sigh.

Anyway, we left for NJ around 8:30 am and got there almost at 11 a.m. Hubby had to daven shacharis at my dad's house, I unloaded the luggage, but then all my kids started a chorus of "hungry" (thanks a lot max and ruby! LOL). anyway, my sis drove me to the kosher experience at shoprite in east windsor. yay :) it was great. I bought a lot of sandwiches, and kosher tv dinners, and 2 kosher rotissiere chickens. Then I had to do laundry (yes, even though technically, I AM supposed to be on a vacation!) then I had to bathe the kids. Hubby blew up air mattresses, and now we are all relaxing. Anyway, that's the update for today. I am going to go cuddle with my tiggy now. Maybe when we get back to Toronto, I should start up my get a cat for the kids campaign with hubby again :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Almost Time!!

Tomorrow we leave for our 1 week trip to NJ IY"H. Still packing and cleaning up from Shabbos. It's calling for rain tomorrow, heavy at times in Toronto. Good thing its not snow! Ok, I will try to post from NJ if I have a few spare moments. Being I am going to check my email from there, I will probably post something! :)

See you on the other side!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reverse Dr.housecall

Yup. At 6:30 p.m. tonight, in the middle of packing up for our Sunday trip, #1 informs me his ear hurts. Medvisit is full, pediatrician is not on call, the doc I know who makes housecalls is off for the night. We're leaving SUNDAY!!!!!! IY"H. Yikes!!! My in laws doc, who used to be their neighbor, happened to phone tonight to tell test results and told my mother in law I can bring #1 over his house tonight after maariv. So at 10 pm tonight I am making a house call to the doctor LOL. I am now worried about how I am supposed to keep amoxicillin cool on a ten hour drive. :( maybe I can see if chewables would be just as effective as the liquid.

We're all worried about our minivan reservation. Very worried. we can't get ahold of a live person to confirm, MIL called airmiles, and they confirmed it, but the car rental place, we can't do it on line and no one answers the phone. THEY BETTER HAVE OUR CAR sunday morning!!!!! Until hubby comes home with the minivan I am probably going to worry about the car not being there.

Ok, hubby is booting me off the computer now. Good night :)

Elmo and Andrea Bocelli

I just found this on Youtube. Its so cute!! and one of my favourite songs. :) (the real version of course, not the elmo version)

Puttin on my boots...

Almost NJ time!!! Sunday IY"H. I have had a very busy past few days. Yesterday I took the kids to school, went to sobeys, went to the dry cleaners (where a pushy lady barged in and interrupted my transaction with the clerk), went to the library, went to the mall to buy bus tickets, picked up #3 to go to his 4 yr. check up, walked him back to school after, and then go home. Whew. Good thing I am a type A personality :)

Today I had an appointment with my doc as my bladder is still hurting, and I want to make sure my bladder infection from hell (tm) is cleared up before my vacation. Alas, I could only go halfway there before hitting a plowed in sidewalk that I could not get past with the borrowed stroller that is not made for this. So I had to cancel. :( I will drink a lot of water so I don't get an another bladder infection. I made an appointment for when I come back to get another urine culture done.

I am still on the look out for a gently used double jogger. I posted an ad in craigslist for NJ but so far, no luck their either. I can't afford more than 60 dollars, and that is too low a price for people to sell their stroller for.

Anyway, I am off to go drink some more water.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Yup. That's me, attempting to shovel the tons of snow we got yesterday. Good exercise for me. :) I am not feeling so hot right now. I had the chills before and now I just feel yucky. I am not sure if its my bladder or not. I am on my second round of antibiotics for the bladder infection from hell (tm) I have an appointment Thursday with my doc as a follow up to my bladder infection.

So, I started packing sort of for our trip to NJ (IY"H). I bought a nice bottle of Asti for our rabbi in NJ who is hosting us for shabbos.

I am still in search of a double jogging stroller that I can afford. No luck so far. Maybe I can talk hubby into getting one in NJ.

Anyway, baby is crying and I feel yucky, so I will try to post some more tomorrow.

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Book Saga

Yikes!! I currently have out 31 books from the library. All my holds came in at once, and I still have 27 more books waiting to be filled. Hubby says its ridiculous. I never had this happen where they all came in at once.

12-18-2007 23:59 Holding my breath : a novel / Sidura Ludwig. Select for Renewal

12-19-2007 23:59 The art thief : a novel / Noah Charney. Select for Renewal

12-20-2007 23:59 Asperger's syndrome : a guide for parents and professionals / Tony Attwood. Select for Renewal

12-20-2007 23:59 Citizen Girl : a novel / Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. Non-renewable Item
12-20-2007 23:59 Thinking in pictures : and other reports from my life with autism / Temple Grandin ; with a foreword by Oliver Sacks. Select for Renewal

12-20-2007 23:59 Running with scissors : a memoir / Augusten Burroughs. Non-renewable Item
12-20-2007 23:59 Interred with their bones / Jennifer Lee Carrell. Non-renewable Item
12-20-2007 23:59 Kennedy's brain / Henning Mankell ; translated from the Swedish by Laurie Thompson. Select for Renewal

12-23-2007 23:59 Waiting to surface : a novel / Emily Listfield. Select for Renewal

12-27-2007 23:59 Him, her, him again, the end of him : a novel / Patricia Marx. Select for Renewal

1-2-2008 23:59 Larry's party / Carol Shields. Select for Renewal

1-3-2008 23:59 Lucky / Alice Sebold. Select for Renewal

1-3-2008 23:59 The secret history / Donna Tartt. Select for Renewal

1-3-2008 12-16-2007 23:59 7-27-2007 14:00 Children of men [videorecording (DVD)] = Les Fils de l'homme / Strike Entertainment ; Hit and Run Productions ; directed by Alfonso Cuarn.
33288081835979 12-16-2007 23:59 10-15-2007 10:29 Zodiac [videorecording (DVD)] / Paramount Pictures ; Warner Bros. Pictures ; Phoenix Pictures ; directed by David Fincher.
33288082065071 12-18-2007 23:59 10-10-2007 17:34 Sugar daddy / Lisa Kleypas.
33288082434517 12-18-2007 23:59 10-6-2007 13:08 The almost moon : a novel / Alice Sebold.
33288081867865 12-20-2007 23:59 11-29-2007 16:12 Spider-Man 3 [videorecording (DVD)] / Columbia Pictures ; Marvel Studios ; directed by Sam Raimi.
33288082368384 12-21-2007 23:59 10-28-2007 13:19 Bridge of sighs / Richard Russo.
33288081919104 12-23-2007 23:59 9-12-2007 00:19 Bones to ashes / Kathy Reichs.
33288082364946 12-23-2007 23:59 10-23-2007 13:54 The bone garden : a novel / Tess Gerritsen.
33288082542632 12-27-2007 23:59 12-4-2007 19:56 Love falls : a novel / Esther Freud.
33288082469752 12-27-2007 23:59 10-28-2007 18:35 Run / Ann Patchett.
33288082442064 12-27-2007 23:59 10-12-2007 21:03 Away : a novel / Amy Bloom.
33288079826196 12-30-2007 23:59 12-5-2007 16:10 Behind the scenes at the museum / Kate Atkinson.
33288081672109 12-30-2007 23:59 11-10-2007 08:37 You, on a diet : the owner's manual to waist management / Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz ; with Ted Spiker, Lisa Oz, and Craig Wynett ; illustrations by Gary Hallgren.
33288082092307 12-30-2007 23:59 11-23-2007 14:07 Heartstopper : a novel / Joy Fielding.
33288082153562 1-3-2008 23:59 12-13-2007 18:38 Blaze : a novel / Richard Bachman ; foreword by Stephen King.
33288082464787 1-3-2008 23:59 12-10-2007 16:48 Songs without words / Ann Packer.23:59 What happened later / Ray Robertson. Select for Renewal

1-3-2008 23:59 Diary of a bad year / J.M. Coetzee.


My little monkey...

#3 is a monkey LOL. At the hospital on Wednesday, he was pretty good. But when it came time for him to lie on the operating table and breathe through the mask, the ENT told me #3 was trying to run out of the room. He said he and the nurse had to sort of wrestle with him a bit to get him to lie down and breathe through the mask. LOL. Then, when he woke up in the PACU, he was screaming bloody murder and trying to jump off the bed, so the nurse had me go to him, even though it wasn't time yet for me to go in. It took me a while, but I got him to calm down. He wanted animal crackers, but wasn't allowed yet. He got a juice, and then when we went back to the ped. ward he got a kosher banana flavoured ice pop. Then, after they checked his vitals and gave me a prescription for Ciprodex for #3's ears we got to go home. #3 was back to normal an hour later, getting into mischief again LOL. The ENT said his right ear was full of fluid, and the left ear, just a little. He drained it and then put in new tubes.

That night, we had parent teacher conferences for #3 and #2. #2 was doing well, but got nervous when it came to reading both Hebrew and English. They gave us some dittos to practice with her at home. At #3's conference, we discussed whether he is ready for Senior Kindergarten, and we all agreed he is not ready yet maturity wise. he likes to play more than learn, he is one of the youngest in the class. The director had him observed by an early interventionist (nice of the school to let me know after the fact, or even give me a consent form!. In public school, you get a consent form FIRST!). They weren't sure whether to leave him in or move him to nursery class. I told the director, it's January almost. Just let him finish out the year and then he can repeat it again next year. She said there is 8 months till Sept, and maybe he will even be ready for S.K. but I don't feel comfortable with him in S.K. at this point.

Then yesterday was the dreaded speech therapy with the witch. I really do not like her at all. #1's aide told me the speech therapist confronted her and came down hard on her for telling me to switch. I saw the speech therapist is somewhat impatient with #1 and she is DEFINITELY not warm and fuzzy, and seems to make mountains out of molehills. I told the aide I won't be able to come to EVEry speech therapy appointment and she told me she will let me know how it goes next time when I am not present. Both the aide and I don't know why I was made to come, since the aide is there for #1. I just feel this speech therapist makes big things out of nothing and I don't know why someone with her personality would work with special needs children. But the case manager thinks this woman is perfect. whatever.

Anyway, there is a cholent pot with my name on it, waiting to be filled up with cholent.

A week from Sunday, we''re off to NJ land IY"H.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ear Tube Time

#3's surgery is Wednesday morning. We have to be at the hospital by 7:45 a.m. and I have to watch him like a hawk to make sure he does not sneak any food or drink.

Anyway, a stroller fairy in the form of one of #2's classmates mom loaned me a double cosco stroller until I can find a double jogging stroller. She just uses it for her daycare summer camp she runs during the summer (well obviously LOL). I was worried about it breaking as its not a jogging stroller and I do a lot of walking, but she told me if it breaks, it breaks, not to worry. Someone offered me a double jogger from craigslist for 400!! Yikes. way above my price range. I might as well get a brand new one for that price, which I can't. Pooh. My neighbor has the chariot, (the one that was offered to me for 400 on craigslist). She had some problems with ti and was not happy with it, and also it does not fit well through some doorways. If i were going to spend that kind of money I would just get my dream stroller, a valco double. The wheels on that baby..wooh. LOL.

Anyway, I am thirsty and need to go to sleep as I have to wake up very early.

will post more tomorrow IY"H.

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's All for the Good...

I keep telling myself that, while banging my head on the wall.. (KIDDING!!) But boy..I am having a very difficult past two weeks. I joked with one of my friends, maybe I should change my name to Job, and she said, Job had it easier than you. LOL. Last week was a week of arguing, with the speech therapist and the lady who assigner her to work with #1, with the dental receptionist who made one rude remark too many and I told her to cancel all my appointments and we were finding a new dentist. (she always argued with me over making my appointment times, and then she double billed my insurance for a 500 dollar dental bill. then argued with me about paying her, when she did not give me a bill for months and then gave me one hefty one.).

This week, at least so far, is not good. Today was a day from hell. My triple stroller broke. My only means for shlepping around with my kids. Waah :(. My double stroller has been broken for years, the wheel falls off. I tried to use it but had to turn around and go home and switch. I had to use the single jogging stroller as my triple jogger does not fit through any doorways. (we got it second hand, it looks ugly but it does the trick.). So I had to have #4 walk with me and #5 ride in the stroller.

My next door neighbor saw me having my very own stroller melt down when the wheel fell off one time too many and told me, it's all for the good. AAAAAH :P

It took me an hour to get to my doctor appointment, where, I discovered I am peeing out pus after giving a urine sample to see if my bladder infection had cleared. I had just finished up cipro last week. CRAP. another freaking bladder infection. That would explain my terrible back ache. Then we walk to walmart and home. #4 wanted to walk but it was icy. Her glasses fell off of her and I didn't realize it till I got home but her right lense had fallen out. Now I had to have it reordered. She lost the screw from the frame. Hubby saw the screw was loose yesterday but didn't tighten it. Sigh. It took me over an hour to walk home when it normally takes me a half hour.

I really really really need a double jogging stroller. and I really really can't afford one. A good one costs 300 dollars. Blah :( I need to win the lottery. I have been asking around my daughter's school but none of the other moms have one they want to sell or get rid of. I really can't afford to buy one :( This sucks. I guess until I am able to get a new stroller I will have to use the triple jogger and just come straight home after taking the kids to school as I can't get into any store with the stroller. When taking the kids to school I unload the kids from the stroller, go in, then after reload them and buckle them back in. Today #5 destroyed part of the bulletin board by ripped off the paper while I was getting #3 into his snow pants. She is enjoying her newfound freedom out of the stroller.

Where is the stroller fairy when you need one? :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thingz n' Stuff

Whew. What a busy past few days. Wednesday I had the pre-op clinic for #3's ear tube surgery. The nurse leading the paper work fill in and q and a part looked a lot like O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy. An older, chubbier version, but very much alike. LOL. #3 was funny. When he saw me after his part of the pre-op clinic was over (a child life specialist discussed the procedure with the kids while we filled out the paper work) he said, I get to smell strawberry air. When we went on a tour of the hospital #3 tried to go on his own tour. That's when the tour leader told #3 he can be her assistant and hold her hand. (I had #4 and #5 and Bubbe with me). Then we got to the part where it would lead into the operating room and #3 announced he won't lie down on the bed when its time. Hopefully he will change his mind next Wednesday. that's when his ear tube thingy is.

Then, later on Wednesday I get into a big argument with the moronic lady in charge of assigning speech and OT therapists to my son for extra help in school. Both of #1's aides told me they think I should switch speech therapists as she didn't seem to click with my son, and was very impatient. This, after I had just finished complaining to that lady about the initial problem with the OT's poor communication. So the assignment lady yells at me and says she thinks I just don't want my son to have any therapy!! WHich is SO NOT TRUE!!! I would do anythigng to help #1, and if he needs speech and OT I would gladly want him to receive it, from someone who is NICE and PATIENT with him. It's important he like who is working closely with him or he will tune them out and not work with them. I was so mad at that lady. I told her that is NOT the case. then she says why am I changing just because the aides don't like the therapist. then she blames me for not preparing #1 for speech therapy that day. I DID! I told him several times about his speech therapy, and I wrote 2 or 3 notes in his communication journal. His regular aide got switched that day to someone else. It was not my fault she was not informed. The other aide should have told her, or even the teacher. So the lady told me that's not good enough, I should have called the school. So I told her, should I pin a note to his shirt next? I can't believe I said that LOL. Basically we went in circles in our conversation. Next time, if there is a prob with speech or OT I will tell the school to just call and complain themselves or fax a note themselves. I am through dealing with that lady. Let the school deal with her. Maybe she will listen better to them, if #1 still has a problem with that speech therapist. On the other hand, I spoke to the OT lady again and she does seem very nice this time, not rushed at all, so I am not worried about her not clicking with #1. but the speech therapist, I do not have high hopes for. (I mentioned what happened with her in a previous posting).

And in other news, Chanukah! Yay. My kids love their dreidels, and chocolate gelt :) I love the donuts LOL (a little too much! they are too yummy!) the bakery has chocolate filled, and caramel filled, and even cream filled just for Chanukah. I need to stay away from there. I'm trying to lose weight, not gain some more.

Also we found a place for shabbos :) My NJ rabbi invited me and my family for our shabbos in NJ. I really hope #1 and #3 behave themselves there. I will have to have a talk with #1 about exploring, as he has a tendency to want to do that when we go into someone's house he's never been in before.

Anyway, I am exhausted. and am starting to babble, which is actually amusing me. Ok..Good night!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Right now I am sitting at home when I should have been at #2 and #3's Chanukah play...it is #3's first time on stage and #2's last time for this play as next year she will be in grade 1 and this is a pre-school thing. It's all thanks to Stock Transportation and their wonderful communication skills with each other.

This morning, #1's bus was late, very late. A bus with a different bus # pulled up and said he was helping out #1's usual bus driver since he was so far behind. After #1 left, 2 minutes later, his usual bus driver pulled up. I told him, wait, I thought some guy was covering for you. He had no idea, so I started to FREAK. WHere IS MY SON!!! I called the bus company and they called the bus # of the one that already picked up #1. He didn't even KNOW what school to take my son to until dispatch told them! what would have happened if I had not called???????? WHY didn't they inform #1's regular driver that they were sending support to help him out since he was an hour behind???? I called #1's school to let them know what happened, and the secretary said she would call me when #1 gets in. I waited 10 minutes and then phoned, but he was not there yet. She called back 2 minutes later, he was there. Then I phoned stock and told them I was EXTREMELY upset with the poor communication. My son has Aspergers! You don't do this to a parent of a special needs child! I was totally freaked out. She told me, Well, if we didn't send the driver, your son would have been later. I just hung up. I didn't bother telling her the real bus driver was 1 minute behind the bus they sent! Morons. I was about to cancel his bus service all togther and go back to taking him myself and pay the after school babysitting fee for #2 and #3 but everyone tells me not to do that, its easier to have him driven even if he's late, etc etc. Sigh.

By this point its 9:35, the play starts in 10 minutes and I still had to fight the snowy mess with my crappy triple stroller that is breaking, unload them, take off snow gear, shlep up 2 flights of steps with them and fight the masses for a seat for 3 which at this point would be unlikely . #4 was having a tantrum. I gave up and realized I would not be able to make it there. My mother in law went though so hopefully my kids wont be too upset but I still feel heartbroken that I missed their play. :~(

Monday, December 03, 2007

Slip Sliding Away...

Down the driveway that is. Today while salting my driveway I managed to slip twice and land on my tailbone. My back is killing me now. I took some ibuprofen which seems to be helping somewhat.

I had a crazy busy morning. #1's school bus was cancelled today due to the roads being very icy and I had an appointment for #3 for his pre-op with the pediatrician. So I had to go down to the dr. and then shlep up to #3's school and #1's school after. The sidewalk was terrible with icy chunks everywhere. I was totally wiped out from having to shlep the stroller over it. While I was at #1's school I was chatting with his aide about the speech therapist that he was assigned from the district. She had a very nasty attitude when she called me after her first session with #1 and I found out from his aide she was not good with my son and the aide suggested I call to switch. Then when I went to pick up #1 in the afternoon, his other aide suggested the same thing. So I called the lady in charge of assigning the O.T and speech therapist for #1 and told her I want a new speech therapist and that I no longer give permission for the one that was previously assigned to work with him anymore. I hear she was very impatient with my son. When I was speaking with her, we had a very heated discussion about ritalin. She bluntly said to me,in a snarky tone of voice, And he is not on medication because????? I told her off. First of all, we briefly tried ritalin 2 years ago at half the dosage, 10 mg. and my son reacted horribly to it. he bit his lips bloody and had a scary meltdown in the middle of sears, after which my pediatrician quickly took him off. then we discovered he has bicuspid aortic valve (he is missing a valve on his aorta, its a heart murmur that needs to be watched. we go to the pediatric cardiologist every so often for a thorough check up) and ritalin and the like is bad for him. my pediatrician and I decided to forgo the meds and we worked with the autism team and his teachers to find other ways to help him and work with him, which has been working VERY well ever since. Last time I checked, speech therapists are NOT doctors or pharmacists, which btw my father in law is a pharmacist. She was very uppity and did not seem to like my son and now that I hear from his aides that she was not really a good fit for him and she wasn't nice, I absolutely do not want her with my son at all.

Anyway, I am exhausted. Tomorrow is #2 and #3's Chanukah play. Tomorrow night is the first night of Chanukah :)

On an off note, I am having trouble finding a place for shabbos during our trip to NJ. There are 7 of us, so its a lot for someone to host. Well, I have a friend in northern NJ who might know of someone who could host us. If I don't hear back from my NJ rabbi I will have to email my friend to see if she might have some ideas. Even though we are not Lubavitch, there is always the Chabad of Monroe Township. My dad knows the rabbi, so maybe if we can't find a place and my friend doesn't know anyone, my dad can ask the Chabad rabbi for us. We'll see..

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

and don't get a heart attack shovelling it, which is what I almost gave myself this morning LOL. I am a very type A personality, always have to be doing something, I can't sit still just to relax. This morning, I saw it snowed quite a lot outside, about half a foot in my opinion. I shovelled it myself. About 3/4 of the way through, my pulse was about 150 and I felt really sick, like I was going to throw up. I still pushed myself through it, and then took #1 and #5 to the pediatrician because #5 has an ear infection and I was going to attempt to take #1 to karate. I discovered they had not yet plowed sidewalks and pushed my jogging stroller through the terrible mess. A very kind stranger helped me by lifting the other end of the stroller while I pushed and #1 trampled the snow ahead of us to make it flatter. B"H my pediatrician is very close to home so it didn't take too long. By the time I got in, I was ready to collapse., Even now, I am in pain. I think I pulled every chest muscle I had and my right arm is sore because that i the arm I was using to throw the snow into the pile. I am still planning on going out again, I am going to go to the library and maybe to sobeys. I didn't make to karate though and the sensei understood because we are a good distance away and I am sure TTC is going to be a mess, not to mention how I would get my stroller though the mess any further than I already got. Luckily the sidewalk was plowed on my way back.

I can't just relax. Even when I had my laparoscopies I couldn't just relax after the surgery. I was on the phone, etc. :) Type A I am most definitely.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Drowning in a Sea of Books

I am an avid reader. I always put holds on books I am interested in for pick up at the local library. Currently I have holds on about 35 books. Well, this never happened before, but most of them came in at the same time!! Currently I have out 25 books. and I can't finish them before its due so I have to return them and then put another hold on them. My husband was just commenting on my stacks of books. He said the only way I could finish them all is to read non stop without even eating or going anywhere. I love to read but I can't keep up with the books coming in LOL.

Currently I am reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. So far, love it :) I love all the books he has written though. :)

Anyway, just came back from "Latke Night" at my shul, which was a total disaster, and my ears feel like they are bleeding. I brought #1 and #2. There was supposed to be pizza, but the new guy who is youth director, and is really way to young in my opinion to be in charge of programs for kids to an extremely large shul, he screwed up big time and there was not enough pizza for everyone. My kids got very very upset about the no pizza thing when they saw some tables who helped themselves to boxes and boxes. A good friend of mine who was with her son was also very upset. We both left after a while. I went and bought my kids pizza myself. The program was extremely disorganized this year, full of screaming, obnoxious teenagers, one who decided to shriek into the microphone. It was like people have not yet seen food before and were starving. Anyway, I want to watch my movie I took out of the library, one of my favourites....Peggy Sue Got Married :)

Good night :)