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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Drowning in a Sea of Books

I am an avid reader. I always put holds on books I am interested in for pick up at the local library. Currently I have holds on about 35 books. Well, this never happened before, but most of them came in at the same time!! Currently I have out 25 books. and I can't finish them before its due so I have to return them and then put another hold on them. My husband was just commenting on my stacks of books. He said the only way I could finish them all is to read non stop without even eating or going anywhere. I love to read but I can't keep up with the books coming in LOL.

Currently I am reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. So far, love it :) I love all the books he has written though. :)

Anyway, just came back from "Latke Night" at my shul, which was a total disaster, and my ears feel like they are bleeding. I brought #1 and #2. There was supposed to be pizza, but the new guy who is youth director, and is really way to young in my opinion to be in charge of programs for kids to an extremely large shul, he screwed up big time and there was not enough pizza for everyone. My kids got very very upset about the no pizza thing when they saw some tables who helped themselves to boxes and boxes. A good friend of mine who was with her son was also very upset. We both left after a while. I went and bought my kids pizza myself. The program was extremely disorganized this year, full of screaming, obnoxious teenagers, one who decided to shriek into the microphone. It was like people have not yet seen food before and were starving. Anyway, I want to watch my movie I took out of the library, one of my favourites....Peggy Sue Got Married :)

Good night :)


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