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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Right now I am sitting at home when I should have been at #2 and #3's Chanukah play...it is #3's first time on stage and #2's last time for this play as next year she will be in grade 1 and this is a pre-school thing. It's all thanks to Stock Transportation and their wonderful communication skills with each other.

This morning, #1's bus was late, very late. A bus with a different bus # pulled up and said he was helping out #1's usual bus driver since he was so far behind. After #1 left, 2 minutes later, his usual bus driver pulled up. I told him, wait, I thought some guy was covering for you. He had no idea, so I started to FREAK. WHere IS MY SON!!! I called the bus company and they called the bus # of the one that already picked up #1. He didn't even KNOW what school to take my son to until dispatch told them! what would have happened if I had not called???????? WHY didn't they inform #1's regular driver that they were sending support to help him out since he was an hour behind???? I called #1's school to let them know what happened, and the secretary said she would call me when #1 gets in. I waited 10 minutes and then phoned, but he was not there yet. She called back 2 minutes later, he was there. Then I phoned stock and told them I was EXTREMELY upset with the poor communication. My son has Aspergers! You don't do this to a parent of a special needs child! I was totally freaked out. She told me, Well, if we didn't send the driver, your son would have been later. I just hung up. I didn't bother telling her the real bus driver was 1 minute behind the bus they sent! Morons. I was about to cancel his bus service all togther and go back to taking him myself and pay the after school babysitting fee for #2 and #3 but everyone tells me not to do that, its easier to have him driven even if he's late, etc etc. Sigh.

By this point its 9:35, the play starts in 10 minutes and I still had to fight the snowy mess with my crappy triple stroller that is breaking, unload them, take off snow gear, shlep up 2 flights of steps with them and fight the masses for a seat for 3 which at this point would be unlikely . #4 was having a tantrum. I gave up and realized I would not be able to make it there. My mother in law went though so hopefully my kids wont be too upset but I still feel heartbroken that I missed their play. :~(


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