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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ice Cream Party :)

This is the first secular new years I have spent in NJ in 5 years, so I've decided I am making an ice cream party (or, for me, frozen yogurt) tomorrow night after the kids are sleeping, for my sister, me and hubby. If my dad is home, he is also invited. The step-momster will probably stay in her cave :) Yum. I think I've gained back some weight I've lost on this vacation. DAMN you, yodels, for tasting so good :)

My father in law called tonight, and wanted me and hubby and company to go home tomorrow because he felt due to winds or whatever, that there will be a white-out, even though there is no indication from the weather people, and he is a pharmacist, not a meteorologist. So we politely told him we are staying till Tuesday, as planned, and if it is hard driving, we will pull over somewhere until it clears up.

My mother in law told me its supposed to snow all week in Toronto, which means it will totally be awful to take my kids to school in on Wednesday. Welcome back to Toronto. Sigh. If its that bad out on Wednesday, I may just stay home with the kids that day. They are just in kindergarten and one more day won't make much of a difference. For sure I will take them Thursday IY"H.

Anyway, I am going to go relax now and try to get the remote away from #1 to finally watch a non-cartoon channel for a change :)


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