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Monday, December 10, 2007

It's All for the Good...

I keep telling myself that, while banging my head on the wall.. (KIDDING!!) But boy..I am having a very difficult past two weeks. I joked with one of my friends, maybe I should change my name to Job, and she said, Job had it easier than you. LOL. Last week was a week of arguing, with the speech therapist and the lady who assigner her to work with #1, with the dental receptionist who made one rude remark too many and I told her to cancel all my appointments and we were finding a new dentist. (she always argued with me over making my appointment times, and then she double billed my insurance for a 500 dollar dental bill. then argued with me about paying her, when she did not give me a bill for months and then gave me one hefty one.).

This week, at least so far, is not good. Today was a day from hell. My triple stroller broke. My only means for shlepping around with my kids. Waah :(. My double stroller has been broken for years, the wheel falls off. I tried to use it but had to turn around and go home and switch. I had to use the single jogging stroller as my triple jogger does not fit through any doorways. (we got it second hand, it looks ugly but it does the trick.). So I had to have #4 walk with me and #5 ride in the stroller.

My next door neighbor saw me having my very own stroller melt down when the wheel fell off one time too many and told me, it's all for the good. AAAAAH :P

It took me an hour to get to my doctor appointment, where, I discovered I am peeing out pus after giving a urine sample to see if my bladder infection had cleared. I had just finished up cipro last week. CRAP. another freaking bladder infection. That would explain my terrible back ache. Then we walk to walmart and home. #4 wanted to walk but it was icy. Her glasses fell off of her and I didn't realize it till I got home but her right lense had fallen out. Now I had to have it reordered. She lost the screw from the frame. Hubby saw the screw was loose yesterday but didn't tighten it. Sigh. It took me over an hour to walk home when it normally takes me a half hour.

I really really really need a double jogging stroller. and I really really can't afford one. A good one costs 300 dollars. Blah :( I need to win the lottery. I have been asking around my daughter's school but none of the other moms have one they want to sell or get rid of. I really can't afford to buy one :( This sucks. I guess until I am able to get a new stroller I will have to use the triple jogger and just come straight home after taking the kids to school as I can't get into any store with the stroller. When taking the kids to school I unload the kids from the stroller, go in, then after reload them and buckle them back in. Today #5 destroyed part of the bulletin board by ripped off the paper while I was getting #3 into his snow pants. She is enjoying her newfound freedom out of the stroller.

Where is the stroller fairy when you need one? :)


  • At 1:19 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow you really had a bad couple of weeks. It's like they say when it rains it pours LOL! It always happens at the worst time too. Winter time is so much worse to have this type of issue. At least when the weather is nicer it's not so complicated.

    I'm sure you already have tried but did you try Ebay or www.mykidscloset.com. You can also check http://www.mom2many.com/classifieds/strollers.html which looks like they sell a bunch in Canada. These are all used.

    It would be great for you to find the stroller at a reasonable cost so that you can free yourself of this transporation issue.

    Good luck on your stroller mission!


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