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Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Night in Jersey Land....

I hope, IY"H to be back in August. My vacation went so fast, even though part of it sucked. Mostly it was fun. :) One day I will look back and laugh that #2 screamed for 30 miles that she had to go to the washroom when there was no rest stop around. :) Or how we got lost in the middle of rural Pennsylvania and ended up getting our car stuck on a non road behind some mobile homes, LOL.

It was good to see my friends and family again. I will miss them a lot and I know it will be hard to say goodbye to them tomorrow. I am not sure if I will miss Tigger though LOL. He threw up on my sister's bedroom floor and it still stinks. My sister says its from the cleaner she used. Sure it is sis, sure it is :P. Have fun with Tiggs. I think he ate a ribbon or something. That's what it looked like when it came out of him. He just had a parasite panel done and it came back negative. besides, he is an indoor cat only.

I can't get over the differences in selection of products between the USA and Canada. I loaded up on lots of treats that we can't get in Canada. I am thinking, even if we cant' go to NJ next August, maybe we can still do a cross-border shopping trip and have a good time that way. But I really hope to be back here IY"H August.

My sister and I bought some Ben and Jerry's to ring in the new secular year :) And then I will start my diet, AGAIN :)

Ok, time to get the kinderlach ready for bed now.


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