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Thursday, December 27, 2007

My cat is a chair hog

Tigger will not get his furry behind off the computer chair. So I am currently typing with my tuchus half off the chair, and Tigger napping comfortably on the main part of it. (the chair, not my butt. my butt isn't THAT big LOL) I don't have the heart to move him off. He looks so warm and fuzzy there :)

Today I went to the kosher dunkin donuts with the kids and hubby and met my friends from university there, one of which I had not seen since I was a freshman at good ol Wiliam Paterson University, 11 years ago. :) It was great meeting up again with them both. My kids had a great time with the donuts. Then after, hubby and I and the kids went to a Judaica store, where I bought a new art scroll siddur, since the last one I had, when I first became frum 10 years ago got messed up by #3 :(. I also bought #1 and #3 new kippas, and a new challah board with knife.

Then we went to a local grocery store/butcher where I bought 2 whole chickens with 2 side dishes for 16.99. My kids are getting sick of chicken, I think :)

My 8 year anniversary is tomorrow!! Hubby and I would like to go out motzei shabbos by ourselves. My dad told me he would watch them for us if we waited till they fell asleep. :) So hopefuly something will still be open by that time. My kids usually fall asleep soon after going to bed, so hopefully hubby and I could be somewhere by 9 pm. We are going to my rabbi's house for shabbos tomorrow night. He does not know about #1 having aspergers's and ADHD. I think I will try to mention it to the rebbetzin, so in case #1 does something a bit goofy, they will understand why.

Anyway, I am tired, and my tiggy has just curled up at my feet. I need some good quality cat time with Tigger as its been a long time since I have seen him :)
Also my hubby told me that UHF was on before, and I am a big fan of Weird Al, and I want to see if its still on :)

So, will try to post more after shabbos. BTW my sister just informed me that shoprite has buy 3 funny bones/yodels for 5 bucks starting sunday. My favourite :) I will need to stop eating this crap when I go back to Toronto LOL.


  • At 2:38 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hope you were able to get out with your hubby alone. It's always nice to do that once in a while. Nice of your day to stay with them while your out.

    I never knew that there was a kosher Dunkin Donuts. Neat. Learn something new everyday on this blog LOL!


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