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Friday, December 14, 2007

My little monkey...

#3 is a monkey LOL. At the hospital on Wednesday, he was pretty good. But when it came time for him to lie on the operating table and breathe through the mask, the ENT told me #3 was trying to run out of the room. He said he and the nurse had to sort of wrestle with him a bit to get him to lie down and breathe through the mask. LOL. Then, when he woke up in the PACU, he was screaming bloody murder and trying to jump off the bed, so the nurse had me go to him, even though it wasn't time yet for me to go in. It took me a while, but I got him to calm down. He wanted animal crackers, but wasn't allowed yet. He got a juice, and then when we went back to the ped. ward he got a kosher banana flavoured ice pop. Then, after they checked his vitals and gave me a prescription for Ciprodex for #3's ears we got to go home. #3 was back to normal an hour later, getting into mischief again LOL. The ENT said his right ear was full of fluid, and the left ear, just a little. He drained it and then put in new tubes.

That night, we had parent teacher conferences for #3 and #2. #2 was doing well, but got nervous when it came to reading both Hebrew and English. They gave us some dittos to practice with her at home. At #3's conference, we discussed whether he is ready for Senior Kindergarten, and we all agreed he is not ready yet maturity wise. he likes to play more than learn, he is one of the youngest in the class. The director had him observed by an early interventionist (nice of the school to let me know after the fact, or even give me a consent form!. In public school, you get a consent form FIRST!). They weren't sure whether to leave him in or move him to nursery class. I told the director, it's January almost. Just let him finish out the year and then he can repeat it again next year. She said there is 8 months till Sept, and maybe he will even be ready for S.K. but I don't feel comfortable with him in S.K. at this point.

Then yesterday was the dreaded speech therapy with the witch. I really do not like her at all. #1's aide told me the speech therapist confronted her and came down hard on her for telling me to switch. I saw the speech therapist is somewhat impatient with #1 and she is DEFINITELY not warm and fuzzy, and seems to make mountains out of molehills. I told the aide I won't be able to come to EVEry speech therapy appointment and she told me she will let me know how it goes next time when I am not present. Both the aide and I don't know why I was made to come, since the aide is there for #1. I just feel this speech therapist makes big things out of nothing and I don't know why someone with her personality would work with special needs children. But the case manager thinks this woman is perfect. whatever.

Anyway, there is a cholent pot with my name on it, waiting to be filled up with cholent.

A week from Sunday, we''re off to NJ land IY"H.


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