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Monday, December 03, 2007

Slip Sliding Away...

Down the driveway that is. Today while salting my driveway I managed to slip twice and land on my tailbone. My back is killing me now. I took some ibuprofen which seems to be helping somewhat.

I had a crazy busy morning. #1's school bus was cancelled today due to the roads being very icy and I had an appointment for #3 for his pre-op with the pediatrician. So I had to go down to the dr. and then shlep up to #3's school and #1's school after. The sidewalk was terrible with icy chunks everywhere. I was totally wiped out from having to shlep the stroller over it. While I was at #1's school I was chatting with his aide about the speech therapist that he was assigned from the district. She had a very nasty attitude when she called me after her first session with #1 and I found out from his aide she was not good with my son and the aide suggested I call to switch. Then when I went to pick up #1 in the afternoon, his other aide suggested the same thing. So I called the lady in charge of assigning the O.T and speech therapist for #1 and told her I want a new speech therapist and that I no longer give permission for the one that was previously assigned to work with him anymore. I hear she was very impatient with my son. When I was speaking with her, we had a very heated discussion about ritalin. She bluntly said to me,in a snarky tone of voice, And he is not on medication because????? I told her off. First of all, we briefly tried ritalin 2 years ago at half the dosage, 10 mg. and my son reacted horribly to it. he bit his lips bloody and had a scary meltdown in the middle of sears, after which my pediatrician quickly took him off. then we discovered he has bicuspid aortic valve (he is missing a valve on his aorta, its a heart murmur that needs to be watched. we go to the pediatric cardiologist every so often for a thorough check up) and ritalin and the like is bad for him. my pediatrician and I decided to forgo the meds and we worked with the autism team and his teachers to find other ways to help him and work with him, which has been working VERY well ever since. Last time I checked, speech therapists are NOT doctors or pharmacists, which btw my father in law is a pharmacist. She was very uppity and did not seem to like my son and now that I hear from his aides that she was not really a good fit for him and she wasn't nice, I absolutely do not want her with my son at all.

Anyway, I am exhausted. Tomorrow is #2 and #3's Chanukah play. Tomorrow night is the first night of Chanukah :)

On an off note, I am having trouble finding a place for shabbos during our trip to NJ. There are 7 of us, so its a lot for someone to host. Well, I have a friend in northern NJ who might know of someone who could host us. If I don't hear back from my NJ rabbi I will have to email my friend to see if she might have some ideas. Even though we are not Lubavitch, there is always the Chabad of Monroe Township. My dad knows the rabbi, so maybe if we can't find a place and my friend doesn't know anyone, my dad can ask the Chabad rabbi for us. We'll see..


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