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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thingz n' Stuff

Whew. What a busy past few days. Wednesday I had the pre-op clinic for #3's ear tube surgery. The nurse leading the paper work fill in and q and a part looked a lot like O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy. An older, chubbier version, but very much alike. LOL. #3 was funny. When he saw me after his part of the pre-op clinic was over (a child life specialist discussed the procedure with the kids while we filled out the paper work) he said, I get to smell strawberry air. When we went on a tour of the hospital #3 tried to go on his own tour. That's when the tour leader told #3 he can be her assistant and hold her hand. (I had #4 and #5 and Bubbe with me). Then we got to the part where it would lead into the operating room and #3 announced he won't lie down on the bed when its time. Hopefully he will change his mind next Wednesday. that's when his ear tube thingy is.

Then, later on Wednesday I get into a big argument with the moronic lady in charge of assigning speech and OT therapists to my son for extra help in school. Both of #1's aides told me they think I should switch speech therapists as she didn't seem to click with my son, and was very impatient. This, after I had just finished complaining to that lady about the initial problem with the OT's poor communication. So the assignment lady yells at me and says she thinks I just don't want my son to have any therapy!! WHich is SO NOT TRUE!!! I would do anythigng to help #1, and if he needs speech and OT I would gladly want him to receive it, from someone who is NICE and PATIENT with him. It's important he like who is working closely with him or he will tune them out and not work with them. I was so mad at that lady. I told her that is NOT the case. then she says why am I changing just because the aides don't like the therapist. then she blames me for not preparing #1 for speech therapy that day. I DID! I told him several times about his speech therapy, and I wrote 2 or 3 notes in his communication journal. His regular aide got switched that day to someone else. It was not my fault she was not informed. The other aide should have told her, or even the teacher. So the lady told me that's not good enough, I should have called the school. So I told her, should I pin a note to his shirt next? I can't believe I said that LOL. Basically we went in circles in our conversation. Next time, if there is a prob with speech or OT I will tell the school to just call and complain themselves or fax a note themselves. I am through dealing with that lady. Let the school deal with her. Maybe she will listen better to them, if #1 still has a problem with that speech therapist. On the other hand, I spoke to the OT lady again and she does seem very nice this time, not rushed at all, so I am not worried about her not clicking with #1. but the speech therapist, I do not have high hopes for. (I mentioned what happened with her in a previous posting).

And in other news, Chanukah! Yay. My kids love their dreidels, and chocolate gelt :) I love the donuts LOL (a little too much! they are too yummy!) the bakery has chocolate filled, and caramel filled, and even cream filled just for Chanukah. I need to stay away from there. I'm trying to lose weight, not gain some more.

Also we found a place for shabbos :) My NJ rabbi invited me and my family for our shabbos in NJ. I really hope #1 and #3 behave themselves there. I will have to have a talk with #1 about exploring, as he has a tendency to want to do that when we go into someone's house he's never been in before.

Anyway, I am exhausted. and am starting to babble, which is actually amusing me. Ok..Good night!


  • At 7:27 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Happy Chanukah BTW!!

    You know what I find strange about this OT therapist is why would she say something so crazy as you NOT wanting therapy for your son. Isn't that the main reason you opted to put him in that school anyway? I recall you saying the other school didn't have the abilty to provide that for your child. What a nut! I think she knows what she is and when faced with someone who challenges her she can only act like a complete idiot. Good luck I would have told her the heck off! How dare she question your motives for your child.

    Can you explain the "finding a place for Shabbos"? Being that I am not Jewish I would love to learn about why and when you do this.

    It's amazing to me how you manage your day with the kids. Keep up the great job!

  • At 5:53 p.m., Blogger Yiddishkeit said…

    Thanks :) It was the case manager I was arguing with, the lady in charge of assigning the OT and speech for the kids on the waiting list. My son's teacher didn't like the OT and the aides didn't like the speech therapist. I was tempted to tell the case manager I want my son to have therapy, its not my fault you hired morons, but I thought that would be a tad too inflammatory to say to her. I did put my son into the public school system as the Jewish school that did have OT and speech didn't accept him as he needs an educational assistant to keep him focused and they don't provide one like the public school does.,

    Finding a place for shabbos... My dad is not an observant Jew. I became frum (observant) when I was 20. :) So when we visit my dad for the week, we can't spend Shabbos there as he doesn't observe it or keep kosher, so we had to find a place to stay for Shabbos. :) My NJ rabbi invited us :) As far as food goes, we plan on going food shopping at one of the Shoprites that have a Kosher eXperience section in it.


  • At 7:24 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for explaining. I thought maybe it was because your father was not an observant jew, and that being why you had to find a place. Just wanted to be sure that was the reason.

    Was your father accepting of your decision to be frum? Did he ever question it? Reason being is that my parents (who are Christian) aren't practicing Christians and I became one when I married my husband 10 years ago. My parents don't really say much about it but I can tell when we do certain things, or even the way I dress opens conversation. Sometimes I think my parents think I'm a bit overboard in my practices.

    It's amazing that so many can be of a religion but there is a big difference for those who actually practice it on a daily basis.

    Good luck with you son.

  • At 7:21 a.m., Blogger Yiddishkeit said…

    My dad was very upset when I first became observant. It really wasn't until I got married that he became accepting of it. It was hard for my friends at first when I became frum, and also took my coworkers a bit of time to adjust. (I used to work at Nobody beats the wiz.) one day I am wearing pants, and the next week I am wearing only skirts and dresses and telling my boss I can't work Fri. night and Saturdays anymore LOL. That was 10 years ago. :)


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