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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why You Should NEVER Use Foil as Oven Mitts

What the heck? you may be thinking...well...yes, I was dumb enough to use foil as oven mitts and gave myself a nice second degree burn on my right thumb. See, we are at my dad' house, and I didn't have oven mitts to use to take out my double wrapped dinner I was serving, so my hubby suggested foil. So I took him seriously and did that. and let me say, it FREAKING hurt :) ALOT. SO never use tin foil as oven mitts if you don't have any handy, EVER! :)

I also was brilliant enough to drink 20 oz of coffee at 11 pm at night at the kosher dunkin donuts :) So I am wired and not tired. but I am bloated because I have been noshing on junk that I am unable to purchase in Canada :) I did manage to get my night out with hubby. We at first were going to go to this new kosher grill place, but when we got there, a. there were not really any available seats. b. the line up made no sense and people were just in a big crowd waiting to order. So we left and went to the kosher pizza nearby, which was crowded, but at least the line up was normal and there were still some available tables. Then we went to dunkin donuts/baskin robbins (they are in the same place.) hubby got a small ice cream, but I can't eat regular ice cream unless I am prepared for excruciating stomache cramps and spending a long time doubled over, cursing why I bothered eating ice cream.) so I got a large coffee and a chocolate chip muffin, which I am saving for tomorrow's breakfast.

Now, heading backwards to my shabbos, it was wonderful. It was so good to see my rabbi and rebbetzin and family again. And, unlike my step-monster, (I mean step mother, sorry :) they did not care less if my kids were making noise, or taking out a lot of toys to play with. At first, I was nervous, and kept apologizing, but my rabbi told me he has known me for 10 years, and he does not want me to be self consciosu at all, and that we should feel at home, and also he also has gone places with kids and knows how it is (he is a father to 12, KA"H). After that, I felt more relaxed, and later on, I explained about my step mother freaking out over every little thing during our stay at my dad's house. It felt good to be able to get some advice and get that off my chest, and be reassured my kids are being kids, and not wild, like the step monster says. I also had explained to my rabbi and rebbetzin about #1's aspergers, so they would understand some of his quirky behaviour. My rebbetzin has been a teacher for over 20 years, and is knowledgeable about aspergers, so she totally understood. It was good to feel so comfortable there and not have to worry about anything, unlike staying with step monster :) My dad told me tonight she is going to be leaving eventually and going back to where she came from (no, not hell :) I am sorry my dad has to go through another divorce, G-d knows he has suffered enough, but it really is for the best. she is evil..anyone that want sto cut off a father from his children and past friends, etc. she even got rid of his dog one day he came home from work to find his dog snickers gone. apparently, she sold him to her co-worker. How sweet of her.

Anyway, I am hyper from too much coffee, and my sister is getting annoyed at me still being in her room after midnight, so I am going to go bother Tigger now and then go to bed :) Payback for sleeping on my head when I was 20, hehehe :) Kidding.



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