A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

#1 is runner up for City Parent Kid of the year :)

I just got an email and I am very excited :) #1 is one of several who have made runner up. I am not sure whats in the prize package he is getting, but he deserves to win and I am proud of him :) Yayayayay :)

I nominated him months ago and completely forgot about it until I got the email from the editor.

"Thank you for putting forward a nomination for the City Parent Kid of the Year Awards Program!
You should be extremely proud of your nominee and all of their accomplishments.
On behalf of City Parent and our contest sponsors, we would like to send your nominee a "runner up" award package in recognition of all of their hard work.
In order to provide your nominee with the award package could you please let us know their home mailing address (rest assured that City Parent will not share any personal information with a third party)."

Finally, something good happens this week LOL :)

The Bully on the Bus

I just put a call into the school. Today, I saw #1 being bullied on the bus as it was driving away, and the bus driver did NOTHING!.
#1 went on the bus, and down the aisle to sit down, and the wild kid stood up and purposely blocked #1 and would not let him sit down. He was pushing #1 with his chest to prevent him from finding a seat and the bus driver kept driving down the street!!! I called the school, and told them this is not the first incident I witnessed where this chid was acting out on the bus. (last week I saw this kid hitting the bus driver's hand over and over again, a violent sort of high five, and this kid was CLIMBING all over the top of a seats like a cat would. That is not proper and safe behaviour for the bus. This kid should be either kicked off the bus or sitting behind the driver with a seat belt. (there are seat belts on the bus). B. The bus driver should not be driving anywhere until my son was sitting down safely. I am thinking about canceling the bus and just going back to walking #1 to school and picking him up. I also left word on the teacher's machine so he will know what is taking place and maybe speak to the child who is bothering my son. In my upsetness I referred to the bully as an animal in my message to my son's teacher, which I know wasn't the best choice of words..I mean the bully is only about 8 or 9. But still, this bully's unsafe bus behaviour needs to be dealt with, and the bus driver's obliviousness to it should also be dealt with. I just want my son to have a safe drive to school and not arrive all worked up and thus having a bad day, which has obviously been happening..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Breathe in, Breathe out..

Well, the day ended better than it started, B"H. I got a call at 8:30 am that my pediatrician had to be on call at the hospital, so I had to reschedule the behaviour consultation until tomorrow. In the mean time, I had him physically examined by the doc who was covering for him to make sure he was not ill. B"H he's fine. He had a better day at school, his teacher had called and left a message to let me know. The Autism team observed him briefly this morning, but being he had a doctor appointment, they will come back tomorrow and finish it. Apparently #1 is getting very agitated on the bus ride to school. There is a boy who is extremely wild on the bus and is setting off #1. The Autism team recommended I buy #1 an Ipod for him to listen to on the way to school to distract him from the other boy, and to keep him calm. That's a great idea, but I can't afford an Ipod :( Hubby and I are going to see how much a generic mp3 player would cost. I think its an excellent idea.

The teacher left a message on my machine that he wants to ease my mind, that #1 had a great day, he had his usual shtick, but he did not scream or yell, and was polite and did not disrupt class. Everything was fine all afternoon at home too, until #1 had trouble logging on to some bbc kids web site for science that apparently does not work on safari, only on firefox. we have both browsers, but I didn't know about this glitch, and #1 totally freaked out and had a huge 20 minute melt down. I am going to bring it up tomorrow at the pediatrician's appointment about #1 overreacting over this minor thing. He was fine all day and all afternoon, he was so happy, and I am puzzled why he freaked out like that over a minor issue. Right now he is fine, happy and playing with his toys.

Anyway, I am worn out and tired from the stress from the past 2 days so I am going to go relax now.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Very very upset :(

I just got a phone call from #1's school. They asked has anything changed at home, routines, food, anything. I told them no, nothing has changed (nothing has.) and I was puzzled why the teacher was even asking. Apparently #1's behaviour has been escalating since last week. Today the principal was down the hall observing another class and heard #1 screaming and sobbing. #1 tried to look in the teacher's desk drawers, and the teacher, understandably told him no, and #1 persisted in trying anyway, thus the noise racket and resulting in the principal running down the hall to see what the hell was going on in there. The teacher put in a call to the autism team at the school board, and then phoned me. I am so upset. I had noticed #1 has seemed more agitated these past two weeks, and he asked me weird questions, like, when he cried a lot as a baby, did we hold him? of course we did! this kid was constantly held. We love him very very much and that is what I told him too. (he saw a video of himself as a baby at my friend's son's b-day party, and #1 was crying in the video (he was 1 yrs old in the video). The teacher told me #1 does what he wants when he wants to and if told no, he is defiant and screams. I feel like my heart is breaking, because my son is so loving and affectionate, and yes, he can be stubborn, but we redirect him to other activities when he gets upset and then he is fine. I have no idea why he is behaving this way at school. The teacher said #1 was upset because after his outburst, the other kids in the class were looking at him, so he started screaming about them staring. #1's teacher and aide said maybe he is getting sick. The other day he complained about his ear but then he told me it was not hurting anymore since then, and I asked him last night and this morning and he said his ear is fine. In any case, he is going to the pediatrician tomorrow at 10:40 a.m. We're going to have everything checked out physically and I am going to tell the pediatrician whats been going on in school and see what he recommends. The teacher said my son was ruining his class. I told him something is making my son upset at school, I just want him to be happy. Neither of us have any clue what is setting him off. I just hope that the aide and teacher are right about #1 just not feeling well and thats why he is acting different. I'll find out tomorrow.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weird Al cameo on the Simpsons

YES! :) Weird Al made a cameo appearance tonight on the Simpsons. Funny. it was the only reason why I watched the simpsons tonight because I no longer find the Simpsons funny in general. I made a special exception tonight :)

Anyway, I finished buying summer clothes for #3 and #1. :) I was at The Children's Place and Old Navy and bought some tops and shorts for them. #2's dresses I am buying off eBay as I love gymboree and can get a good deal on there. Much cheaper than the actual store. I already finished buying for #4 and #5 has clothes already that #4 outgrew last summer and are still in pretty good condition. While I was at the mall, my sinus tachycardia really acted up. I haven't had a problem for a long time with it. Today I felt very short of breath and my pulse was racing. I might mention it to my doc on Thursday when I go for a follow up appointment for the chronic UTI. Maybe I'm anemic. I am always borderline anemic..I should probably get it checked.

I carried home from the mall/library today 2 heavy bags of books and 3 bags of clothes. It was very hard and I made a bruise on my arm worse because unknowingly pressed into it with all my baggage and now have a nice purple lump on my arm and its freaking sore and tired, as am I. I am going to go read now and relax..

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am a facebook addict. Yes, I am. LOL. I have reconnected with people I have not spoken to in years, and am having great fun superpoking everyone on my friends list. Especially my sister :) That is really great fun. I threw a cyber-sheep at her LOL.

Anyway, enough about facebook. Today #2 tried to make her own swimming pool on my new basement rug. (#2 and #3 have their winter break this week) I had just finished vacuuming the living room and heard a tap being turned on in the basement, where they were watching TV. I went to investigate and caught #3 just before he was about to throw an amazing amount of water onto the rug. I dumped it out into the bathroom sink and then he pointed to the rug and said look what #2 did (well, he used her real name, which I won't do on my blog :). The rug was saturated!!!! I had to take all the toys off the rug and try to lift it up so it and the basement floor can dry. (It's an area rug). I was not strong enough to lift it on my own as its freaking heavy, so my mother in law came over and together we lifted it up and onto an old bookshelf left by the previous tenant. The floor is dry now and the rug almost dry. Sheesh.

School starts on Monday for them again (thank G-d LOL). Anyway, #1 wants to take a shower now and I have to go turn on the water for him. I'll try to post more tomorrow IY"H.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last week, 4 days after finishing 10 days of macrobid, previously to that, 7 days of macrobid, and before that, a week of cipro I am still testing positive for a UTI!!!!! now I am back on another 5 days of cipro. I made an appointment to see the doc next thursday and I want a referal back to the urologist. I don't have time to end up with a kidney infection, G-d forbid.

Surprise snow

I didn't even know it was going to snow today, and not only did it snow, it snowed about 7 1/2 centimeters, I think. #1's bus was late due to bad road conditions, hubby was late because the ttc was slow due to bad road conditions. He was 1 1/2 hours late to work.

I had to call the doc I know who makes housecalls this morning, because I had a feeling #5 had an ear infection, but didn't want to take her out in the snow. She had no fever, but was unusually cranky and clingy, which is not like her. B"H he came over this morning, and not only does she have a double ear infection, she also has pink eye. Poor kid. She is on clavulin. Hopefully she will feel better soon.,

#1 seems a bit confused about kosher. He thinks just because someone is Jewish, they keep kosher, which is not always true. A boy at school who is Jewish, but not kosher shared his lunchables traif bologna with #1. I was very upset about this and phoned the school yesterday afternoon. #1's aide called me back today, and told me #1 was talking with this boy and she didn't want to interrupt. His back was turned to her, and when she checked on him he had a mouth full of traif bologna. she made him throw out whatever was left in his hand. #1 was told by the boy it was kosher and he ate it without checking with the aide to make sure it really was. She is going to remind him today about not eating anything except what is in his lunch bag, or a snack the teacher gives him. (the teacher has snacks that are kosher just for #1 and another boy who is frum in his class.). I am worried he doesn't feel as connected to yiddishkeit as his siblings as he has to go to public school because the Jewish schools don't have much in the way of special education. My husband tutors him every night, but its not the same as being in a Jewish day school. I worry..anyway.. He was being very Aspergish yesterday afternoon in school and at home. He was getting agitated by his classmates noises, and at home he was freaking out because he didn't like the way the apples looked as they were not completely all red but had a tinge of green. (it was macintosh, and NOTHING was wrong with the apples.) Hopefully today he is having a better day in school. This morning he was very excited by the surprise snow.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Break

Today is the first day of winter break for #2 and #3. Wouldn't you know it, but around 10:15 this morning, the electric was out in our town. The estimated time back up was 1 pm. UGH! Luckily it came back on before then, around 11:30 a.m.

Not much else doing. The sleep clinic called me today for a consultation appointment, which I made, but then decided to cancel. I have mild sleep apnea, and I hate sleeping away from home hooked up to those annoying wires. Maybe later in the year, during the summer, I will go for another sleep test. It's been over a year since my last sleep study.

Anyway, wish I had more interesting stuff to write about today, but we're stuck at home all day..too cold to walking. I'll try to post stuff tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


It's freezing outside. It's a good thing #2 and #3 are off of school this week for winter break and I don't have to shlep anywhere. Today I took #4 to the dentist for the first time. She wouldn't open her mouth for the dentist, so we are going to try again in 6 months.

I just signed up for facebook and its very addicting LOL. I am going to go play some more with my facebook account and then take a rest for a bit.

I'll post more tomorrow IY"H

Friday, January 18, 2008

Gimme, Gimme

#2 and #1 seem to have lost their manners this afternoon and I am very frustrated. I have been up since 6:30 am, my soup is ruined because I forgot about it, when I was in the middle of bathing the kids for shabbos. My cholent is too watery, I rushed it because I had to go get #2 and #3 from school and I was running late. Now I am just trying to have a drink of water and a cup is shoved into my face by #2 whining Give me soy milk now. NO please or any thing. and she has been eating every single food I bought at food shopping all afternoon. I told her no more snacks now thats it. and then she starts whining. I told her to go take it up with daddy. I think having two snacks between lunch and dinner is reasonable. she has had slices of cheese, apple, orange, strawberry and now soy milk. I told her THAT"S IT!!! You don't eat every hour in school, why are you doing it here??? every half hour. she is not hungry, she is bored. and I am annoyed. Anyway, candlelighting is in 20 minutes. I hope my cholent dries up a bit by tomorrow. #2 is whining about where are her boots now. I am in a cranky pms mood. I hope shabbos is better.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Escape from School

Yes. I am soooo upset!!!! Today, around 2 pm I started feeling anxious but I couldn't put a finger on it. I went to school to pick up #2 and #3. #3's p.m. teacher took me into an empty classroom and informed me that today when they went to go to gym class, their time changed from the usual schedule and coincided with #3's nap. they woke him up and then brought the kids out to the gym, without bothering to check if #3 was with them. During this, #3 had gotten on his coat, hat, and book bag and walked out of the school without any teacher noticing, and was halfway home to me. HE IS ONLY 4 YEARS OLD!!!!! WTF! How can the teacher not KNOW my son left the school grounds????? Another parent, who I always chat with and knows #3, B"H happened to be driving by and drove him back to the school. As soon as the teacher informed me what happened, I burst into tears. Then, after I calmed down I marched into the pre-school director's office, very angry with the school. She phoned the rabbi in charge of the whole school and we had a discussion. The school is VERY sorry, a memo is being sent around and immediately they instituted a new policy where the teacher has to do head counts when leaving the classroom with the kids and before heading back to the classroom. B"H I am grateful that #3 was found and driven back to school, but I am VERY upset. It never should have been able to happen in the first place!!!! Now I know why I was feeling anxious at 2pm..sigh. Now with this new head counting policy this should never happen again, but I am thinking maybe they should add an extra security feature that maybe people need to press a button up high to buzz out, like in senior citizen residences. Anyway, I am still feeling very upset with the school right now and what could have happened (G-d forbid, getting kidnapped, hit by a car, Chas V'shalom) and shaken up, but am EXTREMELY grateful Hashem was watching over my precious one to make sure nothing bad happened. Thank you Hashem for watching over my #3 and making sure he was returned safely to school. Tonight when I put my kids to bed I will be giving lots of extra hugs and kisses.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boy, is my face red...

I am soooooo embarrassed. LOL. I subscribe to Chatelaine magazine, which is like Redbook and Good Housekeeping. The cover is always family friendly and the magazine itself is a good magazine for homemakers to read, not like Vogue, or Cosmo or anything like that trash. Today, I picked up the mail enroute to pick up #2 and #3 from school. A religious, Orthodox Jewish based school, might I add. Anyway, I had put my mail on a little table in the classroom hallway, while I opened up another piece of mail. I did not yet see the cover of the magazine, and had it lying face up. #2's teacher came walking by, on the way back from the washroom, looked at the magazine on the table, and gave me an odd look and went into the classroom.. I didn't know why and shrugged it off. When I went to pick the magazine back up so we can go home, I saw the headline, in big black letters on the front page. "We're not having enough sex". YIKES!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! If the teacher or pre-school director speaks to me about my reading material, I will have to explain the truth, that its always been a very non prust magazine and I had not yet seen the cover, and I don't generally read articles like that in magazines. I have half a mind to complain to Chatelaine for putting something like that on the main cover. I showed to my neighbor, who's daughter is in my daughter's class, and she cracked up laughing and told me not to worry about it. I will try not to. But still..LOL.

Then, I find out from #3's teacher that another child teased him, and grabbed his kippa and tzitzis and threw it across the room, so he hit him in the face with his shoe and bruised it. I was so upset to find this out. I spoke to #3 about not hitting other children and that he should tell the morah if someone is bothering him. I was also slightly upset with the teacher because when she first told me the story, she made it seem that #3 did it unprovoked, which is NOT like him at all., when I asked #3 and he told me someone was bugging him, and then I went back to the morah and told her, she said yes, but it was not the child he whacked with the shoe. In any case, I told the morah I do not condone my son hitting anyone, but still, she should know he was provoked. Then she told me kids do these things and I shouldn't be upset, but when I saw that poor other lil' boys face...#3 gave the other boy a bruise right under his eye. The morah also complained #3 was being very hyper and did not nap today. Ya know, I told the pre-school director before I applied #3 should be in nursery, she didn't listen, put him in Junior Kindergarten when he was not ready...SIGH! The pre-school director told me #3's hyperness was because of immaturity. he is one of the youngest in the class. Maybe she should have listened to my request for nursery and then he would have been better off..

Anyway, time for pre-shabbos baths for the kiddies..

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

#4 turns 3 today!

Happy Birthday to #4, who is officially 3 today :) We bought her a cute little baby doll that came in a moses basket with bottle and booties. She loves it :)

I am so tired. I was up all night in pain. I am wondering if its maybe the adenomyosis acting up and not my bladder. Guess I will find out next week when I go back to my doctor for another urinalysis.

Anyway, I have tons of laundry and general housekeeping waiting for me..

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hole in the Wall

Literally. And there is stuff down it too. A hole was made due to missing door stoppers by the linen closet. #3 made it worse by peeling away the wall stuff around the hole, thus enlarging it.. (dry wall?). The other day, I was wondering what happened to all of his underwear and for some reason, I decided to check in the hole in the wall, which I found all of his underwear. but now he has thrown 2 stuffed animals (small ones) and 2 little people from the plastic school bus. I need one of those long thingys seniors use to reach things from top shelves. I tried a hanger but it didn't work. I had #1 try to stick his arm down to see what he can grab, and he managed to get some of the underwear that #3 threw down that I couldn't reach. I think it really needs repairaing ASAP. I guess I will have to make a trip to home depot next week, and in the mean time I will just have to tape a piece of paper of it so #3 will forget about it and stop throwing stuff down until its fixed.

I am still not 100 percent from the UTI. I phoned my doc's office today and the results were not in, so they phoned the lab. there were 2 different bacterias, e.coli and some other one I forgot the name of. The macrobid is sensitive to both. So why is my bladder still hurting? It hurts a lot. I made an appointment for next Thursday as a follow up to have another urine culture done to make sure this is gone.

Also, today we walked to wal-mart to have pics taken. #4 cried, so we weren't able to get her pic, but #5 was co-operative. :) It's a much better deal than sears. for 5.99 I got a 10x13, an 8x10, 2 5x7, some 3x5s, wallets and some keepsake pics. I also got the disposable camera that my NJ rabbi gave #1 developed. Some of the pics belong to them, so I will have to mail them out tomorrow.

Anyway, I am going to go try to relax for a bit.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's a Mad World

I heard this song while driving back to Toronto from New Jersey. It's quickly become one of my favourites, and I thought I would share. Mad World by Gary Jules.

Tired and Cranky

I am still not feeling 100 percent better. I phoned my doc and left a msg today so they get it first thing tomorrow. I want to know if the macrobid is sensitive to the bacteria causing the UTI. I think it is as my kidney is not throbbing any more but it still burns when I go to the washroom. Now I have to go get the kids dressed and ready to go to a vort in which my kids are not invited so I have to let them at the in laws house, which is just next door to the vort. but still. by the time I retrieve the kids from the in laws and get them re-dressed in snow gear, and then have to go home and make supper, and #2 and #3 has homework, and they all need baths, all 5. Hubby will help of course, but I am TIRED AND CRANKY. I am not in a social mood. I am in a BITCHY mood and I am tired of going to the washroom every 5 minutes and peeing out glass.

Will post more tomorrow when I am not in a pissy mood. (no pun intended, or was it?)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Never Let your UTI Go for Too Long..

I have learned the hard way :( A month ago, I had a bad bladder infection, med visit doc gave me a week of cipro. 2 days after, the UTI comes back. My family doc gave me a week of macrobid. I finish, 2 days later it comes back. I made an appointment to go to the doc but it snowed and I could not push my stroller through it. I left for NJ, had terrible back pain and pus and stuff in the urine, bad odor to it too. I could not see a doc in NJ, no health coverage there unless I went to ER. I went to doc today, he dipped it and it came back positive. he is sending it away to the lab, I am on 10 days of macrobid. I feel horrible. Pain in my right kidney, nauseaous, horrible back pain. This is the worst UTI I have ever had and I am starting to worry I may need to go to the ER if it gets worse. If I do not feel significant improvement by Monday I will phone the doc, but if I start to run a fever, then i am going to the ER for sure.

I feel like crap and want to go lie down to rest for a bit.
this really IS the bladder infection from hell. :(

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A vacation for coming back from a vacation

It's hard enough to unpack as it is, with the kids running around, and I feel homesick too on top of it. I have to unpack everything, and my mother in law wanted to help tidy up when I was away, so now I have to straighten that out too.

Apparently #5 is ready for a bed. At my rabbi's house, she cimbed out of the pack and play a few times, but we figured, when we got to toronto she would be fine in her crib as its on the lowest setting and the rail is high. Today I put her down for a nap, and went to go unpack. I heard a thump and a cry. She climbed out of her crib!!! Suffice it to say, that is the end of her in the crib. I won't take a chance and put her in it again. It converts into a day bed, so hubby will do that when he comes home and we are getting a trundle bed in April when we get our tax refund, IY"H.

Anyway I have a lot of work ahead of me to make the house back to the way I like, and put away all our clothes from the trip, etc.
It's Tigger the Cat!! Up close and personal!