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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boy, is my face red...

I am soooooo embarrassed. LOL. I subscribe to Chatelaine magazine, which is like Redbook and Good Housekeeping. The cover is always family friendly and the magazine itself is a good magazine for homemakers to read, not like Vogue, or Cosmo or anything like that trash. Today, I picked up the mail enroute to pick up #2 and #3 from school. A religious, Orthodox Jewish based school, might I add. Anyway, I had put my mail on a little table in the classroom hallway, while I opened up another piece of mail. I did not yet see the cover of the magazine, and had it lying face up. #2's teacher came walking by, on the way back from the washroom, looked at the magazine on the table, and gave me an odd look and went into the classroom.. I didn't know why and shrugged it off. When I went to pick the magazine back up so we can go home, I saw the headline, in big black letters on the front page. "We're not having enough sex". YIKES!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! If the teacher or pre-school director speaks to me about my reading material, I will have to explain the truth, that its always been a very non prust magazine and I had not yet seen the cover, and I don't generally read articles like that in magazines. I have half a mind to complain to Chatelaine for putting something like that on the main cover. I showed to my neighbor, who's daughter is in my daughter's class, and she cracked up laughing and told me not to worry about it. I will try not to. But still..LOL.

Then, I find out from #3's teacher that another child teased him, and grabbed his kippa and tzitzis and threw it across the room, so he hit him in the face with his shoe and bruised it. I was so upset to find this out. I spoke to #3 about not hitting other children and that he should tell the morah if someone is bothering him. I was also slightly upset with the teacher because when she first told me the story, she made it seem that #3 did it unprovoked, which is NOT like him at all., when I asked #3 and he told me someone was bugging him, and then I went back to the morah and told her, she said yes, but it was not the child he whacked with the shoe. In any case, I told the morah I do not condone my son hitting anyone, but still, she should know he was provoked. Then she told me kids do these things and I shouldn't be upset, but when I saw that poor other lil' boys face...#3 gave the other boy a bruise right under his eye. The morah also complained #3 was being very hyper and did not nap today. Ya know, I told the pre-school director before I applied #3 should be in nursery, she didn't listen, put him in Junior Kindergarten when he was not ready...SIGH! The pre-school director told me #3's hyperness was because of immaturity. he is one of the youngest in the class. Maybe she should have listened to my request for nursery and then he would have been better off..

Anyway, time for pre-shabbos baths for the kiddies..


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