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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


It's freezing outside. It's a good thing #2 and #3 are off of school this week for winter break and I don't have to shlep anywhere. Today I took #4 to the dentist for the first time. She wouldn't open her mouth for the dentist, so we are going to try again in 6 months.

I just signed up for facebook and its very addicting LOL. I am going to go play some more with my facebook account and then take a rest for a bit.

I'll post more tomorrow IY"H


  • At 8:02 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I started with facebook a few month ago when a friend sent me an email to join. Yes it's very addicting. Have fun with it.

  • At 7:59 a.m., Blogger MA said…

    Our dentist ended up referring us to a pediatric specialist who was familiar with kids and special needs. We've gone three times over the last year for regular check-ups and it does get a little easier. Not much because my kid still freaks out when the instruments appear. :p


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