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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bully on the Bus

I just put a call into the school. Today, I saw #1 being bullied on the bus as it was driving away, and the bus driver did NOTHING!.
#1 went on the bus, and down the aisle to sit down, and the wild kid stood up and purposely blocked #1 and would not let him sit down. He was pushing #1 with his chest to prevent him from finding a seat and the bus driver kept driving down the street!!! I called the school, and told them this is not the first incident I witnessed where this chid was acting out on the bus. (last week I saw this kid hitting the bus driver's hand over and over again, a violent sort of high five, and this kid was CLIMBING all over the top of a seats like a cat would. That is not proper and safe behaviour for the bus. This kid should be either kicked off the bus or sitting behind the driver with a seat belt. (there are seat belts on the bus). B. The bus driver should not be driving anywhere until my son was sitting down safely. I am thinking about canceling the bus and just going back to walking #1 to school and picking him up. I also left word on the teacher's machine so he will know what is taking place and maybe speak to the child who is bothering my son. In my upsetness I referred to the bully as an animal in my message to my son's teacher, which I know wasn't the best choice of words..I mean the bully is only about 8 or 9. But still, this bully's unsafe bus behaviour needs to be dealt with, and the bus driver's obliviousness to it should also be dealt with. I just want my son to have a safe drive to school and not arrive all worked up and thus having a bad day, which has obviously been happening..


  • At 5:15 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can relate to the bully on the bus situation. My oldest son who is overly sensitive (like his mommy LOL) got bullied at his public school. One was because of his name which is very ethnic and because of his strong faith and cultural connection he has.

    He would get so upset and I finally said to him that people are going to do that because they wish they were as unique as you. Keep your head up high and pay no mind to these individuals who will go to any extent to bring you down. I told my son that I know he is strong inside and that he can overcome.

    The pep talk must have helped because things are going better and he's started to stand up to this kids.

    Doesn't work for everyone but thank goodness it worked for him.

    Good luck with taking care of that situation. Nothing can be worse then bullies at thier age.

  • At 8:29 p.m., Blogger Yiddishkeit said…

    I spoke with the school this afternoon, and the bully's parents were contacted and told about his wild behaviour and that if it didn't stop, the boy would be banned from the bus.

    I told #1 to just ignore the boy who is bothering him..


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