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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Escape from School

Yes. I am soooo upset!!!! Today, around 2 pm I started feeling anxious but I couldn't put a finger on it. I went to school to pick up #2 and #3. #3's p.m. teacher took me into an empty classroom and informed me that today when they went to go to gym class, their time changed from the usual schedule and coincided with #3's nap. they woke him up and then brought the kids out to the gym, without bothering to check if #3 was with them. During this, #3 had gotten on his coat, hat, and book bag and walked out of the school without any teacher noticing, and was halfway home to me. HE IS ONLY 4 YEARS OLD!!!!! WTF! How can the teacher not KNOW my son left the school grounds????? Another parent, who I always chat with and knows #3, B"H happened to be driving by and drove him back to the school. As soon as the teacher informed me what happened, I burst into tears. Then, after I calmed down I marched into the pre-school director's office, very angry with the school. She phoned the rabbi in charge of the whole school and we had a discussion. The school is VERY sorry, a memo is being sent around and immediately they instituted a new policy where the teacher has to do head counts when leaving the classroom with the kids and before heading back to the classroom. B"H I am grateful that #3 was found and driven back to school, but I am VERY upset. It never should have been able to happen in the first place!!!! Now I know why I was feeling anxious at 2pm..sigh. Now with this new head counting policy this should never happen again, but I am thinking maybe they should add an extra security feature that maybe people need to press a button up high to buzz out, like in senior citizen residences. Anyway, I am still feeling very upset with the school right now and what could have happened (G-d forbid, getting kidnapped, hit by a car, Chas V'shalom) and shaken up, but am EXTREMELY grateful Hashem was watching over my precious one to make sure nothing bad happened. Thank you Hashem for watching over my #3 and making sure he was returned safely to school. Tonight when I put my kids to bed I will be giving lots of extra hugs and kisses.


  • At 5:12 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ow my that is just terrible! I would have lost it too. Hopefully the steps they put in place will help to stop that from happening ever again.

    When my son was going to the private school they had a lockdown and there was a gunman running around somewhere close to the school. I get a note in his bag 2 days later! I had no idea! So I can understand the fustration.


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