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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am a facebook addict. Yes, I am. LOL. I have reconnected with people I have not spoken to in years, and am having great fun superpoking everyone on my friends list. Especially my sister :) That is really great fun. I threw a cyber-sheep at her LOL.

Anyway, enough about facebook. Today #2 tried to make her own swimming pool on my new basement rug. (#2 and #3 have their winter break this week) I had just finished vacuuming the living room and heard a tap being turned on in the basement, where they were watching TV. I went to investigate and caught #3 just before he was about to throw an amazing amount of water onto the rug. I dumped it out into the bathroom sink and then he pointed to the rug and said look what #2 did (well, he used her real name, which I won't do on my blog :). The rug was saturated!!!! I had to take all the toys off the rug and try to lift it up so it and the basement floor can dry. (It's an area rug). I was not strong enough to lift it on my own as its freaking heavy, so my mother in law came over and together we lifted it up and onto an old bookshelf left by the previous tenant. The floor is dry now and the rug almost dry. Sheesh.

School starts on Monday for them again (thank G-d LOL). Anyway, #1 wants to take a shower now and I have to go turn on the water for him. I'll try to post more tomorrow IY"H.


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