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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Surprise snow

I didn't even know it was going to snow today, and not only did it snow, it snowed about 7 1/2 centimeters, I think. #1's bus was late due to bad road conditions, hubby was late because the ttc was slow due to bad road conditions. He was 1 1/2 hours late to work.

I had to call the doc I know who makes housecalls this morning, because I had a feeling #5 had an ear infection, but didn't want to take her out in the snow. She had no fever, but was unusually cranky and clingy, which is not like her. B"H he came over this morning, and not only does she have a double ear infection, she also has pink eye. Poor kid. She is on clavulin. Hopefully she will feel better soon.,

#1 seems a bit confused about kosher. He thinks just because someone is Jewish, they keep kosher, which is not always true. A boy at school who is Jewish, but not kosher shared his lunchables traif bologna with #1. I was very upset about this and phoned the school yesterday afternoon. #1's aide called me back today, and told me #1 was talking with this boy and she didn't want to interrupt. His back was turned to her, and when she checked on him he had a mouth full of traif bologna. she made him throw out whatever was left in his hand. #1 was told by the boy it was kosher and he ate it without checking with the aide to make sure it really was. She is going to remind him today about not eating anything except what is in his lunch bag, or a snack the teacher gives him. (the teacher has snacks that are kosher just for #1 and another boy who is frum in his class.). I am worried he doesn't feel as connected to yiddishkeit as his siblings as he has to go to public school because the Jewish schools don't have much in the way of special education. My husband tutors him every night, but its not the same as being in a Jewish day school. I worry..anyway.. He was being very Aspergish yesterday afternoon in school and at home. He was getting agitated by his classmates noises, and at home he was freaking out because he didn't like the way the apples looked as they were not completely all red but had a tinge of green. (it was macintosh, and NOTHING was wrong with the apples.) Hopefully today he is having a better day in school. This morning he was very excited by the surprise snow.


  • At 8:14 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That has to be tough trying to keep kosher with a child in a public school. It is so different to have your child going to the Jewish school but unfortunately they didn't have the resources for him.

    As you know I had a simular situation with my #1 and as much as I tutor him after school on his language & religion it's like fighting a unbeatable fight!

    Hang in there. God will provide. All that you are doing for your child is for the best and kudos to you and your hubby for tutoring him after school. It's not easy!


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