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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weird Al cameo on the Simpsons

YES! :) Weird Al made a cameo appearance tonight on the Simpsons. Funny. it was the only reason why I watched the simpsons tonight because I no longer find the Simpsons funny in general. I made a special exception tonight :)

Anyway, I finished buying summer clothes for #3 and #1. :) I was at The Children's Place and Old Navy and bought some tops and shorts for them. #2's dresses I am buying off eBay as I love gymboree and can get a good deal on there. Much cheaper than the actual store. I already finished buying for #4 and #5 has clothes already that #4 outgrew last summer and are still in pretty good condition. While I was at the mall, my sinus tachycardia really acted up. I haven't had a problem for a long time with it. Today I felt very short of breath and my pulse was racing. I might mention it to my doc on Thursday when I go for a follow up appointment for the chronic UTI. Maybe I'm anemic. I am always borderline anemic..I should probably get it checked.

I carried home from the mall/library today 2 heavy bags of books and 3 bags of clothes. It was very hard and I made a bruise on my arm worse because unknowingly pressed into it with all my baggage and now have a nice purple lump on my arm and its freaking sore and tired, as am I. I am going to go read now and relax..


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