A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Well, erev shabbos, #3 did it again. I went to the local convenience store to buy some beverages for shabbos, and I told hubby before I left that i thought #3 was going to get into mischief and to keep a close eye on him. He was busy getting ready for shabbos himself, and didn't notice that when #3 went to the washroom, he flushed more than pee down the toilet. He flushed 2 plastic rollers for toilet paper down it too. We had a plumber come on Sunday and remove the plastic rollers, for 80 dollars. So my run to Macs ended up being quite costly. Sigh. So much for keeping a close eye on #3, LOL.

Anyway, I finally went to the doc today regarding my sinus tachycardia misbehaving lately and the gall bladder pain. I am going for an ultrasound for that and have to wear an event loop recorder for the heart palpitations for a week.My doc also wants to check my creatine levels, my iron levels, blood sugar, and my cholesterol. I think If I just lost the stupid leftover pounds from 5 pregnancies I would feel a lot better and not have these annoying problems. I am going Wednesday to get the heart monitor, and next Tuesday for the ultrasound. When I get the palpitations I am supposed to press a button that records them. Of course, after I get home from my family doc appointment, I start feeling uchy, I think I caught #1's strep throat. He had a relapse last week. I thought I got lucky and escaped it, but I am having chills and my throat is starting to hurt :( I think #4 is sick too. She is not herself today, sounds hoarse and is very cranky. I am taking her to the pediatrician tomorrow for a strep test.

Anyway, I have to put a diaper on #5 again. she keeps taking them off every 2 seconds.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pop goes the stroller wheel

the other day, hubby and I noticed the back rear wheel on my jogging stroller was flat. Today, #1 informed me he wanted to feel cool air and took a pushpin from the bulletin board to let the air flow out and see what would happen. Well, the end result is my tire now has a hole in it and #1 has lost his computer priveleges till Monday. Luckily hubby has a tire patch kit and will hopefully be able to repair it otherwise I have to take it to a bike store to have it fixed. I just sold my triple peg perego stroller to someone so I really need this stroller fixed.

Anyway time to do some shabbos cooking.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Case of the Missing Emails

Is finally solved!!!! YAY. You see, several people were miffed at me for not answering email. Finally one of my friends informed me she wrote me several times and was puzzled by my emails to her asking why she wasn't writing me LOL. I was missing email from #1' s karate teacher, emails from the lady who is sending #1 his prize package from the contest I entered him in. Finally today I phoned my ISP's tech support, where I discovered--here comes my DOH! moment-- I had my settings configured wrong!! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how many other emails I am missing that I am not even aware of! I enter a lot of contests...I wonder how many I won that I was not aware of! Oh well....at least its fixed now :)

In other news...I think I am having gall bladder trouble. I think my stomach virus last week was not a virus..it happened again 2 nights ago...it was almost as bad as contractions..I was worried about pancreatitis, I almost went to the ER. I was in fetal position in agony, it made the pain less painful that way. It was mild all day and then boom, at midnight it was horrible. Now this afternoon and still now I am having pain in my uppper right side by my ribcage. If it gets bad like it did 2 nights ago I might go to the ER. Most likely I wlll just wait till my doc though because ER can take 12 hours, literally, to be seen. My neighbor had a post partum uterine infection and it took the triage 2 hours even to register her as a patient! Ontario health care sucks. BTW I just read an article that said Ontario is the worst province for cancer patients, as they have the fewest new drugs out there to treat people. Scary.

I got the re-enrollment forms for #2 and #3, and also a new form for #4 who will, IY"H, be starting nursery in the fall! I will have 4 in school, and one at home. Cool! #3 is repeating junior kindergarten, because he isn't' ready yet for senior. he is one of the youngest in his class. I do not care for the pre-school director very much, she didn't listen to me when I told her I wanted him in nursery for this year. I also think she judges #3 based on #1's asperger's and I had to tell her repeatedly he DOES NOT have it! we already had him screened for it as when you have one child with asperger's it is a higher risk of siblings having it. She has another student who has someone come in to give the teacher advice for difficult behaviour that the kid is presenting with and now wants the same for #3. "strategies to help the teacher". I wish I could speak to the parent of that other kid to see what she thinks of it. But because of privacy I don't know who the other mother is. I know #3 can be difficult some times but maybe if the pre-school director bothered listening to me and put him in nursery like I wanted he wouldn't have any behavioural trouble at school.

Tomorrow I am going to #1's speech therapy session. And that's about it for today. My dad is really down in the dumps and wants us to visit NJ again (he and the step-monster are divorcing..which should be final by next month). I would love to visit NJ but the kids have school and we were just in NJ a few weeks ago, and hubby is busy with work. IY"H August.. I wish sooner but we can't. I told my dad he is more than welcome to stay by us for a few weeks but he has to work too. :(. My sis moved to Florida because she had a job offer there, its hard for my dad right now, he is all alone in NJ. I am worried about him.

Ok, will post more later..

Anyway, I am off to go take a shower and read and relax.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am here!

I haven't posted in a few days, I haven't been feeling well. B"H today I feel better. I had some weird stomach virus, which made my GERD flare up, which made me feel crappy.

I am frustrated with the lack of communication between #1's teacher and his educational assistant, and the constant incorrect assignments being written in his agenda. It was written to study pages 93-95 for spelling, #1 and I studied together, and then he gets tested on a completely different set of words. This is the second time this happened. I left voicemail for his teacher and wrote a note to his aide. She had written me that he only got 3/8 right. Of course!! Those were not his words we studied for the week!! The fact that he got 3/8 on spelling words he has not even seen before is impressive. Hopefully this week they will get their act together and test #1 on the word list they told him to do assignments on and study. I am going to the school Thursday for #1's speech therapy with the witch (I hate his speech therapist, she is very impatient) and will mention something to his teacher.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weird AL on tour again this summer

YAY :) I hope the tour comes to Toronto again. Last year I couldn't go to the concert, it was the 3 weeks and I couldn't listen to music. Hopefully the timing will work out this year, and hopefully the ticket prices won't be too expensive. The last concert I went to was when i was 13, and it was New Kids on the Block..UGH, LOL.

next topic on my list:
We are supposed to get 2 more snow storms! one friday and one sunday. UGH. I am so sick of snow. This is the worst winter I have experienced since coming to Toronto 10 years ago.

in other stuff..right now I am listening to Mad world. I finally got around to seeing Donny Darko, and I really liked it. It was really freaky. I highly recommend it :)

Anyway, I am going to go relax, or try to anyway.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I hate Winter! Hate it!

DAMN IT!! IT is going to snow again!!! WAAAH :( "Total snowfall of 15 to 20 centimetres for today and tonight.
Radar show bands of lake effect snow developing over Lake Ontario moving inland with increasing easterly winds ahead of a low pressure system approaching the lower Great Lakes. This lake effect snow bands are expected to give up to 10 centimetres of local snowfall on top of another 5 to 10 centimetres from the approaching low pressure system this afternoon and tonight. Local visibilities in the lake effect snow bands could drop suddenly to less than 1 kilometre due to heavy snowfall and blowing snow. Motorists are advised to excercise extreme caution."

I am going to cry :P

Second of all, I am totally stressed out today. I got the re-enrollment form for my kids school, because IY"H I am sending 3 in September (#2 will be in grade 1, #3 is repeating JK, and #4 will be in nursery school, IY"H)(#1 goes to public school due to the aspergers and ADHD) its 150 dollars deposit a kid, so its costing me 450, on top of the 200 camp deposit, on top of my first camp payment of 389, on top of 73 for karate, and 67 to dr. quack, my former dentist from hell, on top of 85 for #4's new eye glass prescription and a new lense for #2 which got chipped.
Where is my winning lottery ticket????? :P Good thing they take post dated checks...

Sigh. I guess I will be stuck in the house again tomorrow due to the snow. At least it gives me time to read and catch up on chores, right? :)

Yet Another Snow Storm!

I just checked the forecast. Yikes! We are supposed to get another 10 centimeters tonight! What is up with the winter this year?? I think this is the worst winter we've had in my almost 10 years in Toronto. At least I am doing exercise by shoveling :)

I have no clue why I am up at 5:21 a.m. but I think I am going to go try to go back to sleep or I will be exhausted yet another day.

Good night. (morning) :P

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am so tired. Yet another night of restless sleep. Every night these past two weeks my sleep has been disrupted by #3. Even on shabbos, when hubby was sitting right there awake on the couch and I was trying to catch up on sleep my kids still woke me up instead of going to the awake parent who was watching them. In addition, my sleep apnea has been bad lately. I am going to try to go back to the sleep clinic for another sleep study. I am wondering if its time for a cpap machine. I've always been a heavy breather when sleeping, even when I was really skinny. It's gotten worse since I gained some weight from my pregnancies. I am so tired and cranky from not having a proper nights sleep.

and on to other stuff. Hubby won an xbox 360 from a contest he entered! yay :) being we are not into video games, we are going to sell it on eBay and hopefully get our moneys worth to put towards our expenses. That would be so wonderful.:) We could really use that money right about now.

Anyway, I feel like crap and have to go shlep in below freezing temps to take #1 to his karate class now..

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Our Snow

Here are some pics of the snow the snow storms have given us.

Pink Eye!

Hmm..after taking a look at #'3's throat, it doesn't look red. At first, I thought he was really sick because his eyes were both blood shot, but then I noticed the yellow gunk at the corner, and voila..pink eye. As long as the other kids don't catch it. I think this shabbos will be interesting..if we are unlucky, we will have a house full of strep throat, pink eyed people.

Anyway, I am off to shovel a bit more, and then take a few pics of our snowy abode, and will share it. I think we have close to 2 feet in total between Friday's storm and last nights. Wow :)

Snow day today!! Yay :)

Boy, talk about snow! We have tons. I woke up very early and couldn't fall back asleep, so I shoveled at 6 am. It was great. It was invigorating. It almost gave me a heart attack LOL. (G-d forbid). The snow banks after I shoveled are higher than my head! And of course, thanks to Mr. Plow for plowing in my driveway and giving me more reason to exercise :P. Seriously though, after I finished shoveling I felt a rush of endorphins and it felt great! Now I am all hyped up at 6:42 am, and will not be able to go to sleep.

#3 is awake now and I think he is sick. He sounds and looks sick. I think he has strep too. waah :(

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

#1 is sick :(

This morning, #1 kept saying it felt like something was stuck in his throat and he sounded hoarse. when I looked down his throat with the light it was really really red. I called the doc I know who does housecalls and he came over right away. He was suprised at how red his throat was. He said even his uvula was really bright red. He thinks its most likely strep, which is bad as he coughed right in my face by accident. The doc turned his back to the coughing so he wouldn't get exposed to the germs, but I breathed it in and stood there watching the doc block himself from the cough instead of following his example. I am probably going to catch it! as if I don't have enough other stuff going on in my life and need this. Crap! that means #3 will get strep because he shares a room with #1, which means #2 will get it because she and #3 are very close and always play together. which means #4 and #5 will get it because they share a room with #2, and of course can't forget the hubby who shares a room with me, and most likely will get it. Hubby also woke up with pink eye this morning. AAAAAARG. which means the kids will probably catch it from him. and of course, certain extended family members didn't think #1 was really sick because he had no fever and told me to send him to school. Good thing I ignored that person and did what I thought was best for #1, which turned out to be the right decision.

My mother in law is coming over to baby sit, as I can't take #1 out, and #3 has an appointment at the ENT for his follow up to ear tubes. My friend is driving me and #3 to the ENT (hey that rhymes) , and my mother in law is going to hopefully lend me the cab fare home. It's over 20 dollars one way fare. She wanted me to cancel, but he was supposed to be seen 4 weeks after and now its 8. (he was booked up). I wish my family from New Jersey could live here. It's so much easier when you have your own blood relatives to rely on.

Yet another snow storm

Yup. another 15 cm probably headed our way for Wednesday. Good thing I got my garage door unstuck yesterday so I can finally use my shovel and salt :) Most likely #1's bus will be cancelled if its bad out, but I doubt #2 and #3 will have another snow day. The private Jewish schools here almost never have snow day, and they had one on Friday due to the 15 cm we got then.

Today I am taking #3 to the ENT for a check on his ear tubes. when I pick him up from school I will finally be picking up the stroller I had to leave there last week when someone gave us a lift home and we couldn't fold up the stroller.

Anyway, it's almost 7 am and I need to get dressed and get the kiddies dressed.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Kick Me

I must have a kick me sign taped to me. I am so fed up with my crappy luck. Last night after shabbos i went to shovel my driveway and discovered that my garage door which is over 20 years old has broken. I turn the handle, which has lost all tension, and nothing happens. it is still locked on the damn inside!! My triple jogging stroller is in there. My stupid green organic recycling bin is in there, where am I supposed to put the damn diapers and food scraps?? I need to throw away my garbage but can't and I need an empty blue box!!! of course when I call the office on monday I will be given the stupid run around like everyone else liivng here that the maintenance person is busy installing new kitchens and will have to wait. well this CAN NOT wait. I will just leave my garbage bags in front of the office then since I have no where else to leave them. :P If it is not fixed end of Monday I will go to the president of my development. That's what I had to do last time. the manager has a habit of ignoring work orders. I had to put in the same work order 3 times just to get my bathtub re-caulked. I think its time to have my mezuzahs checked.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Aaak! It's a Snow Day!!!!!!

My new motto of this week is "Why Me?". Today we are having a snow storm, a foot of snow! #2 and #3 have a snow day, #1 already had no school due to teacher inservice day, but I don't think the teachers will be able to make it to school in this horrible weather. Then, of course, because we are having a snow storm, and all my kids are home, my freaking FRIDGE is dying! It was running for 8 hours straight, then shut off. I noticed yesterday #5's bottle was not as cold as it usually is. So I tested out the fridge by turning it all the way up and it did not turn on for almost a half hour. Its also making an abnormal noise. Of course the office to my development is closed due to bad weather, so the director can't take a look at my fridge or order me a new one until Monday. Shabbos is at 5:09 pm tonight, I am scared my fridge will die completely during shabbos. one of my neighbors who has a deep freezer told me I can store my frozen meat in until the director gives me a new fridge. I can always put it in the garage as its freezing here.

Backtracking to yesterday, I walked all the way to wal-mart to pick up #5's pictures to find out that there was a glitch on #5's film and it was unprintable. The manager was out of the country and some freaky guy was covering for her. finally I had enough of him and told him I was calling the district manager of the portrait studios. Everyone else's pics that day printed up but mine. Okay, things happen, but why wasn't I phoned???? I walked a good half hour to get them. They came in last Sunday! there is no excuse. I told him I have been going to sears for pics 7 years and not once had I ever had this problem, and that's where I would be going from now on. It was my first time using the portrait studios at wal-mart and also my last. What a bad experience. It was hard enough to get #5 to sit for that picture to begin with.

Backtracking some more...#1 had a fabulous day at school yesterday. The bully on the bus had his parents phoned and told that if the wild behaviour didn't stop he would be banned from the bus. So yesterday #1 had a very good bus ride to school, and B"H in result had a great day at school. His teacher said #1 did not scream at all, was so calm and focused. IY"H hopefully this great behaviour will continue and that boy will leave my son alone. apparently he was bothering #1 in school too. Hopefully now #1 can have a bully free school experience.

Anyway, I have cholent to make now. and a fridge to fret over. I always have the worst freaking luck with these things. It's like I have a kick me sign taped to my back.