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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

#1 is sick :(

This morning, #1 kept saying it felt like something was stuck in his throat and he sounded hoarse. when I looked down his throat with the light it was really really red. I called the doc I know who does housecalls and he came over right away. He was suprised at how red his throat was. He said even his uvula was really bright red. He thinks its most likely strep, which is bad as he coughed right in my face by accident. The doc turned his back to the coughing so he wouldn't get exposed to the germs, but I breathed it in and stood there watching the doc block himself from the cough instead of following his example. I am probably going to catch it! as if I don't have enough other stuff going on in my life and need this. Crap! that means #3 will get strep because he shares a room with #1, which means #2 will get it because she and #3 are very close and always play together. which means #4 and #5 will get it because they share a room with #2, and of course can't forget the hubby who shares a room with me, and most likely will get it. Hubby also woke up with pink eye this morning. AAAAAARG. which means the kids will probably catch it from him. and of course, certain extended family members didn't think #1 was really sick because he had no fever and told me to send him to school. Good thing I ignored that person and did what I thought was best for #1, which turned out to be the right decision.

My mother in law is coming over to baby sit, as I can't take #1 out, and #3 has an appointment at the ENT for his follow up to ear tubes. My friend is driving me and #3 to the ENT (hey that rhymes) , and my mother in law is going to hopefully lend me the cab fare home. It's over 20 dollars one way fare. She wanted me to cancel, but he was supposed to be seen 4 weeks after and now its 8. (he was booked up). I wish my family from New Jersey could live here. It's so much easier when you have your own blood relatives to rely on.


  • At 2:56 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hope the kids don't get the strep. I can relate to you when you say you wish your family lived around you. I don't think all people understand where that comes from... you know that feeling. It's nothing like dealing with your own blood when you need help. In laws as much as they want to help it comes for their need to help their son not really you directly. Plus you can't say to them things that you can say to your own family.

    Like my mother in law does some weird stuff so I don't really trust her for long periods of time with the kids alone. Now if it was my mother I could just tell her that she better not do that or else. It's frustratingly.

    And there is the pros and cons to living next to any family! LOL! Blood or in laws you can have the plus and minus of each situation.


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