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Friday, February 01, 2008

Aaak! It's a Snow Day!!!!!!

My new motto of this week is "Why Me?". Today we are having a snow storm, a foot of snow! #2 and #3 have a snow day, #1 already had no school due to teacher inservice day, but I don't think the teachers will be able to make it to school in this horrible weather. Then, of course, because we are having a snow storm, and all my kids are home, my freaking FRIDGE is dying! It was running for 8 hours straight, then shut off. I noticed yesterday #5's bottle was not as cold as it usually is. So I tested out the fridge by turning it all the way up and it did not turn on for almost a half hour. Its also making an abnormal noise. Of course the office to my development is closed due to bad weather, so the director can't take a look at my fridge or order me a new one until Monday. Shabbos is at 5:09 pm tonight, I am scared my fridge will die completely during shabbos. one of my neighbors who has a deep freezer told me I can store my frozen meat in until the director gives me a new fridge. I can always put it in the garage as its freezing here.

Backtracking to yesterday, I walked all the way to wal-mart to pick up #5's pictures to find out that there was a glitch on #5's film and it was unprintable. The manager was out of the country and some freaky guy was covering for her. finally I had enough of him and told him I was calling the district manager of the portrait studios. Everyone else's pics that day printed up but mine. Okay, things happen, but why wasn't I phoned???? I walked a good half hour to get them. They came in last Sunday! there is no excuse. I told him I have been going to sears for pics 7 years and not once had I ever had this problem, and that's where I would be going from now on. It was my first time using the portrait studios at wal-mart and also my last. What a bad experience. It was hard enough to get #5 to sit for that picture to begin with.

Backtracking some more...#1 had a fabulous day at school yesterday. The bully on the bus had his parents phoned and told that if the wild behaviour didn't stop he would be banned from the bus. So yesterday #1 had a very good bus ride to school, and B"H in result had a great day at school. His teacher said #1 did not scream at all, was so calm and focused. IY"H hopefully this great behaviour will continue and that boy will leave my son alone. apparently he was bothering #1 in school too. Hopefully now #1 can have a bully free school experience.

Anyway, I have cholent to make now. and a fridge to fret over. I always have the worst freaking luck with these things. It's like I have a kick me sign taped to my back.


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