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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I hate Winter! Hate it!

DAMN IT!! IT is going to snow again!!! WAAAH :( "Total snowfall of 15 to 20 centimetres for today and tonight.
Radar show bands of lake effect snow developing over Lake Ontario moving inland with increasing easterly winds ahead of a low pressure system approaching the lower Great Lakes. This lake effect snow bands are expected to give up to 10 centimetres of local snowfall on top of another 5 to 10 centimetres from the approaching low pressure system this afternoon and tonight. Local visibilities in the lake effect snow bands could drop suddenly to less than 1 kilometre due to heavy snowfall and blowing snow. Motorists are advised to excercise extreme caution."

I am going to cry :P

Second of all, I am totally stressed out today. I got the re-enrollment form for my kids school, because IY"H I am sending 3 in September (#2 will be in grade 1, #3 is repeating JK, and #4 will be in nursery school, IY"H)(#1 goes to public school due to the aspergers and ADHD) its 150 dollars deposit a kid, so its costing me 450, on top of the 200 camp deposit, on top of my first camp payment of 389, on top of 73 for karate, and 67 to dr. quack, my former dentist from hell, on top of 85 for #4's new eye glass prescription and a new lense for #2 which got chipped.
Where is my winning lottery ticket????? :P Good thing they take post dated checks...

Sigh. I guess I will be stuck in the house again tomorrow due to the snow. At least it gives me time to read and catch up on chores, right? :)


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