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Monday, February 25, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Well, erev shabbos, #3 did it again. I went to the local convenience store to buy some beverages for shabbos, and I told hubby before I left that i thought #3 was going to get into mischief and to keep a close eye on him. He was busy getting ready for shabbos himself, and didn't notice that when #3 went to the washroom, he flushed more than pee down the toilet. He flushed 2 plastic rollers for toilet paper down it too. We had a plumber come on Sunday and remove the plastic rollers, for 80 dollars. So my run to Macs ended up being quite costly. Sigh. So much for keeping a close eye on #3, LOL.

Anyway, I finally went to the doc today regarding my sinus tachycardia misbehaving lately and the gall bladder pain. I am going for an ultrasound for that and have to wear an event loop recorder for the heart palpitations for a week.My doc also wants to check my creatine levels, my iron levels, blood sugar, and my cholesterol. I think If I just lost the stupid leftover pounds from 5 pregnancies I would feel a lot better and not have these annoying problems. I am going Wednesday to get the heart monitor, and next Tuesday for the ultrasound. When I get the palpitations I am supposed to press a button that records them. Of course, after I get home from my family doc appointment, I start feeling uchy, I think I caught #1's strep throat. He had a relapse last week. I thought I got lucky and escaped it, but I am having chills and my throat is starting to hurt :( I think #4 is sick too. She is not herself today, sounds hoarse and is very cranky. I am taking her to the pediatrician tomorrow for a strep test.

Anyway, I have to put a diaper on #5 again. she keeps taking them off every 2 seconds.


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